Linkbait Pieces Are The Foundation Of Social Content Success

Each morning I rush out of bed and head towards the coffee pot. Once the coffee is on, I head into my office to check my daily traffic stats. My goal is to see what Linkbait piece is getting the most Linklove.

What some of you may find interesting, is 9 out of 10 times it is not a piece we have done on a specific company (pro or con), but it is on a training post we have created.

Sure we see spikes in the company posts, but over the long haul, the majority of the link love comes from solid training which has added value to someone’s life.

Before we get too far into this article, let me explain a couple of the terms.

This is a blog content, written or video, which is created to attract links form others sites, based on the usefulness of the content by the masses within a specific niche.

Linklove: The amount of inbound websites, social profiles, forums, and blogs which mention and links to a specific article or category inside the blog.

Here are a few principles you can use when creating your own Linkbait pieces.

The Rest Of The Story…Linkbait Pieces Are The Foundation Of Social Content Success