Network Marketing News & Trends For 2014

Going into 2014, I have received many questions about “what to expect in 2014 in the Network Marketing Community?” Well it’s always tough to determine exactly what will happen in a new year, but if we review the past, we can usually trend some of what will happen moving forward.

1. Technology will continue to play a major role in how both direct selling companies and the network marketing community communicate with independent sales and marketing teams as well as the general consumer base as a whole.

2. Mobile solutions including sales and marketing apps, mobile ad networks, mobile video presentations and the ability to sign-up new recruits and consumers through mobile devices will continue to rise.

3. PaaS & SaaS Membership Based Platforms  will continue to be developed with compensation structures to draw in the masses who do not want to use traditional direct selling companies to build a home base business.

In 2013, we saw Wake Up Now come on strong with their PaaS/SaaS platform, and how they even started to add tangible products in the 4th Quater to attract a more traditional network marketer and the younger Millennials who are now becoming a driving force in the network marketing community.

Although several PaaS companies launched using Mobile Apps as the driving force to attract early signups, none were able to execute at the level needed to dominate or even be seen as the leader in the niche.

In 2014, we will continue to see this Mobile App aka Mobile PaaS business model mature. However, it is way too early to determine how this type of business model will playout using any form of a multi-level compensation structure.

4. Health & Wellness will continue to dominate the direct selling news, and the network marketing community as a whole. VEMMA as an example saw their sales almost double in 2013 to over $200 million in revenues. And Bk Boreyko predicts his company will hit $400 million by the end of 2014.

In order to accomplish these bodacious prediction, VEMMA is lanching new healthy energy drinks to their Verve line, and bringing out a Chris Powell “ready made protein (weight management) shake, along with additional products during the 2014 sales year.

I personally believe 2014, will become known as the year of “Health Plans” since the consumer as a whole are tired of “challenges and diet fads.” The consumer base worldwide have become tired of the same old crap, and are now engaging faster with social media to determine what works and what doesn’t.

One small direct selling company that is coming on strong is Plexus Worldwide. Their pink drink has caught on with consumers because it seems to work, and because there has not been many, if any Network Marketing HYPE surrounding the product. It seems the company really has gone back to the basics… develop or market a product that works, create a fair compensation around selling the product and get it in the hands of people who really use the product – BAM!

5. Utilities aka Essential Life Services will continue to grow in 2014 as companies like Viridian Energy (Power With a Purpose) and North American Power (Mission to Millions) hold true to their corporate message.

We will also continue to see companies like ACN and 5Linx, who were once know for their video and VoIP platforms continue to transform into full-fledged Essential Life Service companies.

This is not at all everything we will see in 2014, but it does give us a start.

2014  Social Marketing Trends

MLM Weekly News Report: Covering The Network Marketing Community For The Week of August 24th 2012

This week’s MLM News Report covers some great info from Vemma, MonaVie, ViTel, Ocean Avenue, and many of the top 500 and 5000 companies of the Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies.

Beachside CEO

BK Boreyko founder of VEMMA emailed me this week to ask me if I knew what $5.5 Million dollars looks like?

ViTel Wireless Touring The Nation Laning In Atlanta The First Week of Septermber 2012

Vitel Wireless Atlanta Promo from Rick James Stapp on Vimeo.


Direct Selling clearly on the rise in Poland
The direct sales market in Poland increased by 1.3% year on year in 2011 to €585.4m. Cosmetics and personal care products accounted for 69% of the revenues of companies affiliated in the Direct Selling Association of Poland (PSSB). The year before this category held 70% while a European Union average in 2010 stood at 38%. The second largest value share in the Polish direct sales market had household appliances, which generated 13.4% of the overall direct retail sales in the country, marking a 3.4% increase year on year. OTC medicines and dietary supplements accounting for 11.6% of direct sales in Poland in 2011 and growing at 3.1% on a yearly basis. Approximately 870,000 individuals were involved in direct sales in Poland last year, of which 88% are women.

Companies operating on the market employed about 1,497 people, and 96% of the revenues came from person to person sales. Companies on the direct sales market include Amway, Avon Cosmetics, Forever Living Products, Herbalife, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Oriflame. Poland is the fifth largest direct sales market in Europe after France (€3.7bn), Germany (€2.7bn), Italy (€2.4bn), and Great Britain (€1.4bn).

Direct Selling Assocation

Inc. Magazine announced its list of the top 500 and 5,000 fastest-growing companies. Direct selling companies included in the top 500 list were Stella & Dot (no. 57) and non-member J.Hilburn (no. 221). Companies included in the top 5,000 were Scentsy (no. 516), non-member It Works! Global (no. 662), YOR Health (no. 1220), Ambit Energy (no. 1305), Initials (no. 1555), non-member Acuity (no. 2020), 5LINX Enterprises (no. 2900), Supplier member FONA International (no. 4031), Symmetry (no. 4121) and Isagenix International (no. 4951).

The 2012 International Business Awards, a.k.a. the Stevie Awards, were announced this week. Winners will be celebrated and presented with their awards at a banquet in South Korea this October. DSA congratulates the following direct selling companies for their achievements:

Subscriber member ARIIX: Bronze Stevie Award –
Company of the Year – Health Products & Services and Pharmaceuticals
Morinda Bioactives: Bronze Stevie Award – Best New Product or Service of the Year – Consumer Products
Nu Skin U.S.: Bronze Stevie Award – Management Team of the Year

Nu Skin Korea/North Asia:
Gold Stevie Award – Company of the Year – Health Products & Services and Pharmaceuticals
Gold Stevie Award – Fastest-Growing Company of the Year in Asia (China, Japan and Korea)
Silver Stevie Award – Executive of the Year – Health Products & Services: Luke Yoo, CEO

Non-member The Learning Annex: Gold Stevie Award – Executive of the Year – Internet/New Media: David Galvan, CEO
Bronze Stevie Award – Management Team of the Year
Bronze Stevie Award – Customer Service Department of the Year – All Other Industries

AdvoCare recently held a Success School Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, during which independent distributors collected more than 1,400 backpacks and raised more than $27,000, all of which will benefit Operation Homefront, an organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to families of service members and wounded warriors. This is the third year AdvoCare has stepped forward to help Operation Homefront. The company is on target to surpass its Platinum-level commitment of $250,000.

Pending member AnyArt recently launched the Canvas for a Cause program, whereby each independent distributor, in cooperation with their home party hostess, can select from a list of charities the one they would like a percentage of their parties’ sales to benefit. Guests are made of aware of such charitable donations through the invitations and reminders for the party.

Avon has announced that Paula Abdul will be a spokeswoman for their accessories collection, “Forever” selected by Paula Abdul.

Natural Health Trends, parent company of NHT Global, announced its financial earnings through June 30, 2012. The company reported first-half sales of $20.1 million, up 62 percent over the $12.4 million of a year ago. In the second quarter, sales, at $11 million, were up 52 percent over a year ago. View the full press release online.

Oriflame of Sweden has reported its financial earnings for the second quarter of 2012. For the three months ended on June 30, 2012, local currency sales increased by 1 percent and Euro sales were up by 2 percent to €373.6 million. Average size of the salesforce decreased by 5 percent to 3.6 million. Oriflame consultants and closing salesforce was down by 6 percent. For the past six months that ended on June 30, 2012, local currency sales increased by 2 percent and Euro sales were up by 1 percent to €769.3 million. View the full press release online.