Seth Godin Shares Explains What Dallin Larsen Founder Of MonaVie and Paul Burks Founder Of Zeek Rewards Have In Common

Truth & Justice

A week or so ago, Randy Schroeder, President of MonaVie North America came out hard against Paul Burks, founder fo Rex Venture Group, the parent company of Zeek Rewards. After listening to Randy’s opinions (by the way Randy and I will be talking live next week), I have taken some time to really give some thought to Randy’s words, and started looking for what Dallin Larsen and Paul Burks have in common and their underlying passions for starting MonaVie and Zeek Rewards.

I asked myself one simple question… Could these two massively successful leaders share something in common? Well I found it, as I watched Seth Godin’s TED Talk about Tribes and starting movements. One person willing to think outside the box, can start a movement.

Dallin Larsen made a stand several years ago on the side of the distributor making it clear Distributors should be free agents and be able to come and go in companies as they please.

Paul BUrks made a stand several years ago on the side of the distributor, stating ALL distributors should have the same opportunity to earn income, and change their lives, even if they were not the best recruiters or sales pros.

Maybe instead of taking potshots at each other, we should collaborate together, learn more about each other and our goals as leaders, before we just starting firing. If we do we may just find we are closer in our overall objectives, than we realize and are fighting for the same common cause… Truth and Justice for all!

Founder of MonaViePaul Burks Founder of Zeek Rewards & Rex Venture Group