Breaking MLM News: Richard Brooke’s MLM Company 21Ten Donates To The Generation Why Movie On Homeless Youth In America

When a Direct Selling company executive walks their talk, I get excited. Today, 21Ten announced they have donated to the Generation Why Movie project showcasing the homeless youth epidemic we face in the United States.

Chris Brooke of OxyFresh and the DreamWeaver Foundation is putting all of her resources behind the great project as the Executive Producer, and had this to say…

“We really want to work together to identify the foot problem and the solutions that are needed. We’ve already got a great team in place, and more and more people are calling to ask us how they can contribute and participate.”

The 21TEN marketing team is stoked about being part of something so big, and making this project a true life changer for these kids living on the streets of the USA.

Karli Fairbanks, a 21TEN designer stated it this way – “Raising awareness about the realities of homelessness is important. It’s always refreshing to see people making an effort to acknowledge the people who are often unacknowledged. I respect 21TEN all the more for investing in this project and allowing us to be a part of it.”

To become a part of this great project visit

Official Press Release from 21TEN!

Direct Selling Company 21TEN Donates Time and Resources to Build Website Fighting Youth Homelessness