Richard Brooke: The Top Of Your Team… In the Top 1%

The Top of Your Team… Guaranteed

According to The Direct Selling Association, approximately 175,000 people a week enroll in a Network Marketing/Direct Selling opportunity in the United States … EVERY WEEK. And an additional 300,000 enroll around the world. That is almost 500,000 people a week worldwide. And the DSA, and its related global associations, can only really track DSA member companies which make up maybe 20% of the total. The point is, millions of people join an opportunity like this every month. Millions of “anyones” are signing on and investing a few hundred dollars in some kind of dream, whether it is just free product or a financially free future.

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The number one criticism of our profession is the failure rate. And the “failure rate” IS dismal, if the standard you apply is that everyone is supposed to make money … even more dismal if everyone is supposed to “get rich.” Fortunately, the truth is most people who enroll are not expecting to get rich and would be very happy to just earn $500 or $1,000 month, long-term. But still, most people do not even achieve this.  Why is that?  The answer is simple.

Imagine you wanted to earn $1,000 a month part-time, working anywhere. What kind of interview process would you have to endure? What kind of orientation about the company’s culture and expectations? What kind of training program? Even Malmart greeters have to invest weeks in learning the tightly designed Malmart Way. And then, they have to pee in a cup.

How many hours a week would you have to actually show up on time, dress to impress, and stay on script?  20 hours a week times $10 an hour is only $800 a month, less FICA and taxes, and your new portion of the national debt ramp up (worse if companies like moorcroft debt recovery group are pursuing you for debt repayments). That is 4 hours every day, 5 days every week.

How much will Malmart pay you if you work for them 20 hours a week for a year and then ask for a month off? What will be your income for that 13th month … a pink slip?

I am often asked by distributors, “What does the average distributor earn?” The answer sets them back a bit. “Nothing.” The average distributor earns nothing, invests virtually nothing, learns nothing, practices nothing, risks nothing, and does nothing … all the while expecting to make it big like the company’s video suggested. Network Marketing is not an opportunity for someone of average ambition, average courage, average confidence, or an average work ethic. Malmart is.

Why? Because here, you don’t have to do anything. You can get in for virtually nothing, don’t have to do anything, and can quit without notice. It may look like a sink or swim environment … but, in reality, you can stand up and walk right out of the pool anytime you want.

This may all sound like bad news. In fact, it is a hallelujah. It is your e-ticket ride to freedom.

Here is how. By following these simple steps below, you can instantly be at the top of your class. If 1,000 people enrolled the same month as you, you can ensure a lock in the top 1% … actually, in most cases, the top 5/10th of 1%. 50 out of 1,000. And a year from now, by following the last two assignments, you can lock in as 10 out of 1,000 or 1/10th of 1% … True, rarified air and the income to prove it.

Here is how:

1. Document your Motive

You are enrolling for a reason. What is it exactly? Not your justification … like, you love the product or you like the people, but what do you believe to gain financially? How much income? What will you do with it?  Why … why … why is that important enough to you, for you to engage in such an unusual career? Document it all. Add clarity and power to it by gathering photos that help tell the story. Get videos that bring it to life and music that drives it into your soul. You may choose to lazily think you cannot do this. What if I gave you $5,000 to have it all done by tomorrow night? Of course you can do it. Advantage Brooke. Send it to your business partners, so they know who you are in the game.

Why is this an important move? Because it keeps, in front of your face, the reasons you are doing this and on some kind of scale, how important they are to you. In your first year, you are going to encounter many really compelling reasons that visit your mind on why you should not do this. You only win if you have reasons why “to do it” to outweigh the reasons why not to.

2. Your Product Endorsement

You need it. Your business partners need it. Your company needs it. Your prospects need it and your customers need it. Document your product experience and give it to everyone involved. Update it, as needed. Did you know that 80% of distributors who love any product, in any company, never document and submit their product endorsement? Why? They don’t have to and they are not crystal clear about how doing it leads to others doing it, which all leads to a compounding effect on sales.

3. Your Story Letter

This is your most effective sales tool in print, audio, and video. This is the story about how you were approached and by whom. Why were you open?  What attracted you to the product and your product experience? What was it about the income opportunity that led you past your bias and skepticism to Just Take a Look? What do you now know about the business model and what are you building? This is no more than one page … it is simple, tight, factual, and clear. It is not a sales pitch … it is simply your story. This sales tool, combined with whatever your company uses as the primary tool, will make the primary tool ten times more effective.

I know, you don’t like to write … you are not so good at it. Average. Do it anyway. Do it now. Do it like I was giving you another $5,000 cash to hand it in tonight. Get some help if you need it. Give them some of your $5,000.

4. Organize Your Names List

I know you have heard it 1,000 times if you have been in your business a week. There must be something to it. Your Names List is simply everyone who knows you. That is a larger list than who you know, especially if you have ever held any position of influence, or if you were just the most popular kid in class. Here is the format. Name, spouse’s name, both occupations, city, state, phone number, email, and, most importantly, “How do you know them?” This database must be in writing … both in a computer database and printed out on paper.

You have probably heard that “those who commit their goals to writing are 10-100 times more successful at achieving them.” It is true. And, since you are now in the business of Telling Your Story to people … whether it is one a day, two a day, or more, WHO you will tell your story to is your Primary Goal. They are your potential teammates. You are building a big team. You cannot do this alone. Your candidates need to be crystal clear on the forefront of your mind … all of them. The more of them there are, the more compelled you will be to get busy and invite them to Just Take a Look.

I once had a new rep in a training program who was taught all of this, but obviously only had average listening skills. One day, I asked him why he was only inviting one person a week. He responded that he had 12 people on his list, was enjoying working the business, and didn’t want to run out.

Putting 100 or more people on your clear and complete list is yet another piece of homework average … and even above average … Network Marketers fail to do. They just choose not to. They decide that they can succeed without it. They are Road Kill Wrong.

5. Make Your Strategy Meeting Happen

This is a crucial first step in getting started the right way and avoiding the pitfalls, wasted time, and fruitless efforts. Your Upline has experiences, skills, and perspectives that will save you a great deal of time and income. Listen to them. Give them a chance to show you how the business model can work for you. Resist the temptation to reinvent the wheel. Proven methods are exactly that; proven.

These five things can be accomplished in the same amount of time it would take you to be interviewed by a Malmart Supervisor 1/3 your age … 3 times … and by the time you have peed in the cup and they have gone over your credit report with a fine tooth comb. You could have it all done in a week or less.

If you had it all done in your first month, you would instantly be at the top of your class. Why? 95% won’t do it … ever. Guess what happens when you actually can check off 1-5 super-fast? A high percentage of people you enroll will too. Why? Because you will not tolerate them doing much less. You will inspire them with your example. You will build a team of 1%ers. Everyone will have their own pyramid … and you will have a field of them.

Now, fast-forward twelve months. Obviously, getting 1-5 done is critical, but once they are done, the Art of Networking and the work/fun actually begins. Do you want to be at the top of your class a year from now? Do you want to be at the Pinnacle of your Pyramid?

Here is how:  Pick a Plan and Let the Plan Work You.

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By doing this, you guarantee your success. I have been teaching people success in Network Marketing for 37 years. I have never seen anyone consistently invite 30 people a month, month after month, without building a nice team. I have never seen someone invite 60 plus people a month, for a year or so, without building an empire.

Simple as that. Period. End of Story … or the Beginning. Your choice.

-Richard Brooke

One last thing … maybe you dream of someday being a master motivator or trainer … someone responsible for instilling belief in others and leading them to their dreams. Here is your guaranteed route. You can be there by year two. Keep your stats … on a spreadsheet. How many people you invited each month, how many presentations that resulted in, and how many of those enrolled with the appropriate kit to build their own business. One huge benefit of doing this, is you will know at the end of each month whether you are on track or just Average Joe. You can manage your own game and get back on track. 99% of every networker who thinks they are properly engaged in the game, are not … and the worst thing is that they do not know it.

Second … with your stat sheet in your second year, you will be qualified to be the most influential, impactful, and credible trainer within 1,000 miles. Your confidence and statistical prowess will be unmatched … unless you happen to share the stage with one of your teammates who you inspired to do the same.  Ergo, Giant Matching Pyramids.


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