Breaking MLM News: MLM Power Couple Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Resign, What is Next?

This has been a crazy week as well respected, world renown MLM leaders have started to resign from their respective companies. Since I was on a plane all day yesterday I am just getting this news out. I will be reaching out to Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt to find out what is up in their lives. But there are a few things I know…

Sometimes when we are walking on the edge, if too many folks are hounding us for information of to make a specific decision before we are ready, then we will gladly take a leap of faith, and jump off the edge in a new direction, because we know running with the pack is not going to be good for us.

Sadly too many times folks are not willing to take the risk, and just become part of the pack, never realizing what we just missed. Rob and Tiffanie Moffett, are not that type of couple, they are willing to follow their hearts and take a leap of faith! NOT blind faith, but a well calculated leap of faith!

Breaking MLM News: New International Family Driven Network Marketing Company Launching…

It is not everyday that I get the privilege of working closely with an international MLM start-up, who has brought folks together from across oceans, from different avenues in business to launch a movement that Celebrates Life in the Network Marketing community.


When I received my first call from Indonesia by one of the company owners and he shared the vision of the leadership team, and how they would like me to be a part of this new company as a consultant, I was truly honored, but taken back at the same time. I had never taken on such a project, and to have a top international network marketing leader ask me to be part of the inter-circle was truly an Epic Adventure, I was looking forward to.

But, my real buy-in to the vision of the owners did not come until I got to see first hand the real “WHY” that was driving the vision of this company. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what I mean by “The WHY!”


The four driving forces behind this company are two very amazing couples who I have found walk their walk. What I found after investing some quality time with these folks over the last 60 days, is they have not always had it together as individuals or as couples.

It has been trough their own failures, as people and as entrepreneurs that they have realized that what matters most in life is not the money we earn, the tops we buy, or how many zeros we have in our bank accounts. What matters most if the FAMILY! Not just their families, but how they touch other families.

So very quickly I was introduced to not just their families, but the families who shared the same WHY as the founders.


However, behind every WHY must be a product or service that will engage the masses to become Raving Evangelists like those who drive the WHY of APPLE! What was started by Guy Kawasaki (the original Apple Evangelist in the 1980s) has now become a worldwide WHY that has allowed APPLE to touch and change the lives of millions of people and cross demographic and culture groups.

Well, after meeting the Chief Science Officer brought in by the founders, it was easy to see who the Chief Evangelist was going to be. His drive and passion to change the world and make it a better place for all people, not just a select group, was amazing.

Every now and then a small team of people get together, and decide to make an impact in the world. They are willing to risk more than most folks feel is wise, but are willing to follow their heartfelt passions. Their mission in life if you will.

Well soon I will be able to reveal who the folks are behind this new company, the product and most of all allow you to listen to them personally share why they are so passionate on building a company around FAMILY!

These truly are some amazing folks, with extraordinary passion for their mission!

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly
The Beachside CEO

Breaking MLM News: Zeek Rewards Officially Parts Ways With Dr Keith Laggos After Recorded Call Goes Public

Dr. Keith Laggos

On July 21st I received an email asking me “how can Dr. Keith Laggos dis Zeekler as a paid consultant, while promoting Lyoness?” This question took me by surprise because I have known Dr. Keith Laggos for years. And although we do not always agree, and he has made mistakes just like me, I have found him to always take care of his clients. Then I listened to the call…

Home Business Radio Network Economic Freedom Contest

I asked Greg Caldwell the new COO of Rex Venture Grou, LLC., if he could give me the exclusive story on the seperation of RVG and Dr. Keith Laggos, and the following is the only statement RVG or anyone at Zeek Rewards will make.

“Keith Laggos and Rex Venture Group have agreed to part company, effective immediately. We wish him luck in his future endeavors”.

Dr. Keith Laggos

I also contacted Dr. Keith Laggos, and asked him if he would go on the record on a recorded call, he refused but did give me the following statement.

“There is no side. I did not know they were recording or how many Zeekler people would be on it. It is no surprise with customer service, checks and complaints. I do conference calls for all my clients including Zeekler. They had distributors from other companies too. Of course Zeekler had more than most.

The problem for Zeekler is everything I said is true. I am still supporting Zeek. I am telling people to build their B business independently. You and I know every full time network should have a plan B. I don;t think another recording will help.”

In listening to the recording I see where an ethical issue exists because Dr. Laggos is acting both as a paid consultant and as an independent Zeek Rewards affiliate. Trying to wear two hats, can sometimes cause some huge issues when a professional such as Dr. Laggos is distracted. All through the call you hear distractions and I do believe this may be the reason Dr. Laggos uses out of compliance terms, such as “money in and money out”, and a couple of others.

At the end of the day, I have not been able to find any evidence of what Dr. Keith Laggos claims the FTC is doing.

From searching the internet it seems at least one of the largest and oldest banks in the USA, Wells Fargo is handling QuiBid’s banking and credit card processing, and that the several States including Nevada, Delaware (already legal) and New Jersey are moving forward with legalizing online gambling.

I also found where the U.S. Congress is leaning towards regulating and legalizing online gambling (games of skill), and that two of the major companies they hit in April, they just allowed to merge, so one of them will be ready to re-enter the USA when the new legislation is passed.

Legalizing Internet poker gets push from Harry Reid in lame-duck session

With states readying for online gambling, tribes want stake, protection of sovereignty

This still means all Penny Auction prospects should be well aware of the pros and cons, so you might want to read all we have written here, and study the FTC Alert by clicking here.

Do I think Penny Auction regulation is coming? YEP! But I also think the States where the Penny Auctions are located, will be the first to regulate them and draw a hefty revenue stream of income from them, before the federal regulators have a chance to do anything.

An Empirical Study of Online Penny Auctions

Breaking MLM News: Vitel Brings Banking to the Network Marketing Industry

ViTel Wireless

Scott Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of ViTel Wireless and ViTel Business Solutions shot me over their latest press release announcing Vitel's move into the banking industry. This is the first network marketing company I have seen make a more quite like this.

ViTel Wireless

Source – ViTel Wireless May 16th 2012

Vitel Wireless (Vitel) has officially launched a virtual bank account/debit card program, further expanding its suite of home services products. The company has forged new partnerships and key alliances with some of the biggest names in that sector to bring this product to the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industry. Vitel’s business owners will now be able to market and promote the advantages of their pre-paid debit card program. Traditionally, banks and credit card companies have charged service fees to maintain and use their accounts. Until now, banks and credit card companies have passed the fees onto consumers and business owners, thus making this a major profit center for their respective institutions. Vitel’s new program changes the game by allowing its business owners to distribute and sell virtual bank accounts and earn income off of everyday usage from the card swipes that take place from account holders debit cards. Business owners can now claim some of those fees back from the banking and merchant processing companies.

This pre-paid pilot program will be the first step in launching a full suite of virtual banking products that will allow its business owners to take advantage of what the Banking and Credit Card industries have for decades. Its distributors will be able to earn commissions on the purchase of the debit/credit cards as well as earn continuing commissions on every swipe or usage of that card. Business owners will also earn residual commissions when the cards are set up for direct deposit and maintain a minimum monthly deposit. Vitel states the power of this program will be the flexibility to market and sell this product to everyone, everywhere, without them having to become a Vitel business owner. This program will also allow its business owners to effectively post links, advertisements, and promotional offers anywhere on the World Wide Web, not restricting them to just their own replicated website.

When asked about the vision for this product, CEO, Scott Rogers, states, “This will be a continuing shift of wealth back into the everyday small business owner’s hands. This allows them to claim some of the profits that big companies and big banks would normally receive, thus furthering the cause of putting more money into the little guy’s hands, giving them the opportunity to succeed.”

Vitel believes this product will bring a “breath of fresh air to the Network Marketing Community.” The company has positioned itself to become a complete home services reseller and has a vision to eventually help everyone replace their current home services products with Vitel’s reseller programs allowing them to earn commissions, not only on what they sell, but what they use every day.
ABOUT Vitel:

Vitel is a leading direct reseller for wireless products and services. Vitel is the destination for the best priced wireless products, home services and innovative cell phone reseller programs. Vitel provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as introduce others into their business. The site gives an online wireless store that enables customers to buy directly from distributor’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent distributor of Vitel. The availability of all products being located on each distributor’s site gives distributor’s customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vitel is to create a one-stop shop for all wireless and home service needs. The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to its network of resellers. Vitel delivers a one of a kind turnkey wireless online business instantly to its new distributor’s.
For more information visit or by phone (877) 778-8997.

“This Thursday 05/17/2012 7:30PM CST “Banking Go’s MLM!, find out the details and invite guests! Dial: (805)399-1200 code=54604

Breaking MLM News: DubLi Network Is Back In A Multi-Million Dollar Way In The USA… But Were They Ever Really Gone?

It brings me great pleasure to right this update on DubLi Network. Back in 2009 I hit Michael Hansen and his company hard as they launched in the USA listing them as a High-Risk MLM opportunity. Today three years later, this company and their founder did not let any of us critics hold them back from their vision. This is a true success story, not just in the USA, but worldwide, and we do NOT view them as High-Risk at all!

As I have watched the moves Michael Hansen and his team have made since 2009, it became clear he had a focused vision, and that vision will be completely revealed this weekend in Boca as Dubli Network does what I am calling a multi-million dollar relaunch in the U.S.A.!

This company which has now become the world’s largest network marketing eCommerce company is going to turn the heads of some major players. I reread my original post from 2009, and thought it was great to see all the changes Dubli Network has made.

From taking control to MediaNet one of, if not the leading provider of eCommerce shopping malls to other network marketing companies, to the launch of their new entertainment platform, which from what I have seen might be the first real competition to iTunes worldwide.

DubLi Shopping Mall

Here is a great teaser video from 4th quarter of last year as they started their worldwide New Era!

Breaking MLM News: The Limu Nation Is Breaking Records Month Over Month In Japan And The USA

Breaking MLM News Report

The Limu Nation is Breaking Records Month Over Month in The USA & Japan!

Memo to Gary for Limu President’s Call 3/1/2012

Let’s go back a couple days in time. Let’s go back to February 2012, which came to a close a whole couple days ago.


Feb 2012 vs. Jan 2012

* Enrollments up over 55%

* US Daily Sales (new recruits) – up 55%

Jan/Feb 2012 vs Jan/Feb 2011

*Total enrollments – up 435%

*Total US Daily Sales – up 420%

*Japan daily sales – up 200%

*Total Daily Sales – up 325%

*Total product sales (daily and AutoShip) – up 85%

Feb 2012 vs Feb 2011

*US Daily Sales – up 600%

*US and Japan – up 500%

February 2012 had the most new enrollments since we opened this company!

Yesterday February 29th was the single biggest day for enrollments in the history of The LIMU Nation (double what we had the previous biggest day).

Most new 2K VIPS ever in one month (140)

Most new 20Ks ever in one month (28)

Most new 100Ks in one month (5)

New 200K in Japan – He’s been in the business for only 2 months!

New 500K in the USA – TREY KNIGHT

Five of the last six months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb) The Limu Company had dbl digit growth over the previous month


Breaking MLM News: Cowboy Joe Schroeder Comes Out Of Retirement To Join Paula Scarcella And Green Organics… Why?

When I got the news Cowboy Joe Schroeder was coming out of retirement to join Paula Scarcella over at Green Organics, the first word I spoke was WHY? Well instead of pondering it to long, Paula was able to get Joe to contact me and give me the real scoop before all the rumors started.

Joe Schroeder is one of the Internet Marketing pioneers. Joe has coached the likes of my friends Mike Dillard and Diane Hochman, showing them the secrets to funded proposals. When Joe retired I was not surprised. He has never been one to care for all the limelight, and knowing some of his students, I realized he would take pride in just watching them grow beyond even what he might have thought was possible.

I caught up with joe and was able to get him to give me some answers to two main questions… Why now, and why Green Organic? Some of you may remember I hit this company pretty hard a few months ago because I thought they had launched prematurely. I have kept my eye on them, and in the next few weeks, I will do an update of what I have witnessed.

In the meantime let’s talk to Joe Shcoeder.

Joe can you share a little about your history, since many of the current networkers and internet marketers have only heard of your students or maybe read a passing comment about you in a book?

“My biggest accomplishment, business wise, wasn’t the $50,000,000+ I helped distribute in Life Plus or ForMor International. It also wasn’t when I introduced the industry in 1996 to the “Funded Proposal.” And it wasn’t in my joy of sharing my vision, and coaching, with industry giants such as, to name a few, Diane Hochman, Mike Dillard, Gerald Peters, Franco Gonzalez and Dennis Karganilla.

To me, my greatest accomplishment, that I hope resonates with you, was as a full-time door-to-door meat and seafood salesman, with a monthly residential sales of roughly $12,000, I created part-time, a direct sales networking marketing organization of over 2,000 members whose sales were above $100,000 per month.

That was the hardest “hurdle” and hump I made myself cross, in my business life; everything else, and what came after scaling that tall mountain, was a residual effect, of those opening years for me some fifteen years ago.

Here is a little non-sexy “why” I decided to hunker down with Paula Scarcella and Green Organics

My buddy showed me this new little transparent FEMALE owned MLM called Green Organics.

I liked the name and even better was intrigued, that MLM legend Paula Scarcella had started it up.(been beaten too many times by too many guys in suits in MLM who decide to leave, not cut checks, etc)

Bout time I followed a women MLM hero. Why not, I follow my daughters and wife.

…so anyway

I liked even better that when Paula and I spoke, she didn’t once mention money, crack a joke, try to use the old boys Network chum-chum on me, and she was poised, soft and actually, aloof.

I liked that they give money to the SPCA. I liked that when I asked what she might need me for, she replied, “Culture, help me build a community.”

Then with more investigation…

No one showed me their $30,000 check they made their first sixty days and better yet, the King Kong doing the first “GO” conference call I attended, was a BLIND GUY named Dr. Robin Rushilo.

Between Paula’s poise, her mentioning the need for a culture and DOCTOR ROBIN, who I now call a brother, frankly, I was in Troy.

I’ve done sexy.

I’ve done rah-rah and even lead some nice rah-rah myself.

But at fifty two Troy, and someone who’s not only bought the T-shirt, but sold them himself?

It’s called calm!

It’s called we aren’t pretending to be slick or Corporate or pretending to be who we are not BECAUSE we can’t compete.

Paula said, “let’s start and develop our own little niche of 100,000 sold out excited average everyday people who we can help make $1,0000 a month versus trying to entice people with a $20,000 a month conversation.”

Did she say a THOUSAND? …what a novel concept. Huh.

Troy, you met Paula, need I say more?

She’s a gift to America, a gift to this industry, and a gift to blue collars like me Troy, who can believe in making an extra $500 to $2,000 a month versus the seduction of much higher.

Troy I wanted, a program that I could bring regular “Joe’s” to. That not only wouldn’t be offended with any hype, but who could relate to common people like us, who have accomplished very uncommon goals.

THIS ANSWER isn’t slick… THIS company isn’t slick… I am not slick… DR. ROBIN isn’t slick… Ms. Paula isn’t slick!

Neither was ole hick Sam Walton of Wal-Mart or was Colonel Sanders from KFC.

Johnny Carson and Don Rickles weren’t slick, and they are considered legends.

To me, that’s something I can hang my hat around Troy.

Troy, I won’t leave (when I die) a legacy at Green Organics as someone who taught anyone how to make money or teach how to “get people.”

My focus will be to help and encourage the team, on how to better get themselves. And each other!

Do that, and we change lives!

And I have found that when you change lives, then those who’ve you’ve helped, don’t leave anytime quick!

As Dale Calvert says, “Build people and the people will build your business.”

The money was never in the compensation plan, any more than wealth was inside of a Million Dollars.

Wealth is the man. The women, who saw the wealth before even their first $100 was earned.

The money is inside the people… Inside their hearts!

TOUCH those hearts, and out of cultural DNA instinct, those who we touch Troy, will feel obligated, to “do to” others, as you and me did to them.

That’s an Amway!

That’s an Avon!

That’s a Mary-Kay!

And that Troy, is who we aspire to be at Green Organic!

Something more than an opportunity and more than losing weight. We want to re-build a Million lives from the inside out.

And maybe just maybe we’ll use organic products, a blind guy, and a trucker like me, a gal with more fire belly than Kurt Douglas, Paula Scarcella, and a kick ass sharp shooter like you Troy.

Read my little yellow book I sent you Troy. That little book says it all. Who I am, what I believe, and what I think America needs most…Which is each other.

And that “vibe,” I found first in Ms. Paula, second in Dr. Robin, and third, in a place called home.

That I call, that we call, Green Organics.

Troy, Paula asked me to send over a quick blurb to you about why I choose Green Organics to again, do an MLM program.

That decision, and this opportunity Troy to me?

Deserved more than a blurb!

Sorry if this turned into a Joe Schroeder classic rant.

Or am I?


I hear your good people Troy,

Soul Hugs,

Joe Schroeder
Chief Executive officer Mood.

Change people’s mood, you can change lives and be remembered.

Which is why we all do this anyway.

A: to be heard.

B: To be remembered for something good.

C: Amen.”

Well folks there you have it. There is no doubt Joe is ready to create a new and unique culture at Green Organic.

As a matter of fact, if three wild and crazy millennials named Ryan, Blake and Nick, can change the way Network Marketing is done, then I wonder what the crew at Green Organic will accomplish in 2012 and beyond?