Update on BidiFy And The Sales Credit Bonus Program By Frode Jorgensen

Frode Jorgensen

BidiFy CCO, Frode Jorgensen reached out this week to share some facts on the Sales Credit Bonus program. Last week I reported on the changes, and had some folks question the validity of the change. Now we know more…

Frode Jorgensen

“Hi Troy, just wanted to touch base with latest updates.

All parts of the Frequent Sale Credits changes in Bidify are now implemented, and all pages/presentations are updated with latest information.

We have noticed that some people believe that we have changed the wording only, which is not the case. This has been a huge change for us, so it may have been “work in progress” on some of our website’s pages. I’m pretty sure it’s all updated now.

You will see it’s all presented on the website the way it’s supposed to be presented now.

We are working on our new income disclosure, which we will base on the first three months of operations, it will make much more sense calculating this now when Bidsson is running at full steam, as we want the numbers to be as accurate as possible.

We have sold many nice items in the auction, we auctioned away a brand new Volkswagen Up and the lucky winner got a brand new car valued 8000 euros for only 180,68 euros… someone really made a bargain, and on top of that the company made good money as well, as a total of 18,068 bids were used in that auction.

Our main focus is on building Bidsson, the Penny auction to become the biggest GLOBAL penny auction in the world.
As Bidsson grows bigger and better every day, so does the amount of auctions and winners, which in turn generate more leadership bonuses for all Bidify affiliates.

There is A LOT of exciting stuff going on, but we are not quite ready to share it all just quite yet…..”

MLM Penny Auction News: BidiFy Gets Rid Of Mandatory Account & Bidsson Auctions Attracts 100K Customers

BidiFy Sales Credit Account

Frode Jorgensen CCO of BidiFy has been watching what my reports, and is continuing to keep me posted on the changes he and his team feel is important in staying compliance not just in the USA, but also around the world. This new report on BidiFy and the Bidsson Penny Auction truly shows some positive improvements. I will be sending Frode some questions which people are still wondering about this week, so be watching for an update soon.

BidiFy Frequent Sale Credit replaces old BidiFy Mandatory Sales Account

BidiFy Sales Credit Account

On top of the already powerful rewards system Bidify has put in place, Bidify rewards you Frequent Sales Credit everytime a sale takes place in your organization. In fact every time a sale takes place in your pay-line we reward you with a 20% Frequent Sale Credit. Frequent Sale Credits cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can instead be used to purchase products both in Bidify & Bidsson. It is similar to a “Frequent Flyer” program.

You can spend your Frequent Sale Credits in multiple ways with a single click of a button.

– Purchasing Retail Bids to bid at auctions.
– Paying for your won auctions.
– Buying products at retail price directly from the Bidsson site.
– Paying for your monthly administrative fee in Bidify.

NOTE: Frequent Sale Credits used to purchase Retail Products will generate PV and GV, and can also generate retail bonus to your sponsor. Frequent Sale Credits cannot be exchanged to cash.

First premium Bidsson Auction bring both revenues to the penny auction house, and big wins for the bidder.

Bidsson Auction House

Current Premium Bidsson Auction Now Live

Bidsson Auction house

Troy Dooly Comes Clean On His Position With Unique Bid Auction Companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi

This is a really short editorial because I take 18 minutes to share my heart. After taking to heart what both the Anti-Scam community leaders have to say, and what some of the leaders inside the network marketing community have to say, I went for a drive with my wife Paige and talked with her. Now I am willing to share a few words to clear up some of the questions folks have about why it seems I am advocating Unique Bid Auction companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi Network.

I want to personally thank the folks on both sides of this issue, for their insights and thoughts. It is through this continued collaboration that we will continue to bring a fair and balanced review on any and all companies so to save financial harm to millions.

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM Penny Auction News: BidiFy Launches Their Penny Auction House Bidsson

Well after a few date changes, BidiFy has finally officially launched their penny auction house Bidsson. Here at MLM Help Desk we started covering the penny action niche in the 4th quarter of 2011. But it was not until about Feb or Mar of 2012, that we started to see this niche fire up in the network marketing space. Today I know of at least five new network marketing penny auction companies who are funding to launch or already funded and are creating their sites. Today I want to look at BidiFy and Bidsson.

I first want to cover one concern I have with the BidiFy site. All in all they have done a great job, and Kevin Thompson their MLM Attorney has really tweaked and cleaned up their business model from our first review a few months ago. However, there is still one concern I have. I am reaching out to Kevin Thompson and a few other MLM Attorneys to get a better understanding of current laws.

Bidify Mandatory Account

Now when you read the explanation of the BidiFy Mandatory Account, my concern comes from the following:

“20% of all cash rewards earned in Bidify are paid as mandatory funds to your Mandatory Account. Funds in your Mandatory Account cannot be withdrawn as cash, instead it must be spent at the Bidsson site.

Funds in your mandatory account are transferred to Bidsson upon your request, by a single click on a button.
Purchasing Retail Bids to bid at auctions.
– Paying for your won auctions.
– Buying products at retail price directly from the Bidsson site.
– Paying for your monthly administrative fee in Bidify.
NOTE: Mandatory funds used to purchase Retail Products will generate PV and GV, and can also generate retail bonus to your sponsor.”

It is my understanding that when a company doing business in the USA, using a direct sales distribution channel, in this case network marketing, they can not demand that their sales/marketing force purchase or use their services. When a company makes such a demand, they may trigger both IRS rules regarding Independent Distributor status, and could trigger anti-pyramid laws at both a state and federal level.

Again, let me be clear, the laws may have changed, and if so we will be updating this post in the future. But, in years past, it has been very clear, you CAN”T demand independent distributors purchase products and services in order to earn commissions.

Outside of that one issue, things do look pretty standard, and the new penny auction site is a clean launch. I do need to make it clear, the money amounts on the Bidsson site are in Euros and not US Dollars, which may cause some confusion for bidders. So make sure you fully understand the conversion rates before making any form of purchase.