Youngevity With 15 Years of Solid Foundation Present A Solid Ground Floor Opportunity

Youngevity a division of A.L. International has invested the last 15 years laying the foundation to what is now a true ground floor opportunity. There are few if any companies in the health and wellness field, who can match Youngevity, product for product or service for service, let alone the leadership team, both inside the corporate offices and in the field.

I had the privilege this last month of attending the Youngevity 15 year celebration event in Orlando, and after meeting and talking with distributors and executives, I can proudly say, these folks are building a legacy company. Dr. Joel Wallech is truly a legend inside the health and wellness profession, and his research and nutritional breakthroughs have made history. I have labeled him the Art Williams on the Nutritional Industry.

You can view the pictures from the convention at Pinterest by clicking here.

Source: via Troy on Pinterest

Audre Vaughn – Top Youngevity Leader – above

Youngevity President – Above

SanJeev Javia – Master Formulator – Above

Youngevity CEO – Above