Seven Laws of Succeeding in Business

Seven Laws of Succeeding in Business

1)   Live With Passion: You must do what you love! It’s normal for entrepreneurs to launch and even fail at several businesses before finding the right one. In most cases it is because they listen to the hype of others instead of doing what they love!

Troy’s Truth: Make a list of hobbies you love. Turn one of your hobbies into your next business. Personally, I love marketing, technology and serving others. Today I make a pretty good living doing what I love, loving what I do!
2)    Acquire Wisdom, Not Just Knowledge: I personally disagree with the old adage “knowledge is power.” The power is not found in the knowledge, but in the wisdom acquired through trial and error – preferably someone else’s!
Troy’s Truth: Become a student of your industry or niche is more than just stating facts. It’s knowing how to apply those facts to add value to others, so everyone succeeds.

3)    Develop Long term Relationships:
It’s never about Networking! The different between an organization run by a relationship developer and a networker is night and day. Relationship developers ask themselves one very important question – “How can I help them?” Networkers ask “How can they help me?”
Troy’s Truth: We all want respect and love from others. So when we take time to put the wants and desires of our clients, customers and teams before ours, we will grow large organizations of raving fans and friends, which cause great success for all.
4)    Apply Basic Branding Principles: Branding is nothing more than a collection of perceptions in the mind of our raving fans. Your #1 objective in all your marketing efforts is to establish these perceptions before others do it for you!
Troy’s Truth: Never hype your company, products, services and most of all yourself!

5)    Create An I.S.P. (Individual Success Plan):
It’s one thing to have a dream, a passion to succeed. It’s quite another to create an I.S.P. detailing each action along the journey. Write out a specific and detailed plan of action so you will have quantifiable objectives in which you can gage your success.
Troy’s truth: Everyone eventually ends up somewhere; most don’t end up there on purpose!

6)    Share The Love:
One of the six human needs is to be praised for our accomplishments. Take time to regularly recognize those on the team who are helping the whole organization succeed.

Troy’s Truth:
I learned a long time ago, people will work hard for money. But they’ll go beyond the call of duty for authentic recognition of their accomplishments. This includes your raving fans, team members and most of all your family and friends.

7)    Relax and Enjoy:
This goes back to the first principle. Now that you are doing what you love, make sure you take time to relax and have fun.
Troy’s Truth: Take time to relax and enjoy small successes along the way. This will allow your creative juices to flow spurring you further along your journey of success.

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