WP Mage Report By Greg Jacobs Now Free At MLM Help Desk

My friend Greg Jacobs may have just pushed the line too far.

point - click - profit

He is giving away his WP Mage Blueprint valued at $497, compete with a 7 part video training course. Now you know how I am with videos. The report may be valued at $497.00, but the videos are priceless.

In the WP Mage report, Greg teaches how he stumbled upon a simple way to generate a 5 figure per month income with no affiliates, no article marketing, no PPC and without hours of SEO. He never even had a list.

The best part is that the Blueprint is a step by step guide on how you can do the same.

Go download your copy now: Greg Jacob’s Free WP Mage Report

Living An Epic Adventure.

Troy Dooly

P.S. This is not the usual internet marketer crap, we all hate from the so called gurus. Greg is one of the ‘real’ guys making a solid living behind the scenes. His philosophy is the same as one of my other mentors, Jack Humphrey. They believe that not everything revolves around JUST making money. Some information should be free. Greg Jacobs certainly walks his talk.

The Secret To Dominating Social Marketing And Driving Traffic To Your Blog

If you are just getting started in the Web 2.0 Social Marketing Scene, or you are frustrated because you can;t drive traffic to your blog, then keep reading.

In 2001 I stopped holding local meeting to build my network marketing business and went 95% to the internet. And over the last eight years I have build some of the strongest strategic business relationships of anyone on the net. I have invested tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what the brightest minds on the net can teach me, so I can teach others.

Well today I am going to share one of those secrets.

Before I share this tool, I want to make one point very clear. I never share a strategy, tool, book, or system that I do not personal use to build my business. One of my pet peeves are hypocrites.

Jack Humphrey the #1 expert on Social Marketing has just made available to the public one of the tools I have had the privilege to use as one of his students.

This is a killer little app that allows me to leverage my time with Web 2.0 site submissions to Digg, Netscape, Plime, and several other sites. Over 16 sites to be exact.

If you have read Jack Humphrey’s “Authority Black Book” you know how much time you can spend submitting your latest blog posts to the important news and blog directories.

The good thing is you get a lot of traffic. The bad thing is you spend a lot of time doing it when you could be doing other marketing and link building tasks.

Brandon Hall, Jack’s partner, created this easy app in an answer to Jack’s plea for some automation relief.

And you won’t believe the extras that come with it. One is worth ten times the price they are charging for the software – easily!

Check it out, save yourself some serious time and grab that targeted Web 2.0 traffic everyone is talking about!

You can view a demo here:

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly