Why Would A New Network Marketing Company Launch With Mulitple Products?

uTHRiV Mission

A week or so ago we launched our uTHRiV series talking with the two founders Joe Tessin and Brian Dee. If the first article we covered the real story behind how thee two connected to launch uTHRiV. (click here to read) Today I want to cover why uTHRiV decided to launch with multiple products in four unique segments of the market.

uTHRiV Founders Joe Tessin & Brian Dee Share The Real Story Behind Their Partnership


A couple of weeks ago, I have the privilege of meeting Joe Tessin and Brian Dee in Atlanta Georgia in the Club Lounge at the Renaissance Concourse hotel. They took several hours to answer my questions, and to give me some real insight into the passion of launching uTHRiV. 

What brings a Boston Yankee and a Georgia Rebel together to launch a very unique network marketing company? In the interview above you can learn firsthand how Tessin and Dee became friends and then business partners. However, like the uniqueness of uTHRiV, is the backgrounds of Joe Tessin and Brian Dee. Who would have ever guessed these two would connect on such a deep level?