RippLn Perspective: CEO Brian Underwood Addresses Some Concerns, But I Have A Few Words First

The last few months I have watched RippLn from a distance. Then a couple of months ago, was asked to come in and consult with Brian Underwood and his team personally. And I have to say it is refreshing when clients are open and share the good, bad and ugly. Now without a doubt, we can all agree that RippLn has not… YET delivered on all they have proposed. But one thing they have done is make the correct changes along the way to take what could have been a fast rising pyramid scheme and turn it into what may become a category creator. Now don’t get me wrong, we are a long way away from what the critics and supporters call success.

Over the last few weeks as the first RippLn app was released (Photo Guessaroo), which started commissions to flow through the Ripple.  However, because the original RippLn comp plan was changed, many who were expecting unrealistic income were truly disappointed and in some cases down right pissed off.


I know it’s tough when you join a company and expect huge returns right off the bat. Especially when the whole premise of the company is to brings the social graph to the average person, instead of allowing the money to flow to the big social media sites. But heck, this doesn’t happen overnight. Yes, I fully understand it has been in the works for years. First as AppCraze and now RippLn, but without a doubt things are moving forward.

For some it’s not moving fast enough, and for those I do feel your frustration. But think about it for a second… If the company had launched with the wrong comp plan or prematurely, then you would still be pissed off. Yes you might have made hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions, but if the regulators shut it down, then you would be fighting clawbacks. Or if RippLn had launched and the servers had melted then you would still be pissed off. So take some time and figure out if you are really right for RippLn, or like some you need to cut bait and find a new company to promote.

I’m not sure if RippLn will get everything rocking, but I do know if they don’t it will not be for a lack of trying!

Personally, I think it is good that it’s taking a while to get the wind in the RippLn Sails. It’s allowing them to weed out the people who should not be there. As a matter of fact I read a blog this week, where a guy had joined iZigg because he heard AppCraze was going to launch. Which I found interesting since, AppCraze was not even in Alpha testing at the time. So if this guy joined iZigg for the wrong reasons, then you can bet others joined RippLn for the wrong reasons.

And in seeing the early names of well-known ponzi and pyramid players, who were only there because they thought it was going to be a NO WORK game, and instead it takes effort, most of those have left. Now the second round of people who truly are great folks, but are not cutout as early adaptors, are leaving to find a business they can believe in, we should see RippLn left with people who have both the incomes and the time to be the pioneers of the company.

One item I do want to warn folks on who might leave RippLn for whatever reason. If you are not happy that is fully understandable. But to leave and then post information that goes against the P&Ps you signed, or worse yet, are illegal, that is not smart.

It is America so you are intitled to say what you want. But when you post info from your back office or payment processor, that can cause you personal issues. And the full truth should always be presented to the public. SO when we only show part of the truth, it can cause issues.

Emotions run high when humans are disappointed in what they thought was going to be a home run. I don’t fault anyone for yelling at the top of their voices their disappointment. But what I can’t stand is when I have emails and text messages that show a whole different side of the person. Blackmail in any form is still a crime in all 50 states.

By the way for you who might wonder “what happened to iZigg? Is it still around? Yes! I was with some business owners who are using iZigg, and since the company realigned their focus to a B2B model, from the C2C and C2B they are starting to see growth once again. Let’s face it some businesses are not suited for Network Marketing. More to come on that in the next week or so.

Without a doubt, RippLn has a ways to go, but in listening to Brian Underwood’s latest message, I think they will get there. They have a solid team willing to invest in the infrastructure of the company, and a few leaders in the field who can afford to help them work through the rough spots.

Brian and I were together last month in Atlanta and we brainstormed on some situations he was facing, and then again this month we have brainstormed on some things. So when he had to let some folks go, he called and ask what I thought it was a good time to release the above video. I said let it rip and share with folks what’s up! I believe you never sit back and let others dictate the story. If you do that, then they will spin history as they see fit.

So before Brian drove down to invest some time with his MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson and myself in Nashville last week, he shot the video I attached to the back of mine. And I have to say he nailed getting out the info. And sure enough as predicted, we already have seen folks taking credit for WHY Brian shot he video. Had they been with us last month, then I could see how they were involved.

In closing, as in my opening, I have no clue where RippLn will land. But I can say from being around the folks on the inside, that if all companies and teams were willing to invest the blood, sweat, tears and money in getting things done correctly, then we might have more companies make it.

Let’s see what happens next.

Living An Epic Adventure,



Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals