Suzanne Somers Trusts Youngevity Essential Life Sciences With Her Personal Brand Suzanne Essentials

What does Youngevity have that causes company after company to trust them with their brands?

Could it be their Athletic Advisory Board which includes such well respected leaders as former NBA player Mike Glenn? Or maybe it is because of Richard Renton who has quad majors in Sports medicine, Health, Physical Education, and Chemistry. Or maybe it is because of NBA player Theo Curtis Ratliff, or head coach Ken Cole, or Gene Nelson, Mr. all natural bodybuilder himself? It might even be the fact Dr. Stan Frager is a vital part of the Youngevity Athletic Board.

Whatever the reason, leaders like Suzanne Somers place their trust in Youngevity to protect their brand by formulating, manufacturing, marketing and/or selling products with their name attached.

Suzanne Somers is very protective of her name and the companies attached to it. So when she picks a company to manufacture, and market her exclusive products, you can bet she has done her homework. Here is a little more about Suzanne Somers “Sip of Sunshine.

The question folks will be asking is what is in Sip of Sunshine?

Sip of Sunshine

Youngevity is one of the original MLM companies to join the Distributors Rights Association, proving their loyalty and love to their distributors.

If you have read our first article on Youngevity, you know this is where Tom and Denice Chenault landed after their practice company left the MLM arena. It is easy to see why, they made this choice.

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