Alex Morton’s Hypocritical Move From VEMMA to Jeunesse – What We Can Learn.

In October of 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine, reporter Caleb Hannan, wrote a story about Alex Morton called “Selling the Bro Dream: Are Frat Boys Peddling Vemma Suckers?”. Without a doubt, the article was not one of positive praise. It opens with the following story – 

MLM Fact Or Fiction: VEMMA Founder, BK Boreyko Turns Down $2.2 Billion Coke Cola Buyout?

Well, just when I think I have seen it all, something like the above headline comes into my email or FB page. Yes, this is what happened this weekend. But… BK Boreyko was fast to shut down the rumor! But what is the truth behind the rumor… Did Coke make an offer or did Boreyko turn it down?

Both are rumors. Coke did not offer to buy VEMMA, and BK did not turn down their offer. 🙂


But, we can use this as a good training topic. Because BK Boreyko is one of the most active Social Media CEOs in direct selling, as messages started hitting his Facebook inbox and emails, he was able to STOP the rumor before it went viral. But… What could have happened if Boreyko had let it ride and NOT responded at all?

Well one possible situation would have been for him to walk into the VEMMA offices today to a lawsuit for allowing the rumor to gain any traction. Since Coke Cola is a public company, they seem to frown on any rumors that can cause shifts in stock prices.


And, second because the Coke Cola brand is one of the most respected in the world, when their name is attached to anything, a huge due diligence period takes place, and a high licensing fee is paid to the usage if approved.

Now something else we need to review is the fact, any serious business owner, would NOT turn down a $2.2 billion dollar buyout of their company on annualized sales of $240 million, which is where VEMMA is projected to end up by years end!


The two take aways from this situation are:

1. Company executives should stay on top of any major rumors that are flowing around the net to protect their brand.

2. Distributors should not believe and post everything they hear about their company until an official message is broadcasted from the corporate office.







I am not saying BK would sell at all. In jest I did say… His sisters might not let him say no!

Again the video is not on BK selling or not selling. It is on what to do and not to do with Rumors.

If I were to make a guess, I would say that someone who saw this has already started saying “Troy Dooly just said BK would sell for the right price!” Which is how rumors get started. Someone takes something they heard, and spread it out of context.

I did state in the video above the based on the e-myth most founders do not fall in love with their companies to such a degree that it skews their judgement on when to sell or do whatever it takes to make sure the company continues to grow. This might be in selling, going public or finding an equity partner.

And I did say I knew BK well enough to know his passion is to leave a legacy.

Heck now I may have to start shooting videos to explain the videos I just shot.

Again the whole context is for all of us to verify info with corporate before spreading it.

I also beleive like Art Williams the founder of Primerica, BK has created a culture, both inside the corporate office and in the field that he loves enough to do whatever it takes to insure the legacy and dreams of each Brand Partner far outlives his leadership.

His track record already proves he will do everything in his power, like Art Williams to ensure the future!

From Brad Wayment and Dr. Wang and the team they have created. To Ruth Elliot and Tom Alkazin and the leaders they have attracted over the last seven years, I can see the same culture as at Primerica. Today Primercia is led by one of Art’s understudies and the origial RVPs (who have not passed on) are still raising up a new generation 20 years after Art sold the company and retired.

Breaking VEMMA News: Vemma Business App 3.0 Has Launched!

Over the last 24 months two major developments have developed inside of fastest growing network marketing companies in the profession… They have all moved away from antiquated old school email autoresponders and long drawn out sales funnels, and are using Social Media to grow their brands, and they have all tapped into the ever growing Mobile Connected GenY aka Millennials through mobile app technology.

Vemma maintains its status as the industry leader in mobile technology by debuting Vemma 3.0 at the Vemma Revolution Convention held last weekend in Las Vegas. Vemma Brand Partners can download the new, updated app now in the iTunes App Store. The updated Android version will be available on Google Play in May.

With Vemma 3.0, Brand Partners can manage their thriving business right from their smartphone with features that allow them to:

  • Enroll prospects on the spot
  • Send text message invites with short video clips to prospects
  • Get instant updates on which prospects have watched videos, requested samples, enrolled or placed an order
  • Track weekly and monthly business stats
  • Check rank progress and goals
  • View a countdown to the cycle and/or rank advancement period
  • Visually browse and search their network
  • Track incentive program qualifications
  • Engage new enrollees, rank advancers and cancellations
  • Keep track of social shares, even when their post is shared by someone else

Direct Selling Edge

The award-winning Vemma business app currently has over 67,000 users, with 500 new downloads each day, and has been used to send over 328,000 text messages, resulting in over 142,000 video views and 30,000 mobile sign-ups.

Every day, tens of thousands of Brand Partners use their smartphones to monitor their business, check their stats and invite new people. Vemma 3.0 offers features to Brand Partners that have never been offered before in the direct-selling space, including the social sharing feature that allows Brand Partners to post or tweet a special message with a free sample offer.

Since a fulfillment center handles everything, the social share sampling program is turnkey for the Brand Partner. In addition, push notifications keep the Brand Partner informed of the sample’s journey to their prospect, and that name is added to the Brand Partner’s Hotlist for follow-up. If the post or tweet is shared, the Brand Partner’s ID info remains attached, potentially giving them new frontiers of prospects.

The app has been refreshed with a completely new user interface, including a slide menu and several new features and abilities that allow Brand Partners to be more productive and reach their goals sooner. Users can now update their profile photo right from their phone, catch up on Vemma news, contact support, as well as view expanded data such as pending volume and free product history. They can even order products right from their smartphone. In addition, the app makes it easy for Brand Partners to create and manage events to help grow their business. Brand Partners can create and record a video invitation and send that invite to their downline and prospects via text. The update also allows Brand Partners to find local events and even get driving directions to their destination.

Download the new updated app now in the iTunes App Store!

Breaking VEMMA News: New Milestone $14 Million In Product Sales January 2013

BK Boreyko just shot me a short email to share the exciting VEMMA news… Up $2 million in sales in January to $14 million! Now this is the cool thing about this! VEMMA sales were up in December 2012, a month when many direct sellers take time off to chill. Not at VEMMA, the Brand Partners just kept cranking! Boreyko states something in the video below I just love… “Thank you Brand Partners!” I love it when a company founder shares the love with their field force!!!

In May of 2010, I first reported “VEMMA has come out of the 2008-09 direct selling recession like a storm. At that time they were just breaking $72 million annually. In 2012 they broke into the top-tier of direct selling companies, pushing past the $100 million mark in annual sales. Now in 2013 at the rate they are going, they could very well break $200 million.

As I have followed the VEMMA Vision lead by BK, Karen, and Lauren Boreyko I have seen two common denominators which I believe are attributed to the continue success of VEMMA team. Click the pictures below to read more about these visionary leaders.

BK_BoreykoKaren BoreykoLauren Boreyko

First is the continued focus on making sue the Brand Partners fully relize they are loved, and apprciated.

Second and just as important is the fact, VEMMA never strays from it’s core values!

Now, I am sure there are many other factors, but over the years, the VEMMA message “WHY” has never changed! The products may come and go, but the single-formula focus is the same, and the mission of enhancing people’s lives has always stayed the same!

I truly believe the values Ben and Dottie Boreyko instilled in BK, Karen and Lauren years ago are alive and well today and is the underlying bedrock of the VEMMA success!

Boreyko, also shared with me the following VEMMA numbers…

  • 23K+ customers and Brand Partners signed up in January 2013.
  • Over 1.1 million mins viewed on in 30 days.
  • Over 1 mil visitors to in January 2013

And I do not want to forget to mention the VERVE BOLD has now launched, and the team is almost through the first run of the product!!!

Breaking Vemma News: New GenY Young People Revolution Presidential Jeffrey Jensen

Jeffery Jensen Vemma

Every time I get an email from BK Boreyko and he is telling me about one of the new YPR Leaders, you can tell it rocks his world. For the last couple of years, several of us in the network marketing profesison have been preaching the fact, GenY is the up and coming generation. Well VEMMA’s Young People Revolution is proving us right!

Vemma’s newest Presidential is 24-year-old Jeffrey Jensen, a member of Vemma’s Young People Revolution from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Professional, hardworking, and courteous, Jeffery represents the very best of the powerful young dynamic in Vemma.

Jeffery Jensen Vemma

Home Office: So what does it feel like to be a Presidential Brand Partner?

“It doesn’t feel real yet. When BK called to congratulate me last Saturday, I told him it’ll feel real at Convention when I’m sitting in a black chair. I did get to buy my wife a new Cadillac SUV — that made her happy — but right now, it’s pretty much business as usual.”

What advice do you have for others?

“It takes work. Just keep going. As Brand Partners, we enjoy a lifestyle of freedom, working when we want, where we want, but we need to put in the effort. I knew I’d be successful from day one, but I saw ups and downs. At the 2011 Convention, I’d dropped down from Diamond to cycling as Bronze. I was sitting in the back row, listening to Darren Hardy talk about creating a successful mentality when I realized I needed to be a better leader. I needed to figure out my why. So I did. And then I got to work. By the next Convention, I was a Star Presidential and was invited to speak just before Darren Hardy — in fact I got to meet him backstage.”

How long have you been with Vemma?

“My story isn’t an amazingly fast ride — I’ve been with Vemma for 3 years. For me, it’s about consistency. Alex Morton and Brad Alkazin say that if you’re a hard worker you can do well with Vemma. That’s how I got here. I’m not particularly talented at this. I’m not a great speaker. I’m an average person with above average dreams and goals.”

Do you have any tips on building a Vemma business with young people?

“Verve is obviously a hit with this age group. Use technology. Facebook is such a big craze. I get 15 or 20 alerts every two hours. And the apps make Vemma really cool. When I tell people there’s a prospecting app, they’re ready to start. Kids are doing this anyway — sending each other videos, Skype-ing, texting, talking on the phone.”

Now that you’ve hit your goal of Presidential by October, what are your next goals?

“I don’t have any other choice but Ambassador by Convention. (Smile) More than anything, I really want to help my team members succeed. I want to help my brother Jason go Presidential by Convention. My friend Richard Bischoff just went Star Presidential last month, and I’d like to see the three of us from Myrtle Beach up there in black chairs at Convention.”

How have you developed your work ethic?
“My dad is the number one reason for whatever work ethic I have today, and I really give him credit for that. From a young age, I had chores and responsibilities. I hated it at the time but I appreciate it now. He and my mom developed a successful business and I saw that there are ups and downs in every business. I learned from them that if you want something, you go for it. It takes work, effort and consistency.”

What advice do you give to new Brand Partners?

“I tell them it’s easier to build fast than slow. The incentives BK’s added are a huge bonus. I can’t even imagine having a car in 90 days!* Take action right away. You don’t have to know everything before you start. You’ve got your upline’s number! That’s all you need.”

What has surprised you in your journey with Vemma?

If I can just encourage Brand Partners with one thing, it’s this: you’re only one person away from an explosion. Sometimes it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride, but if you hit a down spot, stick it out. We all started out with no cycles. Then you go Bronze, and so on. I didn’t wake up as a Presidential. I’ve had ups and downs too. But if you ask any of the people sitting in those black chairs at Convention if it’s worth it, they’ll all say yes.”

*Results not typical, your results may vary. The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts. The Company has generally expected results which may be obtained by visiting

Vemma News: Chris and Heidi Powell announce brand-new Vemma Bod-e Shakes

With VEMMA sales already going though the roof, this new addition to the Bod-e line the Chris & Heidi Powell shake should take the following numbers to even greater heights. This is all due to the power of the Vemma Brand Partners who truly love this company and the products they market.

As temperatures across the nation heat up to record-breaking highs, Vemma Brand Partners are watching something else climb to new heights: their paychecks! This summer, many U.S. Brand Partners are cashing bigger checks than ever before, thanks to record-breaking sales and recruiting efforts.

Recruiting and Sales Stats

U.S. Sales up 57%
U.S. Recruiting up 106%
Worldwide Sales up 38%
Worldwide Recruiting up 101%

So what’s the secret to all this success? The Bod•ē line continues to entice many Brand Partners, demonstrating exciting results, while thousands of “under 30s” are building a booming business off Verve alone. Not only that, but Vemma’s new Incentives ( also play a big role, helping even the newest Brand Partners by giving them the opportunity to earn free products or a new car, and qualify for instant cash bonuses.

More than anything else, though, the biggest key to the exciting sales and recruiting numbers is YOU! This growth is a direct reflection of your commitment to your Vemma business. Over the next six months, we are forecasting that your teams will be growing faster than ever before, which means we’ll be writing out even bigger earning checks, paying for more cars and hosting more of you at Elite functions.

Are you getting in on your share of the action? These stats prove that there’s never been a better time to be part of the Vemma business. Jump on board and get ready for a full year of record-breaking highs!

Breaking MLM News: Vemma Just Broke $10 Million In Monthly Sales Breaking The $100 Million Barrier


BK Boreyko just shot me a message to share the great news, that the Vemma Brand Partners just shot VEMMA into the coveted $100 Million Dollar Club, breaking $10 million in monthly sales. What is so rocking about this story is it was done in July in the middle of Summer, when most folks are taking vacations, and slacking off on their business.


From The Desk Of BK Boreyko:

Vemma team –

Thank you helping this company reach the $10 million monthly sales mark for the first time ever! I couldn’t have done it with you and the effort you give everyday to move this mission forward. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but thank you!

BK BoreykoKaren BoreykoLauren Boreyko