Russell Bronson Launches New 12 Month Internet Training Program For Free

Russell Bronson happens to be one of my mentors. People who know Russell look at me funny when I say that, because he is still in his 20s. This kid is one of the most successful Internet marketers I know, and his training is part of the reason is one of the top rated communities in the world. What’s even better than having a tip rated community, is how he taught us to earn more money offline that we do online.

Russell is making available for a limited time a FREE MP3 Player pre-loaded with over $197 of nuts and bolts training on how to earn $6.00 dollars offline for every $1 you make online.

12 month millionaire

Here’s the deal…

This Free MP3 Player has 6 hours of moneymaking content with “100-Million Dollar Man” Vince James
who raked in that much in 23 months…

…and ALL without using a computer or any online moneymaking technique!

For the next few days (or until he sells out) Russell is GIVING away a free pre-loaded mp3
player with over 6 HOURS of content where he grills Vince how did it…

And he did it in a way that ANYONE can follow. Believe Me, It’s a RARE glimpse into a multi-millionaire’s brain!!!

12 month millionaire

Get your pre-loaded MP3 Player on his web site before you’re too late:

This incredible MP3 Player will be shipped to your door…

… and it’s already PAID FOR! 🙂


Because Russell is eating all of the cost for you he has made this an extremely limited offer.

(He only has 500 of the pre-loaded MP3 players in stock)

You must get your MP3 player now before you miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

This is truly a great opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their business in a massive way.

Living An Epic Adventure,



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