Andy Benis – VP of Sales

Jason Elrod sits down with WakeUpNow VP of Sales, Andy Benis.

Andy Benis, VP of Sales, is in the business of sharing, not selling. Training is taking what you know and teaching people how to use it. Learning how to put life lessons into action is great when you have the right tools. Learn how to set successful goals and focus on the progress of the goals you create. As a team leader you need to know the why of your employees. Your goal is to help your employees understand what their goals are, and to help them solve them. You have to care about the people you work with to help them. Study their behaviors, the way they work, and help them build their business through the use of the right tools with the system. Andy Benis, VP of Sales, works hard on engaging other people by building relationships and showing them how much he cares instead of how much he knows.