MLM Weekly News: A Concerning Trend Facing MLM and The Most Current International MLM Growth Numbers

This is the first MLM News cast to be published for the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP).

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Direct Selling Assocation

The International Numbers For Direct Selling aka Network Marketing And they Are STRONG!

Direct sales increased 4.6 percent to $29.87 billion
Salesforce sized at 15.6 million sellers in the US
Direct selling market outpaces growth in gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.7 percent
Washington, DC – The Direct Selling Association (DSA) today released the results of its Annual Growth & Outlook Survey, which shows U.S. direct sales totaled $29.87 billion in 2011, a 4.6 percent year-over-year increase from $28.56 billion in 2010.

“There is good news coming from the direct selling segment,” said DSA president Joseph Mariano. “Despite the economic climate, direct selling continues to be a source of income and support for independent consultants across the U.S.”

The U.S. direct selling market grew faster than the overall U.S. economy, which grew 3.9 percent as measured by gross domestic product (GDP).

Nearly half of U.S. direct selling companies experienced sales growth and another 14 percent remained flat.

Smaller direct selling companies (those with annual retail sales under $3 million) fared best with 66.7 percent showing growth, and an average retail sales increase of about 30 percent.

“Growing a small business when the economy is struggling is a tall order,” said Mariano. “As an industry that celebrates entrepreneurship, the achievements made in 2011, particularly by by small direct selling companies, is remarkable.”

DSA released the findings of its 2011 Growth & Outlook Survey during a joint announcement with the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations at the DSA Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.

The U.S. was ranked as the top direct selling market in the world with 20 percent of worldwide sales in 2011. Japan came in second with $23.9 billion (16 percent) followed by China with $16.3 billion (11 percent), South Korea at $12.8 billion (eight percent) and Brazil at $12 billion (eight percent).
“Around the world, the stories of the incredible journeys many people have taken to success through direct selling tell a poignant tale of individual achievement,” said Alessandro Carlucci, CEO of Brazilian direct selling company Natura Cosméticos and WFDSA chairman. “It is through our global statistics that we can begin to paint a picture that conveys the economic and social benefits direct selling provides.”

Global direct sales increased 10 percent from $139.7 billion in 2010 to $153.7 billion in 2011, according to Carlucci.

Additional findings from the DSA 2011 Growth & Outlook survey are available at View the fact sheet.


Direct Selling Numbers For The USA 2011

MLM News Report: New ANMP Board Members And Record Breaking Months For Network Marketing Companies

MLM News Report

Covering New ANMP Board Members, Organo Gold, Vemma, Youngevity, Evolv Health,

Green Organics, The Limu Company and much more!




President – Garrett McGrath
Executive – V.P.  Peter Minglis
Vice President -Brian McMullen
Secretary – Lorene Williamson
Treasurer- Marcie Cook

Youngevity Adds 11,000 New Customers and Distributors In Feb 2012

AL International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: JCOF), a global direct marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products as well as gourmet coffee, is experiencing robust growth on the strength of more than 25,000 new customer and distributor enrollments that have taken place over the last four months. (Click above to read the full press release)


The Limu Nation is Breaking Records Month Over Month in The USA & Japan!

(Click above to read the full report)


Purported Special Investigation: Organo Gold Federal Investigations

According to the first article, it seems that the investigative report went to an Organo Gold business meeting and witnessed firsthand that the Organo Gold representatives were NOT operating an illegal pyramid based on what was written on the KRGV website:

“Organo Gold brands itself as a “healthier coffee.” In a packed house in Weslaco, representatives were recruiting others to sell the instant coffee.”

Notice in the above statement the KRGV reporter is very clear “Recruiting to SELL the instant coffee.”

Based on the above statement written by the reporter it is easy to see, even they realized a sales presentation was going on, not an illegal pyramid recruiting scheme.

(Click above to read the full article)




Joe has been with the same company in the field for seventeen years, earning in excess of $1 million dollars in personal income and helping others on his team reach this same incredible financial goal. Not only that, he has helped thousands replace their current incomes with full-time network marketing income.

(Click above to read the full article)




Vemma, is one of a handful of companies willing to show the world their financial strength. Ted Nuyten reported on this earlier this week, and did a fantastic job. You can read his full report by clicking here!

I waited to post until BK had the team shoot me over the IDS (Income Disclosure Statement) so I could make sure I did not cause Vemma any issues here in the States with the regulators.

As I read through the incomes I took notice of three things. First the fact the very top earners have been with Vemma since the very beginning. They have not looked for several companies to build. Ruth & Jeff Elliot and Tom & Bethany Alkazin are wonderful examples of building a network marketing business correctly.

The second thing I noticed was that Vemma is building a second generation of networkers, who are following in their parents footsteps… Successfully! Brad Alkazin has learned from his dad, he is building it by attracting the Gen y entrepreneurs at the colleges.

And third, Vemma is attracting Gen Y to the company in a huge way, and they are making great incomes.  Michele Barnes is not letting anything stand in her way of creating the life she has always dreamed of.

My hat is off to all the Vemma Brand Partners!!!

You can read the Vemma Income Disclosure Statement by clicking here

Breaking MLM News: Association of Network Marketing Professionals Annual Convention March 1st – 3rd 2012

Come join Troy Dooly, Rod Cook, Len Clements, Sandi Cohen, Ruth Van Buren, Peter Mingles, Tom Chenault, Garrett McGrath, Daren Falter, Richard Waak, and many more for the 2012 (ANMP) Association of Network Marketing Professional annual convention.

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Here is what Peter Mingles the current President of the ANMP has to say about the convention.

Here is Jim Gillhouse Host of Aces Radio Live sharing his perspective.

Sandi Cohen one of the sweet 16 at XanGo and Co-Founder of the ANMP!

This years keynote speakers: Click on the images to learn more about each speaker

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