Global Verge Did Not Just Win Against Zer01 They Nailed Piilani Personally On Fraud

Well, as of June 8, 2010 the Clark County District Court granted the Order for Summery Judgment as requested by Global Verge against Zer01 and… Ben Piilani personally!

What makes this very interesting is the fact the order final Summery Judgment was ordered against Zer01, which could file for bankruptcy and Global Verge would never receive a dime of the money.

And, it was ordered against Ben Piilani PERSONALLY! When a fraud order is rendered on an individual, it stays with them for life. Ben Piilani can’t file bankruptcy and beat this judgment.

In other words, if Ben Piilani really is a billionaire, then Global Verge just won $43 million dollars. If the hype surrounding Pillani is false, then he will be chased for years as Global Verge follows the asset trail.

Now, here is the interesting part. Let’s say Pillani really did invent a new wireless technology platform, and he has just been waiting for the right partner to take it public. Global Verge may end up owning the patent for the technology, and at the end of the day the original Global Verge aka Buzzirk business concept could still happen. Crazier things have happened lately in the MLM wireless niche.

This judgment did bring to the surface some interesting questions:

1. What other MLM Wireless Companies are in the Global Verge cross-hairs?

2. Which former Global Verge Triple Diamonds or e-Assocates who are affiliated with above said companies as owners, directors, partners, officers, or founding distributors are also in the Global Verge cross-hairs?

3. What other former strategic partners and/or venders will be included in future lawsuits?

I believe any company run or owned by former top Global Verge e-Associates had better not count of luck to beat Global Verge’s legal team. They had better start looking for some serious legal counsel of their own.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Final Court Order Granting Global Verge $43 Million Dollars Against Zer01 & Ben Piilani Perosnally.