Breaking MLM Wireless Hulk Hogan Of Hogan Knows Best Joins Global Verge According To CEO Steve Lewis

Breaking MLM Wireless Hulk Hogan Of “Hogan Knows Best” joins Global Verge according to Global Verge New CEO Steve Lewis.

On July 22, 2009 Global Verge’s new CEO Steve Lewis along with Teresa Curtis his long time business partner announce that former World Wrestling Federation legend Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best TV show) has joined Global Verge.

Hulk Hogan

I have reached out to Prince Marketing Group, Hulk Hogan’s agent to see if we can verify this piece of information.

Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Postpones Large Commisison Payout

Breaking MLM Wireless News! Global Verge misses their first big commission payout. What does this mean for their distributors?

Below is the body of an email I received last night from a Global Verge Rep. After receiving this I called and talked to a Triple Diamond in Global Verge to get their thoughts.

MLM Wireless Wars Are Heating Up ZER01 Demands I Take Down MLM Help Desk

The MLM Wireless Wars, may be heating up! I received an email (see below) which purportedly came from ZER01 Communications Chief Operations Officer Lance Dascotte, demanding I take down MLM Help Desk.

Now, I have to tell you, in reviewing the email headers, I can tell the email came from, and not, but it was sent on behalf of Lance Dascotte @

So in all fairness, since I have not received a follow-up email to my response, I decide to publish the email, so if by some chance it was the Real COO of ZER01 Communications Lance Dascotte, we can keep the story straight.

Global Verge Founders Inside Secret Call About Buzzirk Wireless

I was sent this Global Verge private founders inside secret call about Buzzirk Wireless, from someone who does not want folks to join the company with their eyes wide shut!

CEO Mark Petchel, and his partners, Mark Ryder, ted Robbins and Kevin Harold, share things that the average distributor would not know about, let alone the outside world about Zer01, Buzzirk Wireless, and the strategies they are using to “re-launch” (my words) Global Verge.

If you are thinking about joining Global Verge aka Buzzirk Wireless, listen…