Richard Brooke Super MLM Man Is “Just Curious”

Besides having a lot of fun interviewing people about their feelings on Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Party Plan and/or Direct Selling companies, we are learning a lot through the Super MLM Man series.



So far, here are a few of the highlights:

  1. 95% of people have no idea what Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing is, although many think they do describing it as everything from Microsoft to Facebook to Starbucks.
  2. 95% have no idea what Direct Selling is either and attempt to describe it the same way.
  3. Amway is the only company that the vast majority of people associate with our method of doing business. Even multi-billion dollar, 30-year old companies are only occasionally recognized.
  4. Most people actually think what we do is a pyramid scheme.
  5. Most people cannot accurately describe what a pyramid scheme actually is (estimated 99%).
  6. Most people have been prospected and felt dishonored, lied to and manipulated.
  7. Less than 5% have ever been involved in MLM
  8. So far only 1 out of 60 is currently involved as a distributor and only 3 out of 60 ever have been. The two with prior experience appreciated the experience as opposed to regretting it.


Here is what we could do and believe as a result:

  1. We could shift our conversations to focus on educating people about our income and distribution model (The Four Year Career).
  2. Since Amway is the only recognizable company, we might learn some facts about Amway that are believable and credible, for example :
    • $12 Billion a year in sales and growing every year
    • 3 million distributors in 70 some odd countries
    • 60 years and growing
    • One of the owners is the Chairman of the United States Chamber of 
  3. Start prospecting people in a way that honors them. Be authentically curious about them. Get to know them. Learn what they love, what is fun for them, what frustrates them and what they are afraid of … not by asking them directly (interrogation) but by just really wanting to know them at an authentic pace. What if you were just curious instead of trying to recruit them? What would that sound like? What would it feel like to you and to them?
  4. Honoring people in conversation is a rarity, and as such when we do it people are naturally attracted to us. They tend to want to know who we are and what we do. They will eventually ask us questions. This is a great opportunity to shift how we show up once again. If you ask someone a question, do you want a riddle as an answer or do want a clear and truthful answer? Which one stimulates Trust, Admiration and Respect?
  5. We could learn from the above statistics that most of us not only are not involved in MLM, but we don’t really even understand what it is. That is a huge opportunity. Like the shoe salesman who was sent to a third world country to open up the shoe market … he came back defeated, declaring his reason was “no one wore shoes.” His replacement crushed it out of his positive assessment … “No one has any shoes!”


Our opportunity is as simple as this:

95% of everyone we know would have a grand appreciation for an extra $1,000 a month (new Mercedes or …?)

100% would naturally recommend your product anyway if it works for them.

95% have no idea what we really do.

So is the solution more hype, more promises of easy riches, more trying to impress and recruit each other?

Or might the solution be Honoring, Listening, Curiosity and Education?


Here are a couple of videos that may help drive some of this home.