ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services Is Not A MLM Distributor Friendly Company

ProxyComm aka ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services, LLC is not a MLM wireless company, that is distributor friendly, and may very well be operating as an MLM pyramid.

After receiving several emails and reading comments here at MLM Help Desk, we decided to review the company again.

We did not post earlier this year, because the company was very open and straightforward (or at least seemed to be), stating because of $1 million dollars in fraud charges on their VIOP wireless services, they were suspending commission payments and forming a new company.

They also stated ALL commissions owed would be paid. However, evidence seems to point to the fact this did not happen, and in the month of October they missed more commission payments.

John Peterson

I have personally reached out to the Co-Founder and CEO, John Peterson for some answers, before I come right out and state they are a MLM Scam.

However, I will say based on their current “Legal Document” which is a part of the ProxyComm distributor agreement, ProxyComm is not a MLM distributor friendly company, and does not meet the standards published by the Distributors Rights Associate.

There of questions I have to ask Mr. Peterson, and I have given him until Monday December 7, 2009 to respond to my phone message.

If I have not heard form him by then, I will be left with no choice but to publish all of our findings, and go on the premise ProxyComm fully understand what they are doing, and are purposely refusing to pay their distributors their rightfully earned commissions.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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