Richard Brooke Introduces A New Training Series: The Four Year Career® Hero Series

The Four Year Career® Hero Series


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Tonight marks the launch of The Four Year Career Hero Series; a series of belief building calls that you and your team can’t afford to miss.

What is it worth to you to believe in the inevitability of your dreams? What if you knew you could not fail? How would you move powerfully forward?

What if that level of Belief was free?

Beginnig tonight, and continuing every two weeks, I will be interviewing one of our profession’s finest examples of building a distributorship worth millions, sometimes tens of millions, in a relatively short period of time.

what you will gain
from these calls

In these interviews I am going to dive into the details of their stories, including:

  • What were they doing for a living prior to Network Marketing?
  • Who approached them with an opportunity?
  • What exactly did their sponsor say?
  • How did they respond and why did they “see it?”
  • How did they “launch” and what system or tools did they use then and use now?
  • How many people did they enroll?
  • How many went on to become “leadership legs?”
  • What are the smartest things they did to succeed?
  • What are the dumbest mistakes they wish they would have NEVER made that cost them millions?
  • What do they love most about our profession?
  • What are they building now and how are they contributing to our profession and mankind?

You will get tens of millions in equity value from these interviews by applying what you learn. And the most important thing you can learn from them … Is To Believe.

All you have to do is call in and grab a line. First come, first serve. The call capacity is huge … but not infinite.

Tonight, Wednesday, January 22nd at 6pm PST, I will be interviewing Tom Chenault. Take a look at Tom’s bio below to get a glimpse of the great story that he has to tell!

Call Details

Date:Wednesday, January 22nd
Time:6pm PST
Dial-in Number:712.432.0075
*If you have trouble calling the number above, please see note at bottom of the email.

Tom Chenault

  • 20-year Network Marketing veteran
  • Named one of the world’s “Top 25 LEADERS in the Network Marketing Industry” by the Association of Network Marketing Professionals
  • Top three earner in his company with a team of over 400,000 distributors
  • International Coach and Motivational Speaker
  • Host of the largest MLM radio show in the world

Tom’s life has been one big adventure; he has been a corporate airplane salesman, a stockbroker, a public relations firm owner, a radio show host, and an ultra-successful Network Marketer.

While Tom has made and lost a lot of money during his career(s), he has never lost his infectious sense of humor and his ability to rise to the top of his profession … and help others to do the same.

About Your Host

  • 38-year Network Marketing veteran
  • Senior Member of the DSA Ethics Committee and former member of the DSA Board of Directors
  • Author of the best-selling books The Four Year Career and Mach II With Your Hair On Fire
  • Ontological coach, international speaker, and advocate for ethical Network Marketing
  • Owner of a Network Marketing Company

At the age of 22, Richard left his job as a chicken chopper at Foster Farms to pursue his dream of financial freedom by joining the ranks of Network Marketing.

After two years full-time he was only earning $300 a month. By the end of his 3rd year he was earning $10,000 a month and by the end of his 5th year he had 30,000 active partners and was earning $40,000 a month. It was 1983 – Richard was only 28. In today’s dollars, he would be earning $120,000 a month.

In 1992, Success Magazine featured Richard and his company on the cover – the only time that the magazine has ever featured Network Marketing. That issue outsold every issue in the 100 year history of the magazine.

He lives in Coeur d Alene, Idaho and Carmel, California and loves Golf, Poker, Harleys, Boats and Helicopters.


If you have trouble dialing in to the number provided due to phone carrier restrictions, please use this back-up number : Dial 559-546-1400, then enter the original number 712-432-0075 followed by the code when prompted 710168.



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