Startling Facts Discovered About Tom & Denice Chenault

Youngevity Leaders, Tom & Denice Chenault Are Driven By Unrelenting Purpose

Let me disclose that Tom and Denice Chenault are very dear and close friends. This commentary is as biased as it comes because I love these two like a brother and sister.

Now before I share about how Tom Chenault became the man he is today, I need to introduce you to the woman who brought him into this world, and to whom he owes his life.

Virgina_ChenaultMiss Virgina Chenault, passed away April 9th, 2009, but there doesn’t seem to be a time that Tom and I are together that he doesn’t speak of the passion he has for her. As a matter of fact when you watch the video, you will see a small clip I include just a few days before he passing that shows Tom’s love for his mom.

Tom Chenault wrote the following on his personal blog “I will miss her… every day… for the rest of my life. She was unstoppable…end of the story. Always positive… always thinking about what she could do to make others lives better. She made me. She is me. I am her. And I will carry her message till my last breath. Sound dramatic? Maybe. But it’s true.”

Maybe some of you think it’s strange that I start this article with a piece on Chenault’s mom. Except, without this woman, there would not be a Tom Chenault!

Denice_ChenaultHowever, there is another fine lady who has also shaped the man he has become. Denice Chenault is not just Tom’s wife; she is a guiding light in his life. Every time I have had the privilege to watch and listen to Tom speak, he opens or closes by looking for her, and praising her for the leader and partner she is.

But it’s not just Tom. When Denice talks about Tom, she gets the same grin on her face as in this picture. They are not just husband and wife; I truly believe are soul mates, who found each other and are not living out their life purpose, if enriching and impacting people’s lives, so they can also live their purpose. Without a doubt becoming Senior Vice-Chairman Ambassador’s at Youngevity has helped to increase their influence, they both were out changing their worlds, long before the success came from their careers and business.

Chenault_FamilyWhat I have found by just observing her from a distance, and listening to those closest to her, is that driving purpose is to guide women to achieve their wildest dreams! Because she knows personally what it’s like to have only one cent left to your name, she can empathize with those women she comes in contact with. She is loving, yet firm in holding them accountable for their success. She is not just admired by those she has coached; she is loved by many of us who are no more than just friends.

Denice_Chanault_2But, she is more than just this powerful and confidence business woman. She is also the one who can bring joy into the heart of her grandkids. It doesn’t matter to her, what is on the calendar, when she gets a chance to travel around the country, or across the Globe to see her grandkids she is gone!

Denice_Chenault_3And she isn’t one of those old stuffy “grandmother’s” who the grandkids dread having to spend the day with. She doesn;t try and dictate what is fun for the kids. Nope instead she watches and listens… just like she does when coaching… and gives the kids an adventure they will not soon forget. Or any of us who have watched her bring a smile to her grandkids face.

I wanted to put up the picture of Tommy in his tutu, but he wouldn’t send me a signed release form. 

So who is the man, Miss Virgina called her son and Denice calls her best friend and husband?

Tom_Chenault_01Tom Chenault, to some he the radio show host from the Home Business Radio Show.  To other’s he is a master networker who has helped them grow their business. And to those he and Denice have personally enrolled in their business, he is their coach, friend and master enroller. 

And to me… He is my mentor and someone who has been like a big brother when I needed one the most! He has been there for me when my son, was getting out of prison. He was there when I started my radio career, giving me my first shot. He has backed me publically at times while kicking me in the butt privately. He has been there when I was on my ride up, as well as when times were tight. He was there when my middle boy was on life support, calling and giving me his love.

Tom_Chenault_02See Tom hasn’t always been riding the wave of success in his personal life, marriage, and career. There was a time, when he was more drunk than sober, hurting himself and those around him.

But Today…

Tom Chenault is one of the most passionate men I know. He will go out of his way to help those who can’t or won’t help themselves. He believes everyone has been created to be somebody, and it’s his purpose to do all he can to help them realize their dreams and goals.

Tom because of his life, realizes that the life he lives today is a gift, and he treats it as such, never taking anything for granted. He has truly lived and is still living what I call an Epic Adventure! 

Tom_Chenault_03Tom, is what some might call a renaissance man. He has sold corporate jets and planes, run a successful boiler room, I mean he was a great stockbroker in his younger years. Owned a PR firm helping businesses get their message out to the public. And now has grown into a great radio show host, and master enroller in network marketer. He also owned a coffee house for a while.

Tom has made and lost a lot of money during his many adventures, but the one thing he never lost is his quirky sense of humor and his ability to bring a smile to the faces of those who are having a bad day. If you asked him what gives him pride he would tell you; Outside his wonderful family, he is most proud of being sober for over twenty years. “How I survived being a drunk only God knows. Maybe he isn’t finished with me yet.” Indeed.

Tom_Chenault_04I remember sitting with Tom, Denice and two of our close friends, The MLM Ambassador, Bret Matheny and Larene Williamson, when I asked him what he was most proud of in life. He got that big Tom Chenault grin on his face, looked over at Denice and said, “Outside my family, I am proud of being sober for over twenty years, and helping others get that way.

He has written on his personal website “How I survived being a drunk only God knows. Maybe he isn’t finished with me yet.” 

If you are looking for some advice or for a couple who has never forgotten where they came from to help mentor you in business, then Tom and Denice Chenault might just be the couple you are looking for. 

Tommy & Denice, I love you two! Thank you for carrying for my family the way you do!

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals