Panther Mobile Still Has A Ways To Go In The MLM Wireless Wars

Panther Mobile aka VodaText, aka Make America Shine LLC, still has a ways to go in the MLM Wireless Wars. Over the last 45 days I have give Panther Mobile plenty of room to fix some of the red flags we presented to them at the end of January. However, to date there are still some issues which has left us no choice but to list them under Scam Alerts. However,

However, I want to make it perfectly clear, I DO NOT think these guys are scammers, or trying to take everyone’s money without delivering mobile services. This is strictly due to the fact, they have have the following issues on their site which can cause major issues with the state of TX, FTC, and ACN.

I have brought these concerns to Kevin Sipes, Harry Aston and Chris Greco more than once. Although, I am sure they are very busy, I also made it clear time was of the essence because people were waiting for a review of the company.

1. They have a dead link to their affiliate program. Based on the fact they currently do not have a place for a person to join Panther Mobile who just wants to make personal sales, or market Panther Mobile in a retail location, and not be a part of the matrix this is a huge Red Flag, causing the company to fall under current definition of MLM Pyramid.

2. The Panther Mobile Terms and Conditions (which are found under “Terms of Use” state IBR have to be part of the Panther Mobile Matrix compensation plan. Which does not line up with the Panther Mobile Policies & Procedures which state the opposite.

3. The links inside the Terms and Conditions (Scroll to the bottom of the T&Cs) which link to the Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures link to pdf copies of the ACN compensation plan and a copy of the 2008 ACN Policies & Procedures.

4. The T&Cs are found under the “Terms of Use” and the Polices and Procedures are found under the “Privacy Policy” link. Which means the average distributor will never read these before they sign the agreement to join Panther. This can hurt both Panther and the Distributors.

5. This one is small. But, since the company has announced new Florida offices, yet their agreements and website state TX, there needs to be come clairity as to where this company is calling its home state of record.

So, in closing, I believe if this company fixes these issues, they can become a serious player in the MLM Wireless Niche. However, if they do not start focusing on the small things, they may get hit by a regulatory agency with a cease and desist.

As soon as we have verified all these red flags have been fixed, we will gladly move this company from Scam Alert to MLM Companies. Until then I can’t play favorites, when a company is not protecting their distributors, then we have no choice but to call them on it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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