Secure credit card processing, Part one

Merchant Services Can Make Or Break Any Direct Sales Company - Part 1

New companies in direct selling start with developing their product, their commission plan, and their founding distributors. The next big requirement to starting your business is to get credit card processing. You can only work with cash payments for a short time before you realize there is a need for electronic payments. A few questions might come up. How do I get a merchant account and credit card processing gateway? How long does it take to set them up? How many do I need in order to work in multiple countries?

To begin earning revenue as a company, it is important to work with your software provider to connect your commissioning engine, order processing, fulfillment, and returns systems to your merchant account. I recently had a conversation with Glen Rawlins, a merchant processing and fraud monitoring consultant who works with startups and companies seeking to expand internationally. He has observed the difficulty new companies go through when they try to get and maintain merchant accounts.

Avoiding and mitigating account freezes

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