Breaking MLM News: The Verdict Is In – In 2016 Trust Instead Of Just New Cars

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I was reading in the Wall Street Journal this week and ran across a story titled – Teen Sports Faces a Nutritional-Supplement Debate.  I am a huge advocate of a healthy lifestyle and making sure teen athletes have all the nutrients they need, without the dangers of banned or almost banned ingredients. In this article a company out of Florida, P2Life is on a mission to help teens, specifically Michael Andrews, who is setting new records in swimming as he prepares for compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

I wrote an article not to long ago (Investigative Perspective The Supplement Danger Zone) on this very subject as I followed a USAToday investigative series.

I also read today where Echinacea is as effective as the prescription Tamiflu at getting rid of colds and flu symptoms…