Youngevity Leader Profile: Andre Vaughn Leads One Of The Most Successful Teams In Youngevity History The World Class Team

I have been watching Andre and Monique Vaughn since they started his rise in leadership at Financial Destinations around 2005. The Vaughn’s are what I call serial entrepreneurs. Andre started off teaching second grade children, and quickly realized that wasn’t going to pay enough for him to accomplish all he and Monique had dreams of. So he bought some horses and started into the horse racing business, from there they launched a real estate firm. They very quickly realized they could always earn a living, but were falling farther and farther away from creating a life. You can contact Andre directly at:

Andre and Monique Vaughn, are special folks. Everytime I get a chance to talk with them, I always hear the same thing… The World Class Team! They have not forgotten that if it wasn’t for the team of leaders they have personally mentored over the years, they would not be where they are today. Andre is known for saying…

World Class Team


To Andre it is not just about his and Monique’s success, but about the success of everyone they come in contact with. I have had the pleasure of interviewing not just Andre, but many of his leaders and without a doubt they are not just a team, they are family.

One of the really cool things about Andre and Monique is that while they were in the middle of one of their most successful leadership runs, they became the proud parents of twin girls. Everytime I see Andre and ask how the girls are doing, his world famous grin lights up the room and out comes the iPhone pictures.

Andre will be the first to admit, he was a successful businessman before launching his network marketing career. But he will also tell you he was working 50 to 60 hours a week to earn that success. And with that success in business there was no time to think about growing a family.

Today he and Monique live a life that most parents only dream of. Monique has the ability to stay home with the girls, and give them undivided attention. As a family they are able to travel and do things together, including enjoying one of their greatest pastimes…

… Taking in all the games (or as many as they desire) of the Baltimore Ravens! It would not surprise me any, if down the roads, we read a headline where Andre talks Monique into letting him buy into the team.

Here is a short video of ANDRE VAUGHN, POWERFUL TESTIMONY!

Here are a few of the success stories from students who have had the privilege of working personally with Andre Vaughn!

After attending Mr. Vaughn training seminar, I decided that it was time to take back my power. I lost my identity a long time ago and my goals and dreams went out of the door. Since attending the seminar, I have been following his principles on goal setting, targeting unresolved issues and taking action everyday towards my definite purpose. Now I am finding ways to express my talents and abilities. I am building my self confidence, I am setting my intention and goals to achieve them this year. I have move energy, a passion to live and a burning desire to succeed. I thank you and I appreciate the work that you do. – Rose Bailey

His coaching, teachings and system works. For the first time in my life, I have created a truly achievable goal and action plan. After years of dreaming, I am now in charge of my destiny. Mr. Vaughn is a giant in his field. Now I am clear on what I truly want in my life. – Victor Lee

From Andre…



“Unbeknownst to me, partnering with Youngevity has been one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I always believed “what good is having wealth without your health” but I was not honestly living what I believed. However, after hearing and understanding the wealth of knowledge Dr. Wallach has I would be doing a disservice to others and myself if I did not share 90 for Life with everyone I come in contact with.

Sharing 90 for Life has become a norm for me. I have heard and seen testimony after testimony and I am still in awe at the power we have to change the face of the world.

We are a 90 for Life family; my wife, daughters, and I are taking the products and have never felt healthier.
My message to everyone is “Do not count yourself out.” In order to become passionate about 90 for Life you must become 90 for Life.

This is only the beginning. Youngevity will create more millionaires and more multimillionaires. You have the power to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and don’t rest until you have accomplished your dreams and goals. Put your blinders on and JUST GO!!!!

Youngevity is going to be the vehicle for me to help others fire their boss and to take control of their lives. I want everyone to be in a position of power…the power to choose their own destiny. Now is the time for you to start earning what you are worth. If you do not do it for yourself, do it for your children and your grandchildren. I know this opportunity will allow my daughters to be able to retire when they graduate high school. That’s part of the legacy I want to leave. What type of legacy are you going to leave?”

I am proud to call Andre my friend!

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly