Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Launches New e84 Shake Leap Frogging The Competition

This week I have the unique privilege to interview Evolv Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Anne Bodak Smith B.S., D.C., and what a great interview it was. Dr. Smith is the first Chief Science Officer I have interviwed with any network marketing company, so I was not sure what to expect. She quickly put me as ease and we had a wonderful chat.

You can listen to the interview with Dr. Anne Smith below!

Dr. Anne Smith - Evolv Health Chief Science Officer

Anne has a diverse background, having achieved the highest levels of success in athletics, health and business.

Anne was a national-level athlete in swimming, setting Canadian Junior Level records that have not yet been broken. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Ottawa, and graduated summa cum laude with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Anne has worked with professional and amateur athletes alike as well as with the general public specializing in wellness and weight management programs.

Anne was introduced to network marketing in her twenties while she was completing her undergraduate degree in Ottawa. She discovered a passion and talent for it, and spent over twelve years as a field leader, achieving the highest rank possible in the company by the age of 30. During her time in the field, she developed and maintained an organization of representatives and leaders that generated millions of dollars in sales, earning her admission into both the Millionaire’s Club and the President’s Club. Having distinguished herself in this way, Anne was approached by the company’s leaders and asked to leave the field and work at the corporate level. No one had ever been offered this type of promotion in the company’s 35-year history. Anne wholeheartedly accepted. As the Director of Sales for North America, she introduced systems and programs that created significant results during her three years at the corporate level, during which time she was also head-hunted by several other top network marketing companies.

It was at this time that Anne realized she was looking for a new challenge outside the networking Industry. During a two-month vacation traveling through Canada, Anne was introduced to Trey White and the Evolv team. She quickly realized that Evolv was very different, and that she had found the challenge she was looking for.

Anne is excited to bring to the table her diverse background, her superlative education, her field and corporate networking experience, and especially her passion and enthusiasm for her work, so that she can help everyone succeed here at Evolv.

Dr. Anne Smith as been the driving personality behind the new e84 shake, which will launch tomorrow across the nation. SOme of the top field leaders, along with corporate staff will be sharing the power behind this new shake, which according to Evolv “Leap-Frogged over the competition!”

I can remember when Evolv Health first came into our radar screen. The founder of Team Inspirit and the president of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, Garrett McGrath and his lovely wife Sylvia had just had their former company cut the compensation plan and they were looking for a new home. Trey White and Brent Hicks reached out and the rest is history.

Since those early days when I watched Garrett and Sylvia McGrath call Evolv Health their home, other top network marketing leaders like, Ken Dunn, Mike Healy, Camaron Corr, and countless others have joined this company to make it what it is today.

Evolv Health Launches New e84 Shakes

New Evolv e84 Shake Comparison Chart

Evolv Health e84 Journal May 2012

Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Founders of Team Inspirt Attract MLM Powerhouses To The Evolv Team Cody McKinley & Chris Tinney

Garrett & Sylvia MrGrath called me on the phone to tell me the news about attracting Tinney and McKinley to the Team Inspirit and Evolv Health. Now for most folks this would not seem like a huge deal, unless you know who Cody McKinley and Chris Tinny are, and what they have accomplished over the last couple of decades. I share a little below, and next week will do live interviews with these two Network Marketing giants.

Team Inspirit Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Founders

Cody McKinley - Social Media & Network Marketing Expert

I do not know Cody McKinley personally, so there is not much I can tell you about who he is outside of MLM. But with Chris Tinny, it is a different story. Chris and I go back close to two decades. I have seen him at his best, and at his worst. I have cried with him, yelled at him, and celebrated for him, and he has taken his teams to the top of three different companies.

Chris Tinney

I remember one day sitting in my office, Chris had just shared how he was going to bring 1000 new people to the company in the next six months. I was respectful, and said “I hope so!” In four months, Chris and his team had attracted over 1000 new associates to not just my company, but his primary company as well. By the end of six months, that number was heading towards 2000 new associates.

Chris Tinney aka The MLM Gorilla Joins Team Evolv Health & Team Inspirit

Cody McKinley Social Marketing Pioneer Joins Evolv Health & Team Inspirit