MLM News Report: Concerning News About Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Of Evolv Health, BK & Courtney Boreyko Celebrate Twins, & More MLM news

This weeks MLM News Report is a very special report covering some great MLM Leaders like Garrett & Sylvia McGrath and BK & Courtney Boreyko.

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Troy Dooly Launches New E.P.I.C. Coaching Series & Monthly Membership Program At MLM Help Desk.

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Garrett & Sylvia McGrath, President and First Lady of the ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals) and Top Leaders at Evolv Health, were informed this week that Sylvia has blood clots in her lungs. She was prescribed Xarelto but now we know that there are many side effects of Xarelto. Please keel this family in your prayers.

BK & Courtney Boreyko Founders Of VEMMA Nutrition Company are pleased to announce the birth of their two newest additions.

Direct Selling Assocation

DSA Member Company News

AdvoCare has signed a deal to be the first jersey sponsor of FC Dallas, a Major League Soccer club. The partnership puts AdvoCare on the front of every FC Dallas jersey and all team gear. AdvoCare will have a major presence throughout the FC Dallas stadium and complex, as well as in team media and promotional initiatives. The sponsorship also places the company on FC Dallas Academy and Youth jerseys.

Ambit Energy recently hosted a KidSwing Golf Tournament in Dallas, Texas. The event raised more than $121,000 for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. More than 250 children, their families and 100 volunteers participated in the nine-hole, best-ball scramble. The money will go toward the renovation of Allan Shivers Park, a recreational haven for patients, families and the community, located on the hospital’s grounds. The drinking fountain found here will also be upgraded and outfitted with filters and softeners.

Amway India is looking into setting up a manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. The proposed project would be the company’s first production facility in the country.

Avon has launched a corporate responsibility blog, called Avon’s Calling, as part of the company’s efforts to communicate and be transparent to the general public. New content will post every Tuesday, covering ideas, news and perspectives relevant to Avon’s three mission areas—which include empowering women, sustainability and philanthropy—as well as the wide-ranging areas encompassed by the ever-changing concept of corporate responsibility. The primary bloggers will be Avon’s Corporate Responsibility team, including Tod Arbogast, Vice President, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, and Susan Arnot Heaney, Executive Director, Corporate Responsibility. This blog is in addition to the beauty blog, Avon Insider, which launched earlier this year.

In other company news, Avon India is planning to invest $8 million to build a second manufacturing plant in the country. The new plant will be built over the next three years and will be in addition to the plant the company has in Dehradun with an annual production capacity of 50 million units.

The Mary Kay Museum in Dallas, Texas, was voted No. 1 on “The Top 10 Sights to See in Dallas” list, according to a recent poll by Transition Optical and the Town of Addison, Texas. The poll ranked the Mary Kay Museum first among the JFK Memorial, Cowboys Stadium and other popular Dallas-area attractions, including the Fort Worth Stockyards.

In other company news, Mary Kay India announced the opening of its new office in Ludhiana. The company would like to establish a presence throughout the entire country over the next two years and plans to invest $20 million in the country over the next five years.

Primerica was announced as the 2012 Corporation of the Year at the Atlanta Council of Volunteer Administrators awards celebration for its support of worthy causes and sustained volunteer outreach commitment to the community.

Reliv was named one of St. Louis’s Top Workplaces by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Top Workplaces evaluates companies through a 25-question employee survey based on direction, execution and connection. “The fact that we didn’t even nominate ourselves, that employees nominated Reliv on their own accord, speaks volumes as to just how much our staff believes in what we do,” said company Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer R. Scott Montgomery.

When is the Right Time to Sell?

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The art of making a sale varies widely from person to person. Everyone has his or her own style of salesmanship, so it can be difficult to figure out how to approach the process, especially if you are new to selling. However, there a few basics to follow that apply to making a sale no matter what your own style of selling is. Read on to find out when the best time is to sell.

The right time is when…

A problem can be solved with your product. Part of your job is to educate consumers about why they may have a need for what you are offering. For instance, a business person that sells luxury bedding shares her expertise about the positive effects that proper bedding can have on one’s quality of sleep. This leads the customer to reflect upon how his lack of sleep has negatively impacted certain aspects of his life. He now sees that he has a need for the product because it will solve a problem and improve his mood and productivity. When your product is the solution to a problem, the time to sell it is now.

The problem can be solved immediately. The customer should be able to get instant gratification or something close to it when purchasing your product to solve a problem. Back to the luxury bedding example, the consultant gives the customer a list of ways he will notice improvements after just one night, 7 nights, and a month of sleeping on their line of bedding. Because these are tangible benefits that the customer will get right away, the product becomes much more attractive. It solves a problem and does it quickly, and when the customer agrees with that, then the time to sell is now.

You’re better than the competitors. You should always know where you stand against your competitors. It is not uncommon for a customer to make comparisons between your product and a competitor’s, and you may even be asked how yours differs from another. The luxury bedding business person would take this opportunity to point out her product’s higher thread count, its all-natural materials, and the company’s very competitive guarantee. When you can show the customer that he or she is making the right decision to buy from you instead of someone else, then the time to sell is now.

You can get it to them fast. After all this talk of luxury bedding and a discussion about how restful your nights will be, any customer would want to give the product a try right away. A customer never wants to hear that a product is backordered or will take longer than a few days to arrive. Even better than promising a fast shipment is having the inventory on hand for occasions such as these. Granted, it isn’t always possible or financially sound to keep a lot of inventory available, but there are advantages to doing so. Imagine being able to hand the bedding set to the customer that night and saying, “If you don’t sleep more comfortable tonight, I want you to send me a text and I will personally come to your house to refund your money.” When the customer can get a quick turnaround, the time to sell is now.

The above suggestions can apply to any product being sold by any type of personality. One of the keys to a successful career in sales is knowing when the sale is possible and likely to happen. How do you know when the right time is to sell?

Breaking MLM News: Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Host Chris Powell Endorses VEMMA Bod-e

Vemma Bod-e

BK Boreyko just announced that Chris Powell, host of Extreme Maker: Weight Loss Edition, is attracted to the new first-of-its-kind healthy weight solution VEMMA Bod-e because of its healthy positioning and commented, “The Vemma Bod-e products offer a completely different approach to help you change your body and achieve a healthy weight.*”

Check out what America’s Doctor – Dr. Oz has to say about Chris Powell:

Carb Cravings Pt. 1:

BK Boreyko CEO of VEMMA Attracts Chris Powell Host of Extreme makeover: Weight Loss Addition Endorses VEMM…

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. †To be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Former Vemma Ambassadors Jeff and Elizabeth Hooks Come Home To Build A New Second Wave Of Vemma Leaders

In the last 12 to 18 months I have seen more legal actions between companies and former top distributors than I have in my 25 years of adult life in Direct Selling aka MLM/Network Marketing. So when BK Boreyko brought this story to me I knew I wanted to report on it.

I pray this story of how the Vemma family accepted Jeff and Elizabeth Hooks back into their family of Brand Partners, and how BK’s actions as a founder and leader were the catalyst in creating this culture, will resonate with other MLM Leaders, and maybe we can stop the insane lawsuits and come together to build this great profession.

I want to thank BK & Jeff for trusting me to share this story. trust is something that is earned, and these two leaders have not only trusted me, they have completely earned my trust and respect as leaders who want the best, not just for their company, but for the greater Direct Selling Profession!

Vemma Founder Praised By Robert Kiyosaki For Help Folks Like Jessica Van Pelt Reach Their Dreams

Vemma founder BK Boreyko shot me an email this week sharing some powerful information on how they are helping Children worldwide with the NEXT project and KIDS (Kids in Distressed Situation) program. As I read his email, I received another email from my friend Vemma Diamond David Adams, who shared with me the success story of Jessica Van Pelt.

I am proud of the fact Vemma is willing to reach out and help children who are the victims of some of the worse natural disasters in current history. The Hatti Earthquake and the Tennessee Floods.

Through their partnership with Operation Compassion they are supplying kids with nutritional vitimans they need to stay healthy through these tragic situations.

Plus they realize the sacrifice our troops are making worldwide, and how hard it is for their families here in the USA, so they have teamed up with Operation HomeFront to support the families of our military.

It is because of this type of Walking the Talk which has caused Robert Kiyosaki to be drawn to Bk Boreyko. Robert has realized here is a guy, who doesn’t just talk a good game, but is not sitting on the sideline. He is leading the pack to change the world one person at a time.

Let me also mention another story. Back in February BK shot me an email sharing his vision for the enhancements he was making to the Vemma compensation plan to attract 20K new distributors who would be earning around $500.00 per month.

Well here is a story of a young lady Jessica Van Pelt, who has never been in MLM before, and now is moving close to the $500.00 per month mark.

Her boyfriend and Vemma Diamond David Adams shared this story with me.

The Vemma Success Story of Jessica Van Pelt

Vemma is Breaking Records and BK Boreyko Credits the Vemma Brand Partners

With companies leaving direct selling and MLM at what seems like one a week, and other companies merging just to keep things rolling, it is exciting to see a company like Vemma come out of the MLM Recession of 2008-2009 with such massive momentum.

The power behind this massive growth all started when BK shared his mission of creating 20,000 new distributors earning $500 dollars per month. BK, understands that the power behind direct selling and especially MLM is creating a compensation plan which will reward not only the top builders, but those new Brand Partners just getting started.

This next video really explains how BK got the momentum rolling with their Momentum Bonus.

But he did not leave out the Vemma builders, and created the Builders Bonus.

Now, you may be asking… Troy this all sounds good but what about the Vemma products. Well, if you have watched the video above you noticed my grand daughter Lena drinking Vemma Next. Well take a look at these last two video and you will see what the Vemma Formula is doing to help children in the USA and Haiti.

I personally believe this is the wave of the future… Company founders like BK, Karen Lauren Boreyko who find ways to create a true business opportunity for the average MLM distributor, by providing great products and services that will make the world a better place to live.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

What is The VeMMA Code and Have You Heard About The VeMMA Secret

What is The VeMMA Code? And have you heard about the VeMMA Secret? Listen up this may be the most important article we have done on VeMMA to date. This will truly quench whatever you THIRST! for!

So what is the VeMMA CODE? Well in BK Boreyko’s own words, you are about to learn why VeMMA has attracted so many great MLM leaders from across the world.

Now, in the video above I talked about Mr. John Flemming the Executive Director of the Success Foundation. If you need more information on helping your teen get started in their own home base business I suggest you buy the book Success For Teens, and help support the Success Foundation.

Ok, now let’s look at what my 13 year old daughter thinks of Verve. As I have written already the Boreyko family has truly created a multi-generation family business.

VeMMA may not be the company for you, which is fine. However, it is the basic fundamentals behind the success of VeMMA that every distributor should be looking for when they are searching for the right company to help them reach their financial objectives.

Listen in the words of VeMMA Brand Partners as they share how VeMMA has made a difference in their lives.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid review of VeMMA. However VeMMA did send us over $300.00 worth of product to sample.

Uncompromizable NEXT Giving Drives The VeMMA Marketing Machine

What Drives The VeMMA Marketing Machine? Uncompromisable Giving! BK Boreyko, the Boreyko girls Karen and Lauren refuse to go back on their core beliefs for the sake of the almighty dollar. From their marketing to their charitable giving, the family, company and members all show the world they care for others, and are willing to give back to a crying world.

And since they believe kids and teens are the future generation of Network Marketing and Direct Sales, the Boreyko family have put their money where their mouth is. First they are one of a handful of companies who allow teens 14 years old and up to join their company as distributors.

This explains why Darren Hardy the editor of Success Magazine and John Flemming of Video Plus and Success from Home love this company so much, they share the same values.

When we review companies, we look for not just what the company is telling us, but what do other people have to say. Third party endorsement is more powerful than anything a company can create.

Now to prove kids really love NEXT and parents will keep buying it, and kids will drink it, what this short video.

Take a look at what others are saying about VeMMA and the Boreyko family. Click the pictures to read the articles.

Now let’s take a look at Vemma’s charitable giving. I’m a firm believer that if we are going to talk the walk we need to walk the talk. SOme Network Marketing companies list on their websites, “who they plan on supporting one of these days”, yet, when you dig a little deeper, you find they have never donated money, support, product, or manpower to the cause.

The Boreyko family, New Vision and VeMMA take an active roll in giving back. Take a look at these videos and you will see what I mean.

We need more companies like VeMMA who are willing to give to others. If your MLM company is not giving to others, then ask them to start giving back today.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly