Patrick Pretty Reports: MORE FROM MLM LA-LA LAND: (1) ‘Totally Wild Cover Story’ Puff Piece On TelexFree Promoter Doesn’t Reference TelexFree By Name And Doesn’t Mention Pyramid-Scheme Probe; (2) Cash-Gifting, A Bill-Counting Machine And ‘Economically Sovereign’ Individuals; (3) Jesus — (Again)

UPDATED 11:23 A.M. ET (U.S.A.) The November/December issue of Home Business Advertiser carries a puff piece on TelexFree promoter Scott Miller. The one-page article, described by the publication as a “totally wild cover story,” does not reference TelexFree by name. Nor does the piece mention that TelexFree is the subject of a pyramid-scheme probe in […]

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