Breaking MLM News: Patrick Pretty Shares Update and Editorial On Text Cash Network & Joe Reid

Patrick Pretty one of the world’s leading scam investigators shares some insight into some of the happenings surrounding TCN and Joe Reid. Sadly the present of the company never did call me back for an interview.

UPDATE: Joe Reid, Pitchman Who Led DNA and OWOW Recruits To Disaster, Described As ‘Absolute Legend’ In Text Cash Network’s 90-Day Anniversary Call; Like DNA, TCN Claims Florida ‘Processing Center’ And ‘Tax Benefits’

The pitchman hosting a 90-day anniversary call yesterday for Text Cash Network introduced fellow TCN pitchman Joe Reid as an “absolute legend.”

“In this industry, folks, facts tell, and stories sell,” a pitchman identified as “Eddie” said in remarks introducing Reid.

“This gentleman is a legend — an absolute legend in the industry,” Eddie said. “This gentleman makes money. This gentleman makes BIG money. He’s made millions and millions of dollars over the years in the network-marketing industry . . .”

Despite “Eddie’s” assertion that “facts tell,” he provided no substantiation of his claims about Reid and offered no information on Reid’s DNA/OWOW ties, apparently preferring instead to focus on the “stories sell” part of his emerging bromide.

Read the full editorial at here!

High-Risk MLM Alert: Red Flags With “That Free Thing” A Real Deal But Risky

High-Risk MLM Alert: That Real Thing Risky But NOT a Scam!

That Free Thing Update March 23, 2011

High-Risk MLM Alert: The Red Flags With “That Free Thing”Troy Dooly's MLM News

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Files Class Action Lawsuit Against eFusjon

MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson filed a class action lawsuit against energy drink marketer eFusjon in in the SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO, NORTH COUNTY DIVISION. This may very well be a first in Network Marketing history.

Kevin is the one MLM attorney I send folks to who really need a helping hand. I’ve gotten to know Kevin personally, and believe he stands tall for our profession – period. He may be the only MLM attorney who specializes in the Profession, and not just the company side of things, or the distributor’s side.

Kevin Thompson

He is a former distributor himself, and fully understands the good, bad and ugly. If there is one perosn I would trust my MLM future to, it’s Kevin Thompson.

So, when I received the update on this Class Action lawsuit I just smiled. Over the last few months I had heard something was going to take place, but just waited until it went public. Although, none of us know where this legal issue will lead, I personally believe it shows that as a profession our members, at every level are willing to stand up for what is right!

Well, I tend to fall on the more conservative side of things myself, so I am glad to see this MLM legal action start.

Over the next few weeks we will dig deeper and look at what has happened and what might change in the future.

One very interesting situation we should bring up is the fact that Gerald P. Nehra and Richard W. Waak are the corporate MLM attorneys for eFusjon. Gerry is one of the most respect MLM attorneys and he has represented companies I have run in the past.

However, he was also representing Ad Surf Daily, when the Secret Service shut them down. It will be an interesting case.

You can read the whole story on Kevin’s blog, Next Generation Law.

Or you can bookmark

Kevin has also written a great synopsis on defining legitimate MLM from MLM pyramids which I suggest everyone read.

Through the Advocy Group, Kevin published this great reference on MLM Laws IN All 50 States.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Blames Their Reps For Their Troubles

MLM Wireless News: Global Verge blames their reps for their troubles with Zer01. First Zer01 shots the Global Verge distributors, and now the company’s new Press Secretary Valerie Brooks-Flores blames them for the companies troubles.

Valerie Brooks-FloresNow without a doubt Miss Valerie is doing what she is paid to do, listening to her time after time read from her script using her sugary sweet fluff is sickening. It is down right disrespectful to business men and women who put their heart into building the company who is paying her salary. Someone needs to remind her, who is really paying her salary! Here is the rest of the story…

Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Rebrands As The Smart Band

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge re-brands as “The Smart Band”, will this help them overcome all the frustrations surrounding the very foundation of the company?

OK, right off the back I have to say, that Global Verge’s new Press Secretary is hot! No, I’m not talking about sexy hot, I’m talking about the fact she is a professional! As a matter of fact she may be the first real professional the company has hired, since the brought Gerry Nehra in to look things over.

Here is a clip where she toots her own horn. Still not sure why Ruth or Ted did not introduce her. Just listening is a little uncomfortable, because knowing she is a professional Press Secretary, it brings up a boatload of questions.

Now without a doubt she has an impressive background. But…

1. What is her last name?
2. What is her company name?
3. Which professional media organization presented her with these awards?
4. Who were her clients when these awards were won?

Yes, these are important questions, since we have seen so much smoke and mirrors surrounding Blogbal Verge, Buzzirk and Zer01.

Now let’s take a look at what the new Press Secretary has to say about some of the Global Verge Technology. Notice in this segment she does not mention Zer01 or Buzzirk technology, but uses general terms… We.

1. What technology is she talking about.
2. How long as she known Mark & Ted to be able to determine they are honorable people?
3. What Category Dominating Technology?

Now this clicp has great news about the websites and giving Global Verge a Professional Makeover, but the words used to decribe this makeover brought a smile to my face. She truly knows how to write a speech to make it sound good. I know some politicians in KC who could use her help.

All of the above is good. But until the commissions hit the hands of distributors, and until someone comes forward to provide the distributors with a “Catagory Dominating” wireless appliance, the money wasted on putting makeup on the outside is just throwing good money after bad.

The rest of the call was just the same old propaganda. However, here is the whole call.

Although I did make light of the call, there are a few things which I want to seriously address.

1. It does seem that operations are moving to Lee’s Summit, where Global Verge leases some executive Suites.
2. I respect the professional job that Valery takes at delivering the best image for Global Veerge.
3. Ted Robbins has started taking control of the company he -co-founded and my hat is off to him for taking responsibility.

I still believe it will take an act of God to get this company turned around so it can survive. And I still question the the business practice of using offshore processors in order to circumvent the PATRIOT ACT.

There are still more questions than answers, and I personally believe the if something very positive doesn’t happen quick, some very frustrated distributors may file a class action suite against Global Verge and some major criminal complaints against the founders and the strategic partner know as XennSoft who’s software was used to perpetrate this nightmare.

Never Give Up,


Breaking MLM News iJango Founder Cameron Sharpe Attacked By Click Sniper For Running MLM Scam

Breaking MLM News: iJango founder Cameron Sharpe attacked by Click Sniper for running MLM Scam. The iJango saga founded by former Excel Leaders Steve Smith and Cameron Sharpe is really starting to heat up.

OK, my personal advice is to run from iJango!

Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge More Questions Fewer Answers

Breaking MLM Wireless News: The latest Global Verge calls provide more questions and fewer answers.

Most Current Tech Article from PC World Magazine!!!!

Well I have received numerous emails stating that Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis the former management team at Global Verge, have joined FDI International after their failed takeover attempt of Global Verge. We have not been able to verify, so if anyone has proof please send it our direction. Added August 13th, 2009… FDI VP of Operations confirms Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis ARE NOT part of FDI!

OK, first my hat is off to Global Verge corporate for continuing to hold calls to keep the field informed. However the calls seem a little staged over the last few days, and that does have me concerned.

Let’s get down to the new questions I have…