Special MLM News Report: This Is A Must For All Distributors And Corporate Leaders

Special MLM Weekly News Report

Why Are Rumors Flying About

Eric Worre & Randy Gage?

This weekly MLM News report is more of an editorial, than a regular news report, but it may be the most important report I have shot in a while.

This report is for both distributors in the field, and the teams in the home office who make the hard decisions.

I love this profession, and it breaks my heart every time I see situations which cause the average distributor who is doing their best to make their dreams come true, hesitate, wondering if they have made a mistake in following a leader, or in the company they have chosen.

Please leave your personal thoughts after watching this MLM News Report.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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7 thoughts on “Special MLM News Report: This Is A Must For All Distributors And Corporate Leaders”

  1. Troy,

    I got to admit, this was disappointing to hear about from a distributor perspective.

    I come from a place where I believe the team is more important than the company (although the company is a BIG part of the team, it's not everything)

    The part where I get bummed by this stuff, is that people's lives can get hurt by the egos of those at the top.


  2. Hi Troy:

    ((For some reason – even though I "do" have a Gravatar (with my 'mug shot' in it) – it won't work any longer – so my pic no longer shows!? :>))

    Many thanks for (both) videos above.

    I'm absolutely certain that Randy and Eric "know" who you are – and that they "know" of your ethics – your honesty – your integrity – your mission.

    I know I do – from many years (dating back to ProStep) – and from serving with you for almost (4) years on the Board Of Directors of the DRA (now ANMP), representing Canada.

    Here's the thing…

    Within "any" industry / institution / business / profession there will always be top level people who decide to leave (for a variety of reasons), and go to other positions / careers / vocations, etc. It happens all the time.

    But for some reason – when it happens within "our" profession (Network Marketing) – it usually means – that the "rumor mills' become rampant – that downlines [often] get fractured – that "lawsuits" raise their ugly heads – that we (in MLM) recieve another "black eye".

    All of which does NOT enhance out (already tarnished) image.

    I'm with 'you' when it comes to WHO should have "ownership" of an MLM downline – yet I say that from a "field" perspective. If I were wearing a "corporate" hat – I might soften on that somewhat – I don't know.

    But I "do" know that MLM companies have THEMselves "well protected" when it comes to these things – through their (mostly archaic, harsh, boiler-plate) POLICIES & PROCEDURES – the legal document we all sign (usually without even "reading" it) when joining an MLM – and hence, there is a high RISK to Reps if they choose an MLM as their "primary" income source.

    DIVERSIFICATION and SELF BRANDING become critical – more than ever before – especially in this economy.

    My own hope for our industry is that we can begin to forge a NEW kind of relationship between field and corporate – one that fosters a higher level of "mutual respect" and greater "sensitivity" – one that embraces an authentic "business partnership" environment.

    This is what I see (and SO appreciate) that "you" are an ambassador for as well, my friend!

    Warmly / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder

    Business Achievers Academy / Canada

  3. I have been in MonaVie for just under 2 years. I have never seen so many people jump from one company to another. My upline Emeralds quit to go to Visalus and took my right leg with them. They promoted MonaVie MonaVie and because Visalus had a better pay plan, they left. I didn't. I have intergrity. I talked to alot of people about MonaVie here in Bradenton/Sarasota. What do I do quit and tell all of them I found something better. They would all laugh and say you couldn't make it in MonaVie!

    I think you have to have some "stickability". One and a half years is not enough time to build a rock solid downline for the average person. Robert Dean Jr. has been in 3 companies in the time I have been in MonaVie. What does the average guy in his group tell his friends. Yeah Noni, ah no Yeah MonaVie, ah no yeah Visalus. You can't tell me he cares about his group. He is getting paid to jump around and his downline dosen't know what to do.

    I think people have no integrity period. Brig Hart went from Amway to MonaVie but their was a 9 year gap in between. (you have to get his book WHY NOT YOU, WHY NOT NOW) Anyway thats my comment.


    Bronze Exective


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