Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog Calls Out Banners Broker As Ponzi Backs Up His Claim With Insider Info Updated December 7th 2012

Rod Cook, the MLM Watchdog called out Banners Broker today as… a sophisticated, complicated, and well disguised Zeek Rewards caliber company that feeds entirely off new recruits and new money. Updated December 20th, 2012

Update December 20th, 2012 Banners Broker Scam Update

Udated December 7th, 2012: Banner Brokers on their Facebook page today decided to propagate a bold face lie. They stated I (Troy Dooly) had contacted them asking for $15K to $20 (they did not say how there was a $5K difference) to take this post down. Below is the response I posted on their page.

Updated December 7th, 2012: Finch Sells – Banners Broker Scam – Don;t Let It Affect You

Updated December 5th, 2012: Ted Nuyten, founder of Business For Home has just released a new Banners Broker Review. (Click Here to Read!)

Now those are some very bold words, but some many of us have been stating for months.

You can also review a thread at Real Scam where folks on both sides are debating Banns Broker.

Months ago, I mentioned the fact our team could not locate where Banners Broker, located in Canada had filed any of the necessary paperwork to be seen as a legit direct selling company. In other words a company who can pay independent affiliates through a multi-level compensation structure.

Rod Cook aka MLM Watchdog in part backs up his claims through insider info, part of which comes from a blog called “Do Nothing Money

It appears to be a sophisticated, complicated, and well disguised Zeek Rewards caliber company that feeds entirely off new recruits and new money. It appears as though you are buying banner advertising and sharing in the click revenue, etc . . . but in reality, it is one of the most sophisticated ponzi scams on the Internet. Their website is Editors Note: I have spyders on that site and if you sign up I WILL BREAK YOUR FINGERS! Continued here is a critical website> BEWARE >There are other scams on it with a jillion affiliate grabs! It gives some insights as to how the Banner Brokers scam works to steal participant’s money in this Ponzi that may beat out Zeek Rewards: Banners Brokers scam warning. < Beware of this website too!

I have included the complete article at the bottom of this editorial to show where the MLM Watchdog got some of his info. If as this author of the article states

In this post you will read my personal experience with Banners Brokers and everything written here is completely true.

then as I have stated in the past, Banners Broker is a ponzi and folks investing in it, should realize that they could find themselves in the same place as former Zeek Rewards Affiliates do today. I now it should be noted that the following article seems to have been written back in the Spring and Summer of 2012, so some of the info Rod Cook reviewed may have changed…

One more thing to contemplate… Many of the issues written about in the following article were also issues brought up over the last year by former affiliates of Zeek Rewards.

Banners Broker SCAM Warning It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Banners Broker can be GONE Today as it can take another Year but what you really need to know is that they are operating an Illegal Ponzi Scheme, with no Product instead of a real advertising company as they claim. We all have seem dozens, hundreds of ponzi schemes but the ones like Banners Broker and ZeekRewards that disguise themselves as real companies are the ones that truly end up hurting the biggest amount of people. So if you are a Banners Broker member and your investment is being doubled every few months by doing nothing, keep in mind that, that is the ponzi that is taking place and no real secret, hidden advertising platform on unknown websites.

7/13/2012 – Major Update : The owner of Banners Broker Kul Josun, has been Fired. How can you fire the person that owns the program? Now they claim that he wasn’t the owner and all of a sudden Banners Broker is left with a Faceless owner ( Chris Smith ). Looks like an exit strategy to me, once this goes belly up, no one will know where to point their fingers to.


Things are worst than what I thought and Banners Broker is Doing It Wrong. They have since forever been having Payment issues which is the most important aspect of a program as everyone joins to get paid.

As I reported in the back dozens of times their Advertising doesn’t really exist, it simply doesn’t work and if consider it to be working, what you get for the price would be far less compared to what you get everywhere else.

This post is a warning and contains suggestions on what you should do to be safe with Banners Broker as they are starting to Rip-Off lots of members and that is primarily due to the Money Issue as my upliner confirmed they had.

Click on next page below to read detailed information on each of these issues and what is going on with Banners Brokers, my experience and what is happening to others.

On the next page you can find “What Is Really Happening” and in the last page the “Solution”….

What Is Happening!

Banners Brokers is locking members accounts, they can say the reason for this are various like I will explain below but in the end it doesn’t make sense. Reach your own conclusion.

Banners Brokers started as a Straight Line Cycler / Doubler and even the cheap banners they had in their backoffice made with a Free program suggested that. Some of the top members in the program came up with a “Strategy”, to earn Unlimited Income with Banners Brokers and Double your money without referring others.

Everyone joined Banners Brokers as a Passive Income program and they were more than happy to let people know that. The strategy was based on the same person registering multiple accounts, they always neglected the fact that members were creating multiple accounts but as they moved to BBv2.0 they made an option called something like “Almagate”. The goal of this option was to Merge all of your accounts together.

So there goes the first trick. They claim people can’t have multiple accounts but they made an option so people can merge their tens, hundreds and some even thousands of accounts.

They grew bigger and bigger and decided to get rid of the Doublers Term, the Passive Income, The Cycler and claim they were an advertising company. To do this they had to clean their image and remove all of the advertising on the internet that has anything to do with that.

In their new terms everyone had to remove all of their advertising that contains such words or their account would be locked.

In the meantime they were always having problems with :

Paying Members on time – Payments have always been late, some for over 10, 20 and even 40 days. Whenever you asked support about it, they basically told you to ‘f*** off and wait’.

The Advertising Platform is a fake – Everyone knows this as I never recommended their product. When you buy Advertising Package you don’t get any advertising at all, I received around 60,000 Banners Views in 1 year (12 large months), which I normally get in 1-3 DAYS using other real advertising companies, so here instead of 3 days I am waiting 365 days to reach the same results.

Server Problems, Website Problems, Support Problems, You name it.

Keep reading and learn how and why they LOCKED my account forever.

Account Locked (All Commissions Stolen)

First this is not the same time this happens to me. I am a very hard working member and in the past companies changed their policies and terms and you ended up having lots of ads that were “Outdated“, not that I was promoting in the wrong way, just that the Ads are no longer valid so it collides with their new ‘image‘.

My account at Banners Brokers is Locked and Admin keeps all the commissions because I have some Advertising that is outdated. In order for me to unlock my account I had to remove this content and contact them once that happens.

They locked my account about 4 times in Total and each and every-time I removed the outdated information. The ‘Ads‘ were forum posts and all of them were not meant for advertising instead discussion and once requested all these posts were removed, each time they unlocked my account successfully, without problems or complaints.

Now the question is really simple. Why would they not unlock my account now? Even after the term they don’t endorse are now gone.

They don’t accept certain claims, words or terms used on Advertising and I wasn’t doing that, the forum posts were not something that I was doing now instead years old post. If I were to go out now and promote as passive income using all sort of methods then I understand but that isn’t the case.

When it happened to me alone, I wasn’t that surprised and it was OK, but then I learned of other members getting their accounts locked and all funds stolen, so this made me think the obvious based on past experience and that is that the company is looking to safe money in whatever way possible. All these accounts are from “Active” members that promote to others and grow their business. Another similarity in these account is the fact that they are all in profit, no money goes in only out, bottom line a burden to the program. These accounts are all locked now.

They never reply to the support tickets nor give an explanation why these accounts are locked. They clearly state in my case “Remove / Edit content to reinstate your account“, after that step is done they simply stop replying to you.

I’ve seen this another 4 times in the past and all the companies that resorted to this same measure, all DIED.

I am not saying that Banners Brokers will go broke tomorrow but it might happen soon. My upliner confirmed that they were having money problems and that is the logic reason why payments take from 30 to 50 days (sometimes) to be processed while their official pending time is a maximum of 10 days.

How to be safe and be a winner


The trick is simple. So far Banners Brokers has been good to me and I earned a nice sum of money coming out of very, very small investment (one of the reasons why they locked my account) and the most important My Referrals (Team Members) are doing well.

What you should do is the following in order to be safe and avoid loosing any money with them.

If you are in profit – Then great, you need to do nothing. Just withdraw whatever amount you feel comfortable with and play with the rest. Do Not Re-invest or Invest any large sums of money.
Don’t be greedy. Keep your earnings and just play with the profit.
If you are not in profit – Take your money out FAST. Great your initial investment out, double your panels and hit withdraw, once you break even you can keep on playing with whatever you have left, you will be glad you did this.
If you are not yet a member – Don’t join Banners Brokers, the risk is too high. I admit that the company can last another year or even more but they can also be gone tomorrow or they can aswell choose to Lock your account and keep the money.

Bottom Line

Play it safe and take your initial investment out. WITHDRAW NOW and then play with the profit.

Think of it this way. YOU DON’T LOOSE ANYTHING BY WITHDRAWING, it is actually the other way around, as soon as you WITHDRAW you are winning.

I had a nice ride with Banners Brokers but they ‘scammed’
After a long year working to build and grow their business, give them exposure they reply back with no excuse and nothing more than all commissions, contacts and work Stolen / Gone.

For that reason I don’t recommend Banners Brokers to YOU or Anyone because this is not how you treat your hard working Members / Affiliates.

If you don’t agree with me I respect that but you might as well want to respect my point of view if you don’t’ agree with it.

Comments are welcome from all sides. I have over 260 Direct Referrals there and thousands of members down the line.

Quick Update

Right after making this post public about Banners Brokers and the way they treated me and other members I was finally offered help by one of my top uplines to restore my account.

Only after I made this post, at the beginning he just told me to send an email to support and basically to get lost.

As you can clearly see I rejected that offer because I thought it would be more important to put this information out there. My account was already making several hundreds dollars minimum, every month but giving you this info is more important to me.

Someone mentioned in the forum the Banners Brokers Payout Stats.

Yes they claim they paid over $100,000,000usd but as you might know already these stats are fake, here is my comment on this issue.

By strosdegoz on the MMG forum.

The payout stats calculate all the cycles, earnings and commissions that are automatically reinvested into the program and not the money going into members pocket.

So if you put in $20usd and it doubles to $40, you will have only $20 available for withdrawals minus all the fees but in the Payout stats you would see $40usd.

Now if you choose to reinvest the $20 over and over over the Payout stats would still keep on increasing by $40 each time your panel doubles even if you never withdraw.

So if at some point you decided to withdraw $4,000 the payout stats from your efforts alone can be over $10,000

They know this and this might be one of the reasons why they are removing it now.

Also because the stats are fake.

Another thing is their “Corporate Office”. Their address DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL.

Make your own choice. You can join Banners Brokers and profit from it, but don’t take it as a real business with unlimited income streams.

WITHDRAW everything you can NOW and play with your profit.

Refund Policy

Banners Brokers has a refund policy. You can take advantage of that if you are one of those asking how to get out.

It has been reported over and over that Banners Broker do not honor their refund policy. It is an impossible procedure and most of the time you will end up not getting the money back, something to think about.

Banners Broker International (referred to as Banners Broker hereafter) offers a thirty-day money back guarantee on our products. Upon cancellation of your purchase, you will be entitled to a refund provided the cancellation occurs within thirty days of your purchase. There will be no exceptions for refund under any other circumstance.

Banners Broker Twitter & Blog

After I wrote this post, Banners Broker fans and management claims that I made this all up. They claim that my background story of the company when they started claiming they were a straight cycler / doubler is also fake.

All the old members in BB knows that this is TRUE but they can’t say anything or their accounts will get locked, banned and all commissions forfeited. I didn’t want to draw more attention into this post and that’s why I don’t bump it to the top but to defend my story, here are some facts, proof and screen shots.

Here you will be able to see Banners Broker Official Twitter account and their tweets from a year or so ago.

You can also see Their Own illegal Income Claims on their blog and tweets.

… They literally locked my account for having outdated information such as the info that you will see below coming from their own accounts …

Note : The chances are that by the time you see this they will remove both the blog posts and tweets, so I took screen shots because I don’t’ want to be called a liar just for sharing my story. This is intended to proof my story and not anything else.

1 – Banners Broker Twitter Account ( 30th May, 2012) * All the screen shots were taken on this same date.

Banners Broker Ponzi
2 – Banners Broker Tweets (Income Claims, Cycler & Doubler Claims & More)

Banners Broker
Banners Broker
3 – Banners Brokers Blog Post

Banners Broker
4 – Twitter Feed

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Banners Broker: A NEW way to DOUBLE your money!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
a common question… how many times can I double? the answer is AS MANY AS U WISH

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The World’s First Straightline Cycler Doubler – Banners Broker Blog

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
BB is proud to announce that the Doubling Process has begun! Everyone starts at 0, and your Panel Bar will advance when it’s your turn!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Happy doubling Ladies and Gentlemen!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Doubling full steam ahead! If you don’t see your Panels doubled as yet, it just means that we are not yet there in the queue. Hold tight!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Many have doubled! Click the BUY button ASAP in your backoffice to get back in line to double again!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Hats off to those that doubled this week! Famous quote: “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Don’t delay, take your shot today!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The Banners Broker Queue is at 6 Days to start Doubling! Where else can you double your money this quickly? A LOT of Members Doubled Today!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Many people saw this message today: Your Panel just DOUBLED! Keep up the great work and let’s close out the year strong!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The time frame to double will always fluctuate, but currently we are at an amazing fast past with only 3 days to start doubling!

Well this is all.

You can find these yourself on their blog and twitter account.

Banners Broker Blog >
Banners Broker Twitter Account >

I just got a hold of their official landing page, few months back and some of their Old Banners which further proves my point.

You can see them by going through this link > (See Below)

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype)

Banner Brokers

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45 thoughts on “Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog Calls Out Banners Broker As Ponzi Backs Up His Claim With Insider Info Updated December 7th 2012”

  1. How do I cancel my Banners Broker account?

    They said to send a letter, and I did. I sent a letter, but they haven’t responded to it.

    Is there investigators who can help with this?

  2. I’ve been in BB since July and of last year and I put in money that I could afford to risk. its been since dec 11 i request a withdrawl and its still pending. I regret joining BB and I don’t promote it. Im just going to ride it out. Please don’t join! Everything is excuses they make up and sad some folks believe it.! Although some members do get paid if u have the MC. I have my bank account, which they hate, maybe with the MC card they can lock the money into it. I cant even pass the approval process for the card. My lesson if you cant withdrawal using Paypal, stay far away !!!

  3. @Bill,

    Not sure specifically which part you are questioning. WIth your reference to India, I assume you are referring to the rumor that BB offices were raided in India. The original info came from a BB corporate blog. Then rumor had it coming from an India newspaper.

    Since I could not find any reference outside of blogs, I did not report on it.

    Outside of that, what else might you want to review and from what country?

  4. Can you please tell me where you got this information and please do not send me a blog. I want a confirmed report from a government source. Funny thing is that I have people from India and BB is still operating as per normal on and only their office is closed as some employees did the wrong thing and now BB have got their lawyers to fight off.

  5. I do hope Indian authority will be the first to shut down BannersBroker criminal doings…..that will be the end of this fraudelant company

  6. It seems the Indian operation of BB have been shut down by the Indian Government, specifically by the Economics Offences Cell of the Indian Police .

    I guessing law enforcement agencies aeound the world would soon follow suit

  7. Sorry but BB is not an investment program it is an online advertising program so please do not use the word investment which is what happened to Zeek which was not an investment program. People still do not get it.

  8. @Ariel,

    Thank you for stoppng by. I do want to point out something. In your comment you talk about people who are serious about investing their money. That is the main issue with BB. In the USA, it is illegal to invest ones money without going through a specific process.

  9. In every Business online there will always be people who will define it like a scam and some who will define it as a super-ultra legal business.


    The ones who don’t want to be convinced will never be convinced that is a good business cause 1000 proofs won’t be enough.
    And the ones who think is is a scam always can look at the delays in payouts and think that it is the company which is doing it cause they don’t have enough money from affiliates

    If someone is interested in getting in BannersBroker Business or hearing about it and serious about investing money,you can contact me .
    Will be glad to answer you.

    Why not in public?Cause after that someone answers something else and it starts to be like a forum discussion where everyone writes down what he thinks.

    You are not obliged to contact me,I remind you.
    Only serious people who want to seriously hear about the opportunity from someone who is “in” ,contact me and I will be glad to help you.

    And Troy!
    Thank you for your honest reviews all the time.
    Have a great day!

  10. Hi guys,

    It is very important to realize that most of the online investment plans out there are not real entities. These are mostly money rotation ponzi schemes, and the secret to success is proper analysis and timing.

    The sad thing is that many people mistake these HYIPs, Online Investment plans as real companies and end up unknowingly misleading others. Once you are aware of the fact that HYIPs are like a gambling joint where smart playing can make you some good money, you will enjoy the experience more.

    Here is a comment I posted in a blog recently where everyone was discussing about what a fraud BannersBrokers is:


    “Hello guys, very interesting views right through., I come from an online investment background with HYIPs [High Yield Investment Programs], the underground segment that offers anything between 0.5% to 10% profits in a day. Of course, no website will admit that they’re illegal, but just the fact that they use e-currencies like LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, etc should make it obvious. But the fact is, there’s tons of money to be made here if you play it right. No point getting in speeches about conscience and other stuff. Google it and you’ll discover a thriving “industry” with umpteen forums, blogs, fb and twitter groups. Most HYIPs are simple invest and withdraw deals. But a different segment called “Hybrid” plans have emerged and though you won’t find them listed in any HYIP monitors, they’re basically HYIPs offering lesser profits and thus longer sustainability. Perfect examples of these are the almost dead JustBeenPaid/ProfitClicking program [a legend in HYIP circles for lasting more than 2 years], the now shaky BannersBrokers [payments have now begun getting delayed] and the more recent on-the-rise United Paycheck [rapidly growing new plan]. Timing is the key here. If you’re clear about the basics of this segment, you shouldn’t need to recruit known contacts because there’s hundreds of places online where such investors gather and are looking for a good deal. I have benefited immensely from JustBeenPaid and other programs in the past and continue to benefit immensely from UnitedPaycheck and other plans in the present.

    Even if BannersBrokers “scams” today, it would still be listed as a great program because it paid so many for so long. Not a good idea to invest with them right now though as the forums are full of complaining investors. My tip for people in the online investment stream, check out United Paycheck today. It’s just 2 months old, and the way it’s growing, it could well match the success of the other two HYIP legends [JBP, BB]. Remember, it’s all about timing in this segment.

    So I’d say it’s not about the question of pondering over the legal/illegal question, or dissecting how practical/sustainable/probable XYZ’s biz is…the question is about investing and withdrawing at the correct time and making the most of an opportunity while it lasts. Period.”

    The magic rule remains: Do not invest more than you can afford to lose
    AND research your plans well.
    For newbies, one should be careful and start with small amounts till they understand how this “industry” works.

  11. Looks like the comment accusing you of blackmail have been removed.Likely because someone posted that s/he would report you and Mr Cook to the FBI.

    Sigh, I was looking forward for their reaction when the FBI asked them for more info.

  12. @Micky,

    This was answered above in the post. It was brough to my attention, so I went and commented on the Facebook page, my comment was deleted but no before I was able to snap a screenshot. Banners Broker corporate staff or at least whoever runs their Facebook page is a bold face liar. If you read my comment then you will see I challenge them to notify the FBI in the USA or to file a civil complaint against me, so we can request full discovery in open court.

  13. To think I was going to give you a million dollars to keep your mouth shut about Banners. Ratssssssss. jajaajajaja

  14. @Acrylic1,

    ROFLOL… My comment I just left…

    “Troy Dooly ROFLOL… Le’s see how long this comment stays live… I will gladly state publicly I have never called BB corp or anyone in BB about removing anything I have written. So since this was placed up by Banner Broker network Admin… You are a bold face liar! And in the USA where I am located what you are suggesting I have done is Blackmail and is a Felony. So to prove you are not a liar, please contact the FBI and file a complaint showing your evidence. And if you do not wan to do that then, please have your attorney file a civil action and serve me with papers. I will gladly meet you in court. Discovery is a good thing!”

    I will post the snapshots on this post in a few just the BB admin decides to take it down. The funny thing, is I didn’t really write anything. All I did was re-post. The very least they should get their facts straight.

  15. @Nourjan,

    ROFLOL… Well I am not sure about Rod Cook, but that doesn’t sound like him. As for me…

    Well, if anyone does a little digging it is easy to find I stand firmly on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. No amount of money will get me to remove a post. Heck an 82 page Cease and Desist from one of the leading business litigation law firms in America could not get me to remove a series of posts.

    But, I am sure it makes for good press for someone one. What it does show is that for some folks it is all about the money. 🙂

  16. I heard that some one claimed that Dooley and Mr Cook, are demanding $15000-$20000 from BB HQ to remove their article about BB.

    Truly an outrageous lie.

  17. Troy, apparently you are asking Banners Broker for bribes to remove your articles. The horse-shit they come out with…

    “Banners Broker HQ receiving so many calls from Mr Dooley and Mr Cook, and demanding $15000-$20000 to remove their article about BB. What a losers. BB have ignored them!!! Banners broker is a proper legit business approved by 110 countries. The Company has created so many millionaires already and the number still growing!!!”!/

  18. Thi was on banners broker facebook page is it true?

    Banners Broker HQ receiving so many calls from Mr Dooley and Mr Cook, and demanding $15000-$20000 to remove their article about BB. What a losers. BB have ignored them!!! Banners broker is a proper legit business approved by 110 countries. The Company has created so many millionaires already and the number still growing!!!

  19. @Glim Thanks for your advice and Patrick’s. I wanted to join BB but not going to now. Thanks for revealing the Truth Troy. Starting to see the BIG picture here.

  20. We have talked about many of these companies in the past. In the majority of the cases, unless we receive dozens of requests or we see mommentum, we just do not have time to follow each program out there. Especially those which are not direct selling companies. I will do my best on this.

  21. So, isn’t Profit Clicking the same as BB? Please report on Profit Clicking would love to hear your take.

  22. @Proud Zeek Affiliate

    Patrick wasn’t trying to humiliate you, he was trying to give you the benefit of history. I salute you for looking past Robert Craddock and asking questions outside of his little group, perhaps you’ll take Patrick up on his challenge to look into the post Ad Surf Daily fallout and discover for yourself that history is repeating it’s self here. Right down to failed affiliate funded lawsuits and your “leaders” trying to drag you into the next money making miracle program.

    On to the topic of this post, Banners brokers. It seems the media in Ireland is starting to look into this company taking their country by storm. The bad news for BB is that they’re asking questions:

    And an excellent blog post from an independent journalist:

    The thanks for those links go to the collective effort of RealScam members, Troy was kind enough to post a link to the discussion near the top of his post.

  23. Thanks Mr Patrick, You have publicly humiliated me. I appreciate that. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  24. @Patrick,

    As always thank you for taking time to comment and share your insight. Lord knows I would have been far better off listening to your insight at times over the last few months. But as my pappy use to say… “Better late than never!”

  25. Proud Zeek Affiliate wrote: “5. Zeek Rewards was an Advertising company with a brilliant business model. Could it be that Paul was under “duress” or given bad advice from his lawyer to give up his company ?”

    I replied:

    With respect, there is nothing brilliant about the business model. The model is BEYOND contemptible. It brings epic pain to tens of thousands of people at a time, puts their financial lives in jeopardy and potentially even makes them the subjects of costly litigation and monumental embarrassment. Beyond that, it turns family and friends into potential legal adversaries.

    No one in MLM should defend these hideous, destructive enterprises. They are a risk to economic and national security. Period.

    Moreover, I have seen no evidence — not a shred — that Paul Burks received bad advice from his lawyer. In fact, everything I have seen suggests that Burks has received superb lawyering, the type of lawyering that makes members of the bar proud of their trade.

    On the other hand, I have seen folks such as Robert Craddock plant the seed that Burks’ lawyer was a simpleton. And, of course, seeds now are being planted that Burks was under duress in his dealings with the SEC.

    You should know, Proud Zeek Affiliate, that this same narrative was advanced in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case by some of the “defenders” of Andy Bowdoin/ASD.

    It failed then and it will fail now.

    Things got so absurd that Bowdoin eventually blamed not only his own counsel in the Ponzi case, but also the judge, the prosecutors and the agents who exposed his $119 million fraud.

    In fact, Bowdoin publicly smeared his first criminal-defense lawyer and an entire well-known law firm that represented him in the civil portion of the case.

    It is my personal belief that ASD was a racketeering enterprise. It’s also my view that some of those racketeers made their way into Zeek. They are the “Steroidal Puppeteers” — and they pose a clear and present threat to U.S. business in general and the U.S. economy as a whole.

    I would strongly encourage you to rid yourself of any notion that Burks is a victim of bad lawyering. I think his lawyers know exactly what they are doing and are serving him supremely well. He is in his mid-60s and is a potential indictee, meaning he could go to prison as a senior citizen if he is charged/indicted and convicted.

    Bowdoin is a 78-year-old man in prison. After not listening to his first set of lawyers — lawyers who obviously were trying to negotiate the best possible deal for a client accused of multiple felonies in a case involving $119 million and thousands of victims — he eventually took the government up on its offer of 78 months, three years’ probation and a ban from “programs.”

    This was a miraculous deal for a man with a felonious history.

    So, while Craddock is trying to make Zeekers believe that Burks has a bad lawyer even as he falsely claims the North Carolina Attorney General somehow is behind all of Zeek’s troubles — Burk’s lawyer pointed out to the judge that his client has no criminal history and is interested in cooperation:

    From the lawyer:


    “Mr. Burks has never expatriated the assets of Rex Ventures Group, LLC or his personal money. He has fully cooperated in the SEC investigation, which included examination of relevant financial records. He is 65 years old, married, a two time cancer survivor, and has lived in Lexington, North Carolina for 23 years. He has never been a defendant in any action, civil or criminal, until this matter. Mr. Burks is aware of the importance of this proceeding and will abide by any orders this Court imposes.”


    The lawyer Craddock has sought to demonize also helped Burks score some PR points with his denial in the North Carolina prospective class action that Zeek was a Ponzi scheme.

    It seems likely that both the North Carolina prospective class action in state business court and the prospective class action in federal court are going to be stayed — meaning that they’ll effectively be frozen so Burks can concentrate on the SEC/receivership matters and the possibility he’ll be indicted.

    That is smart lawyering — and it’s made even smarter by the fact that Burks now is on record denying he was presiding over a Ponzi scheme. At a minimum, the denial provides him some PR cover and gives Burks and his lawyer(s) more time to prepare a defense, should one become necessary.

    You should know, however, that Andy Bowdoin also denied he was operating a Ponzi scheme and entered a defense against it. It was his right as an American. In my view, he made an epic mistake by listening to a “group” of ASD members operating in the shadows. They were protecting their own interests, not his. He’s in jail now — and they remain in the shadows. They can and will cause harm to come to other people with their contemptible manipulations.

    As for Zeek, Craddock apparently thought it prudent to demonize just about everyone involved in the case: Burks’ principal lawyer, the judge, the SEC, the receiver. He basically accused the judge of being a political hack and the receiver of being a lackey/flunkie. And, of course, he had a narrative against Burks’ lawyer, too — and eventually weaved a narrative against MLM attorney Kevin Thompson.

    Do, I’d ask you a simple question: How many conspiracy theories are you willing to digest in “defense” of Zeek?

    I sincerely hope you are not using what Craddock says as a legitimate means of helping you understand the issues and inform your thinking.

    Craddock also went after K. Chang and even Ted Nuyten, an MLM stalwart if even there was one. Bowdoin, by the way, tried to go after Rod Cook.

    If Paul Burks listens to all the background noise various Zeek “defenders” are making — and if he reacts by somehow trying to back out of his consent judgment or otherwise defending himself in irrational ways — he potentially is adding enormously to his legal troubles (now playing out on three fronts) and potentially putting his freedom in even greater jeopardy.

    I wish you the best, Proud Zeek Affiliate. And I sincerely hope you’ll spend some time studying the ASD case and all the sideshows it triggered.

    History will be your friend in this context.


  26. There is a ponzi ring … folks who were part of this ring now are running ponzi mafia scamming system and dominating entire mlm market … watch out … mlm is a dangerous place … It needs to be regulated so badly now more than ever …

  27. @Bill,

    Not every program. But, what folks need to look for is a program that has created a product or service the masses want or need, and have then added a compensation structure to attract online marketers to market.

    In most cases, what we have seen over the last few years is folks who try and create compensation structures, then find a product or service to fuel the compensation plan. That is where the issue comes in.

    Prime example is the amount of programs I have seen launch since Aug. 17th, 2012 who out of the gate use the following marketing in some form…

    “We have a legal Zeek Rewards comp plan.” or “We fixed Zeek’s mistakes” etc. Not a program that is starting out on the right foot.

  28. Hullo Troy,
    You are so right! The Word of God has of course the last word! We all need to apply it to ourselves and our decisions daily and diligently…we would save ourselves and the world a lot of grief.

  29. @Proud Zeek Affiliate,

    Short answer is YES! I do stand behind what I said. And as I stated I have continued to report on things that have been uncovered and even on the additional questions that have been raised. And as I stated I sure don;t understand everything going on with this issue, but I am continuing to learn and report.

    Now, let’s take a look at your specific questions as their pertain to today.

    1. No I do not think the SEC was wrong based on the information they have shared. Since Paul did not dispute the facts and figures logic would lead us to a conclusion, that at least some if not all of the allegations brought up by the SEC had merit.

    I had warned since December, that changes needed to take place. Some of those changes were to take effect August 22nd at the Red Carpet Day. However, even if those changes had taken place and the new qualifiers had been put into place. Unless the company was willing to de-qualify everyone in the RPP who did not have 2,4,6,8, or 10 legit paying customers within the 30 or 60 day window they might have put into place, I am not sure it would have been enough. But I would sure have liked to have found out.

    2. The SEC nor anyone else that I know of have ever claimed the “bids” are Securities. However, the SEC has alleged that the money “invested” was funding the RPP at a level of 98%. And since the RPP was marketed as a daily ROI (Return on Investment) from the daily revenues of the company, that it was an “unregistered security” that was truly being marketed.

    Now the company went to great lengths to correct this issue. However, one thing they did not do was make the compliance course mandatory fast enough, or did they make it a manditory for the whole database. Instead they waited until July to make it mandatory for the US based reps. In doing so, the international affiliates (as well as US based affiliates continued to market Zeek Rewards, as a daily ROI program… “put your money in and you can get a ROI of 1.5% daily.”

    If you review the hours of videos from the Red Carpet Day, none of us talked about the RPP because, no one could figure out how to explain it, without it sounding like an investment. Lord, even one of the most respected field affiliates, who had been through the compliance course could not even stand on stage and give a presentation without the compliance team, interrupting.

    I did not think the SEC would be the regulatory agency to move on Zeek, I had always stated if the company could not get the customer ratio higher, then they would eventually get hit as a pyramid. Which again, was why I pushed for the cashback/shopping mall. It had worked for Dubli and I knew it could work for Zeek if they could have gotten it running in May, and not waited until after the investigation had started.

    3. Again, the term “Securities” have nothing to do with bids. However, to answer your question… But I think the better question might be “What is an unregistered security scam?” since that is really what the SEC has alleged. I will use a definition from

    Each year, millions of Americans lose money to con artists who convince them to invest in companies through “private offerings” that have “limited or no risk” and the promise of “high returns”. In most cases, it is a felony for anyone to solicit funds for capital investment in a company that has not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Because most opportunities that seem “too good to be true” usually are, beware of unsolicited investment offers – especially those that come by phone or via the internet.

    An investor should never purchase a security that is not registered with the SEC before seeking legal and financial direction from a trusted advisor. Contact your state securities regulator to determine if an investment instrument and the advisor selling it are registered. You can also use the SEC EDGAR database to determine if a company is registered with the SEC.

    Now, based on the fact each Zeek Rewards Affiliate was offered a daily ROI based on the total revenue of Rex Venture Group, LLC. the SEC is alleging, (and based on the fact Paul Burks has consented to their allegations both personally and as the only sole member of the LLC., it stands that the allegations will hold) that in reality Paul Burks was selling securities (ownership) in Rex Venture Group, disguised as shares in the RPP (Retail Profit or sometimes call Points Pool.) And since each state limits the amount of shareholders or members being this was an LLC, I am pretty sure that 2 million shareholders or even if we whittle that down to 1.1 million who earned money, that it violated state and federal securities laws.

    But, the bids themselves did not have anything to do with the allegation of “unregistered securities” it was the RPP.

    4. There is not a law on the books, state or federal that make penny auctions illegal. Although I still feel they could become regulated in 2013 just like other online gaming communities. Especially knowing we are facing a fiscal cliff and the Congress is looking for ways to raise taxes indirectly on the US populous.

    But, remember, Zeek Rewards was not a penny auction. That was the other division of the company And since was not generating over 2% of the revenue according to the figures provided by the SEC, then it was not working like a successful penny auction. Now that more than likely had a lot to do with the way it was set up. If you remember, Rex Venture Group LLC cut off credit cards company wide for a couple of months. And those folks who might have bought bids who were just regular retail customers, would not go through the frustration of setting up an eWallet, uploading money and waiting to buy bids. Instead they just used the free bids, then if they liked penny auctions, went looking for one where they could get the instant gratification of bidding. And then also remember the amount of auctions had decreased, and so had the value of the products according to some of the affiliates.

    5. Zeek Rewards was NOT an “advertising company” It was promoted as the “advertising arm” of Rex Venture Group. However, again based on the numbers the advertising did not generate revenue at All that seemed to be advertised was Zeek Rewards and the ROI of 1.5% daily. Which is part of the issue. I have watched hundreds of videos on Zeek Rewards, but I never saw a video promoting

    Even on my site where some of the affiliates advertised Zeek Rewards, they never placed an ad for Now, I know traffic was flowing to Zeekler in a huge way. But the revenue was not there, and that is the issue.

    Paul’s attorneys are well respected and classified “Super Attorneys” by their peers. They are well verse in Ponzi operations and have fought the regulators in the past in this area. One of Paul’s attorneys is the daughter of one of the most successful criminal attorneys on the East Coast. I have no doubt, he had the best counsel and they worked for him and him alone. And I do not think they are done. I predict if a criminal case comes to light in 2013, that Paul’s attorneys will once again protect him, and will have a deal cut, that will shed even more light on some of the questions we all have. Including hat is inside some of the sealed documents filed with the Court.

    6. I am sure there is Jealousy and envy involved in the MLM Penny Auctions. Every company that has launched can have their ownership or top field leadership traced back to Zeek Rewards. But, I also have seen proof that most of the top players were also in more than one company, as were the majority of their top leaders. So everyone was protecting their business by joining several of the MLM penny auctions.

    7. I have always stated that I do not think Paul Burks, was the mastermind of a ponzi. But, that does not mean some of those he trusted to give him advice did not lead him down the wrong path. And, I have also watched the hour long video where some top leaders from Brazil specifically asked him about the feds and if he was taking care of making sure the company was not shut down as a ponzi.

    The field was full of people who can be traced to several companies shut down as ponzis. SOme of them were the charter members of Zeek Rewards, held multiple positions, and earned the most money. I also believe some of them put pressure on the company NOT to implement the qualifiers or mandatory compliance to fast because it would slow down the growth of the company… their pocketbooks.

    8. Paul is creature of habit. His daily rituals were the same, and when he was asked to do something different it messed him up. He is quite and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He never seemed to back down from a question, and most of all would die for Miss Susan and his family at all cost. He is very loyal, but if he finds out you have betrayed him trust, then I believe he would do whatever it took to make sure you paid a price.

    So, I hope this answers some of your questions. This is by far one of the most complex financial and business cases I have ever covered or read about. I thought Burn Lounge was interesting, but this by far takes the cake. There is much that can be learned from all sides, and I hope one day to get the live interviews with Paul and others to share the real story and behind the scenes as to what happened.

    And… I also realize people are human. Although I do not believe Paul Burks, or anyone who worked daily with him in Lexington would purposely create a ponzi. I also know when people are faced with money issues, or the money starts flowing as fast as it did at Zeek, it can effect them. The word tells is… “The LOVE of MONEY is the Root of Evil.”

  30. Hello Troy,

    Do you today stand by this video you made in June 2012 ?

    After viewing it again, then answer me these questions please.

    1.Do you think the SEC was wrong in shutting down Zeek Rewards, a advertising company that promotes a “virtual” product called Bids ?

    2.Could “Bids” really be securities ?

    3. Define “Securities” and can you tell me that they are the same as Bids ?

    4. Is there a Law that states that “Penny Auctions” are illegal ?

    and If so, then why do we see Quidbids still operating ?

    5. Zeek Rewards was an Advertising company with a brilliant business model. Could it be that
    Paul was under “duress” or given bad advice from his lawyer to give up his company ?

    6. Could there have been jealously among certain affiliates from other companies feeling
    the threat of losing there entire down-line ?

    7. Do you really believe in your heart that Paul Burks really wanted to scam people ? and not help people ?

    8. Describe Paul Burks and his personality since you have met him at the Red Carpet Events.

    Please think hard and meditate on these questions and pray before you answer them, as the LORD
    has tugged my heart to ask you these questions.

    -Proud Zeek Affiliate

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