MLM Company News: VEMMA Is Coming To The Vikings Of Iceland!

Instead of the Vikings invading, it is VEMMA invading Iceland, home of the Vikings! VEMMA is 2013, has been taking the World by storm. From their Young Peoples Revolution, to the Chris Powel Bod-e Shakes, VEMMA doesn’t look like they are slowing down any time soon!


Vemma is excited to announce the opening of its newest market in Iceland. Located between Greenland and Norway, Iceland has a strong economy, sophisticated population, and a history of success in the Direct Selling industry. Our initial product offering will include five of our most popular Vemma products. These include Vemma 32-oz and V2, Verve Regular, Bod-ē Burn 8.3-oz, and Bod-ē Shakes (Chocolate and Vanilla). For additional information on enrolling as a Brand Partner in Iceland, product pricing, shipping, and how commissions are paid, please review the “Doing Business In” document found in your Back Office, or on the front page of Vemma Iceland’s website.

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Breaking MLM News: Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Host Chris Powell Endorses VEMMA Bod-e

Vemma Bod-e

BK Boreyko just announced that Chris Powell, host of Extreme Maker: Weight Loss Edition, is attracted to the new first-of-its-kind healthy weight solution VEMMA Bod-e because of its healthy positioning and commented, “The Vemma Bod-e products offer a completely different approach to help you change your body and achieve a healthy weight.*”

Check out what America’s Doctor – Dr. Oz has to say about Chris Powell:

Carb Cravings Pt. 1:

BK Boreyko CEO of VEMMA Attracts Chris Powell Host of Extreme makeover: Weight Loss Addition Endorses VEMM…

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. †To be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and 30 minutes of daily exercise.