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As baseball great Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

This week I’ve seen several blog posts repeating the tired assertion that 99% of direct sellers lose money. One even referred to the myth as a “cold hard fact.”
As I’ve pointed out previously on this blog, more than half of direct sellers report that their net income from direct selling, after taxes and expenses, is positive. In addition, positive net income is reported by nearly half of new direct sellers – those representing their current company for less than a year.
I’m sure this post will encourage the same critics who spread the 99% myth to respond to this message with the same information, that quotes the same circle of people, referencing the same “research” again and again. You can go back and review all of those previous discussions on earlier posts on this blog if that information is of interest to you. I won’t repeat it all here.
Anyway, my purpose with this post is not to spend more time debunking the 99% myth with dueling facts and figures. We’ve done that already. More important are the stories of actual people, average Americans like those profiled in a few recent media stories I’ve linked to below, who personify the success direct selling can provide – whether success is $200 a month or much more. Take a look at these examples:

Direct selling has carved out substantial niche

Direct sales businesses boom as economy tightens

Direct sellers strike balance, maybe gold

There are a couple of key points from these stories worth mentioning.

Not everyone in direct selling earns a six figure income, but then, not everyone is looking to earn a six-figure income. Many of the people profiled are seeking a little extra income in their spare time and they’re obtaining it via direct selling. As I am proud to point out, the median income for a direct sellers is about $2,400. The average income is actually significantly higher, but statistically speaking, the $2,400 number is far more accurate – that’s based on the millions of people just looking for (and achieving) supplemental income.

One of the other theories posited by direct selling critics is that if you’re not already in the business, it’s too late and the market is saturated. Not true. As the stories above demonstrate, successful direct sellers are entering the business all the time.

As I’ve said numerous times on this blog – direct selling is not for everyone, and just as with anything in life, there are people who will try it and not find the level of success they were hoping for. Anyone considering direct selling should clearly define their personal goals and thoroughly research both the industry and the specific company they are considering. Hopefully this Web site will assist in those efforts.

So, keep in mind that despite the stories in the articles above, success in direct selling is not guaranteed. But contrary to what our critics would have you believe, neither is failure.

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  1. Good info. There’s money to be made in direct sales as with any biz if you work it. As well as there is failure waiting with any biz if you fail to EFFECTIVELY work it.

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