Panther Mobile Still Has A Ways To Go In The MLM Wireless Wars

Panther Mobile aka VodaText, aka Make America Shine LLC, still has a ways to go in the MLM Wireless Wars. Over the last 45 days I have give Panther Mobile plenty of room to fix some of the red flags we presented to them at the end of January. However, to date there are still some issues which has left us no choice but to list them under Scam Alerts. However,

However, I want to make it perfectly clear, I DO NOT think these guys are scammers, or trying to take everyone’s money without delivering mobile services. This is strictly due to the fact, they have have the following issues on their site which can cause major issues with the state of TX, FTC, and ACN.

I have brought these concerns to Kevin Sipes, Harry Aston and Chris Greco more than once. Although, I am sure they are very busy, I also made it clear time was of the essence because people were waiting for a review of the company.

1. They have a dead link to their affiliate program. Based on the fact they currently do not have a place for a person to join Panther Mobile who just wants to make personal sales, or market Panther Mobile in a retail location, and not be a part of the matrix this is a huge Red Flag, causing the company to fall under current definition of MLM Pyramid.

2. The Panther Mobile Terms and Conditions (which are found under “Terms of Use” state IBR have to be part of the Panther Mobile Matrix compensation plan. Which does not line up with the Panther Mobile Policies & Procedures which state the opposite.

3. The links inside the Terms and Conditions (Scroll to the bottom of the T&Cs) which link to the Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures link to pdf copies of the ACN compensation plan and a copy of the 2008 ACN Policies & Procedures.

4. The T&Cs are found under the “Terms of Use” and the Polices and Procedures are found under the “Privacy Policy” link. Which means the average distributor will never read these before they sign the agreement to join Panther. This can hurt both Panther and the Distributors.

5. This one is small. But, since the company has announced new Florida offices, yet their agreements and website state TX, there needs to be come clairity as to where this company is calling its home state of record.

So, in closing, I believe if this company fixes these issues, they can become a serious player in the MLM Wireless Niche. However, if they do not start focusing on the small things, they may get hit by a regulatory agency with a cease and desist.

As soon as we have verified all these red flags have been fixed, we will gladly move this company from Scam Alert to MLM Companies. Until then I can’t play favorites, when a company is not protecting their distributors, then we have no choice but to call them on it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. What does this mean for Panther Mobile and it's distributers that came to Panther from GV?
    My recent post How to Upload Video To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

  2. What does this mean for Panther Mobile and it's distributers that came to Panther from GV?
    My recent post How to Upload Video To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

  3. Great insight!!!

    Chris and I talk almost daily as he shares what is happening with his team at his corporate office. What is also amazing is how many CEOs who have called asking about Chris and his team.

    He may be a little rough around the edges, but when it comes to wireless he does seem to know what he is talking about.

  4. Hey Troy!

    In answer to ALL those questions about Chris G. and Panther Mobile…

    Chris Greco is a great asset to Panther Mobile. That's not to say that he can't do things on his own with or without Panther Mobile. It's only to state that Chris WITH Panther Mobile will be doing GREAT things!

    When it's time for asking those particular questions: it will be time to choose wether a person chooses to trust Chris and Panther Mobile with their Wireless Services …No less and No more …period! Let's hope we all get these concerns laid to rest and there is NO question on either end of anything less than a GREAT – AWESOME – INCREDIBLE Wireless Services and Products Company!

    We have faith, belief and trust enough for those who don't …period!

  5. Oh My …"Bears and Tweeks and What Am I to Do's"?

    Before you go attacking ANYONE let alone Chris Greco WHO DOES KNOW HIS BUSINESS and then some …You might consider exactly WHAT YOU KNOW about wireless and Telcom!!! Chris might not be so savvy in language used BUT …he DOES KNOW his business and THUS WOULD BE an ASSET to most ANY WIRELESS COMPANY!

    IN defense of Chris Greco and Panther Mobile together merged or not …one must REALLY KNOW what it is they're talking about BEFORE spitting at or throwing stones in the WRONG direction!

    Of course, there ARE people who "chest beat" and play "warrior drums" over BUT …DOES THAT MAKE YOU a good marketer?

    Answer: NO – it only makes you someone that's attempting to sway the masses that you're better than anyone else and NOT that you're that good at what you seem to think you are.

    Be Extra Careful at what you speak: What goes around ALWAYS comes back around!

  6. Thanks Sam!

    Sam you are indeed a "diamond in the rough" and a TRUE GEM to Panther Mobile and it's affiliates or want to be's! NO ONE SHOULD have a desire to comment on WHAT Panther Mobile is doing per say IF they aren't directly involved WITH Panther Mobile …Period!

    It's sad to say but …folks, if you haven't HAD the POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH Panther Mobile …let's say this PLAIN & SIMPLE …hush or put up something better! We see far too many people willing to SLAM other companies to make THEIR OWN "king of the hill" comments or statements with what they're doing.

    It's HIGH TIME everyone who has NOT had a great experience of dealing with Panther Mobile and it's principles …Either GIVE THE CHANCE or MOVE ON to what they think is a better deal one way or another.

    How professional is it to "throw stones" when some live in the same glass houses they "throw stones" AT???

  7. Ha!

    (to tell the truth) _are you a part of Panther Mobile and …DO YOU KNOW what they're providing or not? Funny how some will be more than willing to slam a company or people within it when they're not actually part of it and …for what reason??? Please explain yourself so that all can see what it is you're eluding to_ please?

  8. Hello Folks!

    Does anyone actually have ANY proof as to what they're saying is true or not and for that matter WHO is saying it from WHAT END of ANY one wireless company? Better to LISTEN IN to the Panther Mobile Calls if you have questions and STOP this incessantcy over what one person says or another than to sit idly by and exercise wishful thinking as to who is going to fail over what and in between.

    We ALL need to be reminded that in THIS industry …we ALL must FOCUS on what we're doing and STAY focused on the facts rather than inuendo coming from all directions! NONE of us are in 5th grade anymore, thank goodness!

    Suffice it to be said: Be happy where you are OR …FIND SOMEPLACE ELSE to go OR …Something else to focus on …period!

    We mean NO ONE person ill will but enough is enough already. This has gone on too long. It's time the people doing harm in this industry pay for their inequities and it's HIGH TIME …THOSE DOING GOOD be recognized for it instead of all this back and forth when we all have better things to do like building a business and minding our own …thank you!

  9. I do agree that there are some changes that need to happen. Panther is still a work in progress. You are not dumb by any means, there are other reps who have contacted me asking questions because no one explained it to them, AND it wasn't spelled out on the site. Heck I found out by dumb luck. Harry and Kevin had asured me that this will be addressed soon. They need the feedback, and there are a few things that are being implimented soon.

  10. Sam, you were a decent fella during our phone conversation. You can color me dumb if you want, but if the comp plan is confusing to me, it is confusing to a whole lot of others. Panther Mobile as a whole is a decent and fair company, however I would like to see a more lucrative comp plan on all products and services and a better explanation on how the comp plan pays out.

  11. And so I stand corrected. But now that raises another question. Where on the Panther site is that explained? It’s not! There are many places in the comp plan lacking in explanation. And what’s ignorant is the fact that you think anyone should know how something works without a proper explanation to begin with. What I see is 4 levels, which means 4 levels from where that rep is placed, period.

  12. Everyone I sign up I get paid on their customers phone bill. If I sign up 50,000 reps, I get paid for all of their customers when they pay their phone bill. Again, I know you didn't know this, but you are spouting off you mouth when you don't know. Call and I'll explain it. 850 291-0124

  13. The ultimite goal is to make money and have a business where every-one wins. The customers win, the average rep wins, and the superstars win. I have that with Panther Mobile. I could sign up 1000 reps and every customer they bring in, I get paid each and every month when they pay their bill. Four generations down. Panther should change the wording to generations and not levels.

  14. Actually, if I sign him up, even if he is on my 9th level, he pays me and the person who brought me in and the person who brought them in and the person who brought them in. It is based on direct line, not matrix line. One should not talk about stuff they don't know about, it is a sign of ignorance (you don't know what you don't know, that's why you should ask first) any questions, call me 850 291-0124. I will not try to recruit you, just give you the correct info.

  15. Panther pays out $3 on cell service, $2 to you and $1 to upline. Now this is a 9 level matrix, why not pay out 9 levels on everything done by the rep and HIS or HER business team? For example: Cell service – $1 to you and split the $2 among the 9 levels. Math on that: 3,9,27,81,243,729,2187 (that’s 7 levels) total of 3279 @ .22 cents = $721.38 @ 7 customers = $5049.66. Last 2 levels: 6561,19683 total 26244 @ .23 cents = $6036.12 @ 7 customers = $42252.84 plus your $7 grand total = $47309.50 monthly payout on cell service on a full matrix. Sure I know it will never fill nor will your rep matrix at $108213. But when you start talking just portions of these 2 combined, then you start talking DOLLARS.

  16. Fuzzy math there Sam. Took it as an assumption that everyone’s ultimate goal was to qualify for all 9 levels. Really didn’t want to point out the 2 customer requirement would only pay out $64 a month. So Sam, you all right with that lousy payout? Tell me this is OK; You bust your ass on a guy cause you know he’s a machine. He joins your team and comes in on your 6th level. And man you were right; he signs 100 customers eventually 1000, not reps, customers. Bud you see ZERO commission on your hard earned efforts to recruit that guy. Sure you’ll see commissions when he starts building a rep base, but nothing for the customers. That all right to you? Chris you ok with sticking it to ole Sam like that?

  17. Just wondering why you are using 7 customers?
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  18. Sorry, I was wrong about the math. It appears the $2 is on personal customers and .25 cents up the first four levels. New math is $2 @ 7 customers = $14, then 3,9,27,81 total 120 @ .25 = $30 @ 7 customers = $210 plus $14 is $224 in monthly residual income on cell service. If I’m looking to build a business with long-term residual income off of customer service, that’s not doing it.
    Yes Sam I stated the rep payout was fair enough, I’m talking income from service here.
    Funny you say that Chris. This is the comp plan posted on the Panther site. Before you go anywhere with it, I am not a Global Vomit rep!

  19. It is a 3×9 forced matrix so not 4 levels but 9 (Phone customers do only pay up 4 levels but not matrix).

  20. I see where you are trying to go on this, but you are making some incorrect assumptions. First the 7 customers is what is needed to qualify for all 9 levels of matrix pay (over $108,000.00 per month). But if you take your figure and just stopped at four levels and each month everyone got 7 customers, then by month 12 that is over $7000 per month. All reps could have as many customers as they get (no limit on customers).
    By the way with four levels filled up that is $1041 per month in matrix pay plus the $636 so total for that month is $1677. But there could be more or less depending on personal and rep customers. Also that doesn't take into the SEO side with the earnings with the click-bank.

  21. troy it sounds to me like he was looking at the Global Verge comp plan, Can you believe its been 32 days overdue and they havent paid commission on GTS VOIP WOW!

  22. Well that is your choice I am WHO I AM, This company has Grown by 390% because of that, And it wont change, The difference is if I am fighting for you as a distributor it cant be beat, If you are against me…well in my opinion you lose. Look feel free to sit on the sideline, It may be whats best for you and your group, We will continue to grow continue to activate Phones and continue to bring in more services, And facts are Facts, NO ONE has been able to do what we have done here 4 carriers right now, And everything on AKW will be available in Panther, So David you only lose sitting on the side lines. But hey I respect that you at least had the stones to admit you were former GV, so I would welcome Your group but if not, or how you put it as long as I am a part of panther you wont join, Well I guess you will never join, And when it continues to explode you will be on the sidelines boss. And what do you think would happen to panther if I left? So no I am not going anywhere, In fact our company is providing Services by may first for two other well known MLM companies, not named GV, So I understand you want to sit out, But what company will you go to? Honestly, We are the only company that has multiple communications services and pays commissions on time. So Hey would love to have you, if not Hey its your decision sit back and watch us explode in growth.

  23. Here’s the math: As stated payout is $2 to rep and .25 cents rolls up 4 levels. Then I stated best case payout, that is all reps having 7 customers. That’s 9,27,81,243 total 360 @ .25 = $90 @ 7 reps = $630 plus $2 front line @ 3 = $6 plus $630 = $636. Am I wrong??

  24. Matrix comp is above $108,000.00 per month (maxed out matrix) with at least 7 wireless customers. Compensation on the phone plans thenselves is only limited by how many customers you have.

  25. Hmmm… I would not see it that way. As a matter of fact, sine Panther offers a free affiliate position to market just the services, it turns the elephant a little more white than pink.

    However, with that said ALL matrix compensation plans entice people to recruit over focusing on gaining customers. In the case of Panther, they have included customer qualifications.

    Now, last be not least, what math did you use on calculating the cell service payout?

  26. There is a pink elephant in the room, why hasn’t anyone addressed it yet? Not Troy (I’m a bit surprised), not any of the competition (again surprised), not any of the reps, not anyone. See that big ole pink elephant sitting right there square in the middle of the room? That pink elephant called “Compensation”. The compensation for signing up a rep and the payout on the matrix for this is fair enough. But, unless I missed some understanding on a MLM company structure that better not be this companies main incentive for people to join. I think something like product or service has some kind of requirement in there. The compensation on this is dismal. Best complete payout is around $636 on cell serviceß-Not getting rich with that.

  27. I Just looked at…

    I Must say The site looks like Garbage Chris.. But it does look better than it did a few months ago. Also, For your information CHRIS.. Im am not apart of GV, I admit i used to be, However what i have been doing is standing on the sidelines and watching different companies to see which I would join.
    Your Attitude, And stupidity in the post above, made my decision for me. Panther mobile is NO LONGER on my radar, while you have anything to do with it.

    Like I Stated a few months back, I have a pretty good size group that will pretty much go where i go. Some really want to go to PM just because of the product choices, However I look at the Business and customer service end of things, And I really just cant imagine sending one of my customers to you for help, just so you can assume they are in GV, or to be a prick to them.
    Sorry Bro, but you dug the hole this time, All i was trying to do was get you to realize that you need to be a little more friendly customer service wise. And Be a little more helpful, instead of being so quick to assume things.

  28. Kevin and Harry told me that AT&T was too expensive to activate. Boost and ATT was supposed to be up the first week of March. Boost is programed on the site, they took it down after it was put in.
    My recent post Retirees Convicted in Kidnapping Scheme

  29. Kevin and Harry told me that AT&T was too expensive to activate. Boost and ATT was supposed to be up the first week of March. Boost is programed on the site, they took it down after it was put in.
    My recent post Retirees Convicted in Kidnapping Scheme

  30. David, You stated in another post that you co-owned Comtech Wireless on High Point Rd Greensboro, NC. When I called, the only David (who could barely speak and understand English),(He sounded like a stoned foreigner) had never herd of any of these companies. Just wondering if you maybe misspoke, or the stoned guy just didn't know you?

  31. Um david are you blind? Its on now, HMM and all the reps have access to do their own activations on BOOST, I dont have the mentality of a ten year old but I will admit I can be an Ass at times, And people like that cause its Honest and I show the real me, So David I must have hit a nerve, Just tell these fine folks the truth, its like AA here ok, Just stand up and say, My name is David and I am a Global Verge Rep, And then you will feel the weight come off your shoulders. You took such offense to being called a GV rep, Just like an alcoholic when you call them out they take great offense to it, so I am calling you on that, Oh and by them way Global Vereg is Garbage, Just for the record, And im no different on my phone calls, What calls have you been listening too.

    chris greco

  32. Let me add this in regards to services that have not been put on the site due programing. I would recommend that early announcement of future services not be made because expectation build and as most people know MLMers have little patience which is why they either quite or build an organization very fast.

  33. They have AT&T and Boost according to Chris. He said ,however, programing them into the compensation plan is delaying them from appearing on the website.

    To me this makes since. I don't think anyone would want to have something or provide something they can get paid for.

    Attend the conference call, ask whatever you and you'll get an answer. If you're a member send Kevin an email.

  34. Patti,

    In talking with Kevin and Chris on Friday, there was no mention of any kind of split. As a matter of fact Kevin had said they were working on getting the final paperwork done, and that Chris is a part of Panther.

    However, let me dig a little deeper and see what I can find out.

  35. So, Troy, does anyone know what Chris is actually going to do? Is he merging with Panther or is he starting his own MLM company?

  36. Chris is a Good guy and works hard to give the reps everything in his power. He is taking care of the reps and working to give us the services we want. He may not always be accessible, but will work hard for the reps. My only issue with Chris is he is a little to bold and brash, but that is what makes him Chris, and most respect his direct demeanor.

  37. DaVinci,

    Thank for stopping by to comment.

    By the way Greco came forward admited his mistake and was fined by the FCC for his error in ways. What else should be done? He sure did far more than GV has done to repay their distributors the money they have taken and paid in commissions, without delivering a product for close to 18 months.

  38. "when a company is not protecting their distributors, then we have no choice but to call them on it."

    uh- is Greco still involved?
    He's the one who posted thousands of GV members credit card numbers & CVV codes on the open web for the whole entire world to look at, copy, and steal.
    Why aren't you protecting us from the likes of him, Troy?

  39. I will say this, I have never called and not had a return call the same day or the next day from Harry. When I had a problem Harry even called me late that night and had the issue handled. So
    "totellthetruth" Your Wrong, I will call you out on that. If you have a problem and you think that it is not being handled Give me a Call:850-596-2581 or Skype me at southernboyswireless

  40. You know,

    I do not know if this is chris or not.. If this is chris, you act pretty stuck up in your typing skills. However when your on a call, you sound decent…
    So, If while your on a call your fronting your true attitude, we will all know at some point!
    But, your attitude while typing, really sucks. You are really reminding me of a 10 year old kid on here throwing stones at broken windows.
    If this is your true attitude in real life, I cannot see why anyone would follow you anywhere.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of their affiliation. To assume someone is a GV rep without knowing the truth is just childesh!

    (Oopps hope I didnt hit a nerve)
    What kind of leader would write this BS?? To me, this states you have a mentality of a 10 year old! And someone with this state of mind would not be working with me!

    Also, Chris if this is you.. Where is that boost service you Boasted about being so great weeks ago?? I do not see it yet!

  41. Let me address this for the Global Verge Rep he or she obviously is, First Phones are Shipped on time guy, Um i am hearing fromm GV reps that they are just getting phones they ordered on Thanksgiving, LOL LOL LOL, But on the Activation King site we are Selling 43 different Phones, And further, Panther is Moving Phones ON TIME, And Ummm, We actually can activate your service and keep it active, Oopps hope I didnt hit a nerve, Hey honestly have fun with those 1000MB or less that 1GB air cards LOL LOL, for 89.99 WOW thats only a 40.00 mark up!!, Anyway Panther will continue to Grow, Activation King Will continue to sell and you will sit on the sidelines, wishing you were here when GV closes the Door, Oh total paid reps at GV now at 1712, while Panther is over 3000, Hmmm must be doing something right.

  42. Hey Sam!

    Great comment and analyzation of a pretty typical situation!

    What has and is STILL HAPPENING at best (like you stated) ARE RUMOR's CASTING DOUBT! Not to mention it's coming from people who are more or less those who SOME get "star struck" by and …NO DOUBT people are BURNING UP the phone lines in SPECULATION and belief in what's happening now.

    There is NOT ONE SHRED of truth to be reasoned with when ANY ONE PERSON sets out to MISLEAD others in a way that causes such doubt and constrained beliefs merely to INTIMIDATE them and everyone else involved!

    The REAL PROBLEM we see here is: PEOPLE GET CONNECTED TO other people whom they've worked with on one project or another – sometimes LACK the experience and / or ability to say NO.

    WE ALL CAN and DO still sometimes find ourselves in those particular situations when we've built a relationship with others to the point of what we consider to be a REAL friendship. THERE-IN LIES the BIGGER PROBLEM of HOW to say NO and not suffer some sort of consequence or lose the friendship all together.

  43. I would like Panther reps contact Kevin and Harry about getting Boost and AT&T added. Thease services will add some more muscle to our great product line.

  44. Everything I order they send. They state orders are sent out in 24 to 36 hrs. That doesn't mean that they will arrive to you in that time. If you have a problem, call or send a support ticket. They answer them. If you have a problem, and after you send a support ticket that is not answered in a couple of working days, let me know, and I'll get involved. As far as I am concerned, this is our company, I take responsibility.

  45. Let me state that I was wrong earlier. Panther and Unlimited Wizard have not yet merged. What that means is that Chris is not an owner in Panther yet. I believed all negotiations were completed. I was wrong when I corrected Kristen before. I don't believe Chris is going to another company. My guess is that is why we have not had Boost and AT&T added to our list of services to sell (the contracts are with Unlimited Wizard, and not with Panther). I would like to see Harry, Kevin and Chris get this worked out ASAP. I would call Kevin and ask for those services be implemented soon.

  46. Dear Kristen,

    What would it matter if Chris was at Panther Mobile or not? Consider THIS IS a "Home Based Business" and it's YOUR business, not Chris's!! Are you going to choose a company and business to work with and for based on who's there and who's not?

    PEOPLE WILL always CHOOSE what they want to do and NOT what everyone else wants them to do! SO …you're going to attempt to convince an ENTIRE GROUP of people (whom you state are YOUR organization?) to another company and business.

    In BEING a LEADER …YES — YOU personally HAVE the INFLUENCE to CONVINCE OTHERS that MAY or MAY NOT be so confident in what they're doing (or have different levels of experience) to FOLLOW you into a business.

    KRISTEN – BEFORE YOU HANG YOUR HAT on a company BASED on WHO is there and WHO IS NOT …KNOW WHAT YOU WANT to do FIRST and DON'T base your decision to MOVE one way or another on WHO is there and WHO is not; ALLOW your team members to make THOSE choices for themselves with YOUR guidance to the best of your OWN abilities!

  47. Daniel,

    Are we being a pessimist or an optimist here? We can DEFINITELY SAY that changes HAVE in fact been made! There are not ONLY changes to the website but ALSO many, MANY changes behind the scenes in our BACK OFFICES! Panther Mobile HAS ADDRESSED the problems NOT so unique to most ANY new company and THEY HAVE been working on them and making the appropriate changes daily!

    DANIEL IF …you are a member of Panther Mobile (doesn't sound like you are), you WOULD ALREADY KNOW ALL the CHANGES that have been addressed and in particular THOSE that required IMMEDIATE attention! SAFE to say: TROY IS doing a fantastic job at reporting those things that SHOULD BE considered. However, don't dismiss the facts from one company to another as we all know – – OPINIONS are a dime a dozen and you CAN find an opinion IF you go looking for one either bad or GOOD!

  48. Hey David,

    There is no company that offers the exact same product(s), services or pricing. The fact is that television offers media to advertise those companies, their products and services and they pay a hefty price for a few seconds to do so. Their appeal is to a public in general and during that few seconds the hype is louder than the volume on the television most times!

    This is not about so called "unique" anything as most companies will always tell you they have the best or the most unique of any one product and / or services. It's about choice …PERSONAL choice. We get to choose what most suits each of us as individuals best, wether it be a product or a service and certainly pricing to fit our individual lifestyles and budget.

    We're not going to advertise one company over another as there are still many good ones both public and MLM. All we're going to say is this: FIND what suits you – FIND what makes YOU happy – FIND that comfortable medium YOU can live with and don't worry about the rest!

  49. Hello Concerned MLMer,

    Wouldn't worry too much about being called a hater. After all, you're not the only one really disgruntled by Global Verge and their poor providership for members, attitudes and all out departation from truth.

    What's good about you and so many others of us is our love of MLM and our strong dedication to helping others do things in an honest and ethical way rather than follow the rest of the sheep to slaughter.

    You're correct about ANY Telcom company coming onto the scene these days as you would be with most any MLM company. It's not only a person's obligation to themselves but that to other people they wish to involve in their business to know the facts and to keep a close eye on everything going on to insure it's the right thing and not something that's going to do harm to anyone.

    Ethics 101: First do no harm.

  50. Panther is garbage! They try to make like they are there to help all the poor souls from Global Verge but they can't handle the production either. They are not shipping phones in 2 days. I can't believe more people have not come forward. Maybe they just feel sorry for them.

  51. David you know you hit something on the head there, but I look at it another way. Panther mobile is offering mainstream products though an mlm structure which is unique. Most mlm services and products that you find can only be found with that MLM company. And that being the case you have to sell the name to your customers.

    By Panther Mobile selling brand name products at lower cost tied to a compensation plan place the company at an advantage most companies don't have. Are you telling me that if you had the opportunity to sell AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint that you wouldn't because you can buy somewhere else?

    I have customers lining up for the Panther Mobile Services because it the same network people know at a lower price. Don't worry about whats exclusive, worry about whether you can compete with the store downtown or the one in the mall. If you can , you have something.

  52. Here are my concerns here, I went no mobile news insider and saw that there is hardly any mention of Chris in the Posts, and I see alot of Harry and Kevin, That worries me, wasn't Chris there to open that office? why isnt Chris Power Hour posted as a conference call on the list?

    Why is Chris Never on the calls in the evening?

    Lastly we were told that Chris was an owner here but everytime I ask Kevin or Harry I dont get a straight answer, My concern is this company is promoting Chris Greco as an owner and if something falls through what keeps him from leaving? This is why I am and my Team have just joined the Activation King side for now. Also Why can Activation King Let people in for the first month free and not panther? I just think if your suppose to be this transparent company thats the way to go. I really believe in all Chris is bringing to the Table, and Kevins Software is Top Notch, But they have never showed any document that has Chris as an Owner, Consultant, nothing like they said they would show, So I know lots of other people have signed up, But I wont be burned at panther if chris leaves.

    And hey I can say Chris really has a warehouse I had to see it for myself, I was Surprised that I wasnt being lied too like other companies, They must of had 5,000 phones there and the store up front was slammed, Chris was a down to earth guy that even gave me some training and I activated some customers phones at his store, It was fun I learned alot, Troy please let people like me know what is going on.

    David Kelley

  53. David Panther mobile and Activation King DO soething different they giveyou access to activate your own phones, like making you a dealer, last time i checked you cant be a dealer for AT&T anymore and what store can you buy that in, Also where can you buy the 120MB 49.95 pageplus package, last I checked its not in anystore, Also they have the international airtime with Homies and Vinpanther, So tell me, where can you buy these Iwould love to be able to do that?

    I looked like you I was a skeptic, But on Activation King I canbuy my 39.95 airtime at cost 35.20 Tell me what store sells it for 35.20?

    So i see innovation not a copy cat. I have used it myself called South Africa, for 1.9 cents a minute from my cell phone, and no one has this rate i looked, I was a skeptic just like you but chris made me a believer in his retail model, and im looking at the MLM now, I suggest you check it out I am still on the 30 day free trial at activation king, and I have made 146.20 so far in 4 days, And will show anyone my account to see it.

    Dave do your reseach.

    I do have my concerns on panther which I will explain in the next post

  54. You know..

    Whats funny to me is that panther mobile offers all the same services i can go to any store and buy. I am still waiting on the Unique services. Like Maybe a phone service that no one else has? Or maybe some phones that are exclusive to PM.. I dunno, I for some reason just don't care much for a copycat company.
    Show me something NEW and I might stop being a skeptic

  55. The I-Phones 3-g are refurbs, not new. So you assume we are not an authorized dealer for AT&T?

  56. Curious,

    You do not have to be part of AT&T to market iPhones. The law is clear on locked and unlocked phones. So if a person buys a phone and does not have a contract with AT&T I don't think there is any law against unlocking the phone and using it with any other service.

    Let's see what the experts say.

  57. So you know curious Apple themselves sells the I phone Unbranded and you can buy them on line from Vodafone, Rogers,etc world Wide, And as I have stated we are selling UNBRANDED UN CONTRACTED PHONES. Period.

    Chris Greco

  58. Hello:

    I just wanted to comment I've been involved with Global Verge and had more frustration from the get go. I moved my business to Panther Mobile and I have nothing but positive feedback. They answer the phone every time I call and they got my service up and running immediately. I finally received two phones from GV after 4 months of waiting and one phone was able to be connected with Panther and the other phone GV sent me was a pre-paid phone only. Now I have a phone I spent $130.00 on and can't use it. I would never recommend Global Verge to anyone. I would in fact recommend Panther Mobile. I actually was able to speak with Harry today and he was so up front I was very impressed. Thanks everyone at Panther Mobile especially KB who has been working like a dog to get the GV phones working for me.

  59. I hope Panther has most of the issues fixed as it appears to me they do. A few more support staff for the next wave of reps and customers will be great. We still have a few I- phones on our site for sale. That is so cool!

  60. Troy I want to say this here and Publicly, I want to thank Chris Greco for not leaving Network Marketing and not leaving us who really want to make it in this business thrive!. Chris has taken it one step further and opened Activation King Wireless Back open for business, and allowing people who are skeptical about MLM to come in and sell all the products retail Now, And i believe he really wants us to succeed , He has allowed people like myself who are skeptical to MLM to come in and see the retail side I guess of the business and be introduced to the business of MLM through calls etc. I am still skeptical and not ready to be apart of an MLM I still think it hurts too many people, But Chris is changing my mind on that, I found this site by a link that Is posted on the Activation King Wireless Website where it says quote:"If you want the truth about any company in Network Marketing Or even Direct Selling, even US, Good or Bad, Go to and do your research." Thats a strong statement, and I want to thank Forums like this and Companies like Activation King that put this out here to keep all of us informed about this business and make some of us skeptics re think our postion.

    David Kelley

    Activation King Wireless

    Retail Rep

    I will not promote myself as that is not what I am trying to do here.

  61. Daniel,

    Next time you may want to check with the Panther owners to see if they have asked for a few more days before we post!!!

  62. Daniel,

    For your information, the Panther boys asked me NOT to report anything until they had everything in place. So, before you start getting your panties all twisted, next time call them and ask them to see what might be happening.

  63. Well I see that no one "including Troy: has yet to comment on the new changes. This is just what I was affraid that I would find here. NO CURRENT UPDATES, Yes people we have the REAL OFFICE OPEN, Yes ALL the CHANGES has been made, YES we now have IPHONES, YES we are in more than 3 countries. YES we are getting paid. So why is it that things are still the same. Well Troy, Let us know whats on your mind…. And yes Troy, I and everyone else wants to know what you think about the NEW PANTHER PHONE…..Please Let me "EVERYONE" Know what you think on here.

  64. Patti,

    Thanks for this info. I did talk with Bud late Friday night, and he made it very clear Chris is not working with, or coming to GG.

  65. Hi Troy:

    In response to the question as to whether or not Harry, Kevin & Chris are still working together………the answer is that yesterday I was on a conference call with Chris & asked a question that he couldn't answer. He told me that when the call ended, he would call me & we would 3-way with Kevin. As Chris has continued to do, he delivered with what he promised. Within 10 minutes of the conference call, Chris, Kevin & I were discussing my question & Kevin promised that he would look into the issue that was concerning me & that he would get back to me. He asked for my number so that he could call me back. If they are not working together, this would not have happened!! As with all start up MLM companies (or any company for that matter) hiccups occur. I believe that they will continue with Panther Mobile, but I feel comfortable in the fact that I believe that whatever the issue, they will work to rectify it.

  66. HeyConcernedMLMer,

    You posted …"I like to think that people set out to do good and circumstances that can be out of their control cause problems to happen". We'd like to personally THANK YOU for that comment. It's so TRUE that there ARE STILL good people in the networking and marketing industry that set out to do ONLY good and then get popped with circumstances they themselves have NO or little control over! We found ourselves in that exact SAME position with Global Verge and for two serious, honest and ethical networkers and marketers …we would NOT want to find ourselves in that SAME position again …EVER!

    We too were called "liars, thieves, scammers" etc., but when the time came – WE LEFT and AS PROMISED acknowleged that WE HAD in fact made a monumental mistake believing all that garbage! We're just VERY GLAD NOW and EVEN WE understand (like you sir), that humanity makes and WILL ALWAYS make mistakes. Fact IS: WHEN it's TIME to LEAVE …IT's TIME TO LEAVE and recoop as much honor, integrity and dignity as is possible with the SUPPORT of others who understand the same and MOVE ONWARD and FORWARD to a better place!

  67. Hey Kristen!

    Now there's nothing wrong with being aligned with the company of your choice. However, IF you've READ the TERMS & POLICIES for Global Verge …YOU WILL quickly FIND OUT that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to be a part or belong to ANY other competing company AND …YOU CAN BE TERMINATED if you're found out!

    Not trying to offend you BUT …just a HEADS UP! If you've been in Networking and Marketing for ANY length of time, you should already KNOW this. If not, no worries, just FIND OUT BEFORE you speak of belonging to MORE than ONE company that Direct Sells the SAME or SIMILAR Products and / or Services.

    MOST if not ALL Products and / or Services Companies WILL NOT ALLOW you to belong to EVEN ONE of their competitiors. Usually it's because there's that ETHICS 101 issue AND COMPETITION they're concerned about along with CROSS-PROMOTING and CROSS-SPONSORING!

  68. Hey Patti!

    Yes! We heard you on the call today (Saturday 03/13/200) and YOU and YOUR Phone were CLEAR AS A BELL! If that speaks VOLUMES – it's because it SHOULD! Welcome to Panther Mobile and THE Future of Marketing Something GREAT!

  69. Hey Again Chris!

    Let there be NO Doubt that YOU are doing one Super Job and just for clarification, we now know how to contact you and are looking forward to speaking with you! Panther Mobile and you are a great match and as far as we can tell – doing EVERYTHING for the distributors!

    Thanks again Chris for providing something others couldn't at the time and for being here for those of us that needed that "special" something new that would renew their faith in networking and marketing!

  70. Hey Casper!

    Don't understand totally why there's such a "rush to judgement" on Gold and Silver – COULD BE our economy and the "situations" past with Teddy Roosevelt confiscating Gold back then! There are 3 ways to invest in Gold: Boullion, American Eagle Coins and Raw Gold before 1933. Out of those 3 as we understand it – only the 3rd option is exempt from being confiscated by the US Government. If you're really interested in finding out about Gold and Silver or Precious Metals – here's a site you mght find interesting:

  71. Absolutely 100% Correct Troy!

    Anytime someone's been popped by the negligence and / or silence of another – they need to do some research and FIND OUT what it is that's bugging their gut! If they don't want to have that old "wait-n-see" attitude – they they SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY go elsewhere where they DO feel comfortable! EYES WIDE OPEN is a good basic ATTITUDE and LET YOUR EXPERIENCE and HEART GUIDE YOU!

  72. Kristen I know your concerns because I was an your place I ' exglobal trash victim also but ,I been with panther for 6weeks now ,I been activiting cell phones with 200 free minutes with my leaders and geting phones an less than 4 business days and I been talking with CHRIS almost avery day since we are beta testing cellphones and diferent countries now and next weeks Mexico if averithing go well with this guys,this 3 guys definitely know what they doing and 2 months Chris has brigning to the table services that not one that I know had been do it I'm impress ,believe me you are safe this the company that will superate exel

  73. The question isn't that we don't know if Chris is staying or going, the only people who are speculating about it are GG people. It is rumors started to cast doubt. There is nothing behind them. I have spoke to Chris and he has addressed this on his calls. Chris, Harry and Kevin are officers in Panther. So he is here. Your question is not a valid one because you are relying on a source who has wishful thinking. Bud says wait, and Chris will bring that here. GV and GG "wait and see" yet never provide anything. What has GV and GG brought?
    Oh by the way, Why did you have the panther URL ? It looks like you did try to hide the fact what company you rep for! I don't mean to be mean, I am just calling it like I see it! Your post looks like a thinly disguised inquiry that is supposed to cast doubt on a company, but has no real merit. Guys am I being too harsh? Me personally, I don't want people who are insecure about the company they join. They are bad recruits. (last part deleted because it was uncalled for).

  74. Frank and Bud are part if GG and in fact Frank created GG when Global Verge emerged.

    Chris handles the Wireless contracts while Kevin handles the website development and Harry has a better understanding and develops the MLM aspect of Panther Mobile. Let there be no illusions about the strong commitment that these three have to Panther Mobile.

  75. Sam This is Kristen Osteen, FYI I am a Global Verge and FDI rep, I dont hide that fact, I was looking at panther as I was global verge, but I saw chris lasted there 3 or 4 months, and want to make sure the same thing does not happen at panther, I see that you have a real product and service here and am seriously considering moving to panther. But why should I do this if you guys dont even know if Chris is staying, I dont want to risk moving my organization to panther if the Products are going to Global Group.

  76. Carie and Kristin. I am curious, what companies are you affiliated with? Your posts come off as though you are not with Panther, but you both list the Panther url under your name. It is the one that Chris uses. Not a reps URL. Maybe you are a rep, and just don't want anyone to know who you are. Just wondering.

  77. Today's Panther call, Harry was asking Chris direct questions and referred to him. Chris was not officially with Panther, but this week they are supposed to be merging the companies panther and Unlimited Wizard. On his last call he referred to his self as the Vice President of Panther Mobile. I can't say he isn't leaving, but it doesn't look that way. This is the second rumor posted in three weeks, where someone alludes that they herd, or someone told them Chris is leaving. Carri Fraizer asked: " So is frank varone, Lying?". Is Global Group trying to stir things up to hurt our recruiting? I have no idea who Frank or Bud are, but I guess they are with GG (sorry if that is not true). Are they that scared of Panther Mobile? Maybe they should be.

  78. Hey Paul:

    I have programmed the Homies number into my phone & when I dial it, all I have to do is hit #1 and then dial my number. So far so good for me too…….it actually has been quite amazing since calling Mexico is usually a little bit of a challenge because there's always that lull before you even get a line. All I do with this is to enter the phone number & it immediately starts to ring. Keep me posted as to how you are doing………I'll do the same.

    When I joined MonaVie, it was still Monarch Health Sciences, and this company blew to the top of the MLM companies………and, it had it's hiccups too. I think that when we have challenges that are overcome, we become stronger as distributors as well as stronger companies. I'm thinking that Panther Mobile may just deliver exactly what it says it will.

  79. Kristen,

    I find this interesting. I was on the phone with Chris, Harry and Kevin two days ago and they were all at the new corporate offices in Florida.

    Now, I do know Bud called me today, and I have not had a chance to call him back, but I will reach out and see what he has to say also.

    As for where Chris comes from. he has been a top dealer for many years and from the folks I have talked to outside of MLM in the wireless arena he is well liked and respected. They all say he plays hardball in business, but will give the shirt off his back to friends.

  80. I have to say I am impressed that with what panther has done, I see chris has done most if not all of this, My concern is I have been to And i see harry and kevin, no chris, also they never mention him on the calls is chris going to GG, I talked to Bud nemeth and he says Chris is coming there or is this all just BS, please let us know, So please let us know troy I will not be a part of this company if chris is going to GG, further can you let us know more about chris, and where he comes from etc, Also I was told that the panther site looks exactly like another site that is owned by another MLM that is on the Scam list here, Please let us know thanks.


  81. Sam,

    Wise words. This is a start-up company and there will be issues as they grow. One thing they have going for them is a field force which seems to be willing to come along and side and help them out.

  82. Hey Patti, like you I have been set up as a Beta tester here in Canada. It is a Rogers MyFive Pay as You Go Product. So far so good. The 800 number works but still does not recognize the number and asks for a pin.

    The Homies service makes my long distance calls a local call can not at this time be added to my five unlimited numbers for calling. This is a Rogers issue, as they allow only five local numbers to be added to the unlimited calling. So we were not able to add the 1-800 access number.

    Chris is contacting the Homies service to get a local access number for me to use. That will allow me to make calls through Homies for less than a penny a minute instead of the 30 cents a minute that Rogers charges for Pay As You Go airtime. And 40 cents a minute for long distance.

    So if I get the local access number. and can use it without the PIN, this could be a winner.
    My recent post So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough?

  83. Panther, as a company is nowhere near having all the glitches cleared up. They may have new p&p etc, but there is still way more to correct. I believe they are addressing them, but for a while, Panther will be a work in progress. Understanding that, and being prepared for 'not instant service', then things will be good.

  84. I am one of the people whose phone was lit up for Beta Testing. I am in Canada & Chris set me up last night to test the product. So far, it's amazing…………….I've called Mexico twice today & it has been clear as a bell, just as if I was talking to next door neighbours. I have called the US a couple of times too & intend to call overseas.

    As far as I know, all the glitches have been cleared up and every "i" is dotted & ever "t" crossed.

  85. Troy we don't see eye to eye because I am 6'6" to your puny little 6 feet. That would make me tall enough to see the bald spot on the top of your head before you shaved it all off.

    OK, with cheap shots aside 🙂 I will be on the 4PM webinar on Tuesday March 9 2010 to activate a Canadian phone number. I will immediately be calling back into the webinar with the cell phone. We will see how it works.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough? =-.

  86. These are questions you can ask Chris directly on daily conference calls. And you ask can he really do this? He did it right? Question answered with action.

  87. Partners,

    I have been doing the same, and it excites me to see things changing. Stay tuned for the new post.

  88. I thought that was you on the call! Chris wanted an unbiased raw opinion on Canada activation with Rodgers, and I agree, you will provide it. I look forward to hearing your report.

  89. I thought that was you on the call! Chris wanted an unbiased raw opinion on Canada activation with Rodgers, and I agree, you will provide it. I look forward to hearing your report.

  90. Antonio,

    If you have to ask this question, you must not have watched the video or read the article.

  91. WOW!

    And you folks think I can be tough. It Paul has decided to beta test PM, then I can tell you there will not be a stone unturned. Paul and I do not always see eye to eye, but we will fight together for what is right. I sometimes take a louder approach than Paul, but let me tell you when he goes hunting he does not miss a thing.

    Paul, please keep us posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  92. If you were apart of global verge and your email was part of that account your emails never got to me box, please resend with your phone number so I can contact you, on south Africa we just put a team inplace to handle growth and issues and we are already activating phones in south Africa. So I look forward to speaking with u

  93. I can't believe I am writing this. Particularly with the history between Chris Greco and myself in this community. o.0 However, tonight I found myself volunteering to be one of his Canadian guinea pigs and beta testing his service in Canada.

    Even tougher to write, is that I am intrigued by what they are doing at PM. I see great value and opportunity with this company. Of course that is based on the information I have at hand at this time, which is limited. 😉 However, it is enough for me to look deeper into what PM has to offer and test their service out.

    There are some pages on their site that is down, so it appears that they are making the updates and corrections that Troy requested. Chris mentioned on the conference call tonight that other updates are being made as well.

    I will be sharing my beta test reviews here and on my blog to keep you all posted.
    My recent post So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough?

  94. Hey Carri,

    Good question and Good concern! Although Chris is a part of the company and does activations, the MAIN focus of Panther Mobile is to activate services, provide good cellular phone products and bring this company to the forefront of Wireless Providers. What Chris does "stays with what Chris does" and wether or not it's separate is an issue to be resolved within Panther Mobile and it's principles. Don't discount a "support ticket" directly TO Panther Mobile if there are further questions or assistance needed regarding an international activation and/or phone products.

  95. Hey Sam!

    THANK YOU for your keen comments as well! It's reps like you that help others of us in Panther Mobile to watch our P's & Q's and make sure that nothing like GV ever happens to us or anyone else again and …YES and BIG Kudo's to Harry, Kevin and Chris who are keeping THIS fine boat polished, pristeen and on it's way to bigger things like becoming a TOP Provider for Wireless products and services! You're absolutely 100% right that ALL companies have issues and it's NOT WHAT HAPPENS so much as HOW the company responds and responds in a TIMELY Manner!

  96. 03/07/2010 …Hey Troy!

    Obviously, we're just now reading posts from 3 days ago and we've clicked on every link you provided beneath your video above. Apparently these things referring to the ACN Compensation Plan within The Panther Mobile Terms and Conditions *(your instuctions to find under Terms & Use) and also inside the Terms and Conditions *(your instructions to Scroll to the bottom of the T&Cs) have been addressed.

    In our opinion, the danger of forums is that people see and read things from a prior time frame before appropriate changes can occur and then believe prior reporting to be current when in fact it no longer is.

    Let us be the VERIFICATION on this one – appropriate changes HAVE in fact been made as far as we can tell and we see NO evidence to the contrary. Panther Mobile HAS in fact corrected whatever minor issues existed and are in fact headed forward and upward in their quest to become a TOP company and MLM. Let's not forget that newer companies and MLM's are always updating and making changes to their online affiliate offers and sites!


  97. Hey Troy! How come Panther Mobile is now on the Scam list when at one point you were saying how they looked great and how up front they were! Are they going to be removed, since they are doing the things you pointed out that needed to be done?

    Let me know!

    Take care and keep up the great work!

  98. Hey Chris!

    We've done everything we could to get a call from you and still not a peep in 6 weeks! We're trying our best to help someone in South Africa and in fact 3 someone's that haven't been able to reach you also! Could you please call us! Our Area Code: (386) and you know the rest!

    Not trying to make you look bad Chris, and we know how busy you are – – we just need you to call us and we even ask on one of your calls – you said we were 2nd on your list to call for that day but we still have not heard from you. We've emailed you, left you alot of messages by phone and had even spoken to Harry on how to contact you direct. Just please call us and allow us to talk to you so we can get assistance for some people in South Africa.

  99. The Policy and Terms of Use are now on the site. However, there are some links in that are not live yet.

  100. Troy I am really amazed coming from Global Verge at what I have seen here at Panther, Really I listened to the Call yesterday and I cant believe what they are doing I heard Chris Activate a Phone in South Africa the day before, and then Russia yesterday and had it on a webinar so people could actually see it.
    What I want to know is what ground is panther on legally to do this, And are these Chris Company Agreements or is it Panther.
    It is refreshing when a company is honest they tried to do Canada yesterday but it wouldnt work so they are doing it tonight, Chris made no excuses and offered free service on the international product in canada, I am amazed, Can they really do this.

  101. Troy we have all the confidence in the world that you'll keep a close eye on PM. I just hope they can handle all the growing pains too, well with time and experience that Chris has they should make it! I honestly think that Chris is very knowledgeable about wireless cell phones, he is very on Fire when it come to cellular for sure. I feel safe that he can be a great leader from what I seen the other day. PM be honest and take care of all your down line and return all the tickets submitted to your support line for help. Good Luck PM!
    My recent post Patriot Coal again temporarily shuts W.Va. mine

  102. A lot has come about for Panther, lighting up phones in other countries for Beta Tests, New contracts for new carriers. When they all get put into the Panther site we will have THE wireless products that others will want. Hey, we have a lot now! Panther is not perfect, but I haven't found any company (MLM or otherwise) that is. I have been a District Manager for a national restaurant chain, a General Manager for a national retail store and private business owner, and all had issues, some major and some minor. Its not always what happens, its how the company responds, that defines a company. I hope this isn't too much of a ra! ra! cheer post, but after being on the calls, and seeing the things that has happened (positive and not so positive), and the things that have been brought into play, I must say there is no other company I want to grow with. Thank you, Harry, Kevin, and Chris, also Congratulations to my fellow reps, You have hit the jackpot!

  103. So it looks like much has been rectified. The policies and procedures are not up yet, but the Affiliate link is active. From what I can tell, the programmer brought in to help out, put the link to ACN in on his own for some reason (I'll let you draw your own conclusions), but Kevin Harry and us reps all should have caught it. It is my understanding, he (the programmer) had been part of another company and volunteered his services, and was brought aboard as a paid programmer, and removed after this. I can not verify this, just what I was told, and I have no reason to believe any differently.

  104. Chris,

    Thank you for keeping us up to date. I did get a call from Harry today filling me in from his side also. As soon as everything is complete, I will be ready to shoot an update.

    I am personally proud of the way you guys are jumping on these issues and getting everything taken care of for your distributors.

    Step it up, cause Canada and South Africa are here, Im not saying it will be easy but we have fulfilled what other companies only talk about, Russia, India, and we are testing in China now. So thanks for all the constructive critisim guys, you only make me better and work harder, and thank you Troy for not giving us a pass and being honest with the distributors.

    Chris Greco
    Vice President
    Panther Mobile

  106. Yes, there is so much hype on a gold and silver coin company. I look forward to seeing your post on that one.

  107. Great post. I'm a Panther Mobile Rep and on today's conference call Chris Greco gave Troy big props for his his well balanced analysis of Panther Mobile. Chris, Kevin and Harry didn't make any excuses for the regulatory and policy issue. They are the best.

    And Troy, you just keep up the good work. We need fresh eyes like yours.

  108. Troy,

    Your comments are nothing but constructive criticism and Chris gave you kudos for bringing these up. Kevin also accepted responsibility for some of the programming oversight that was made by programmers. So overall, I would have to thank you for giving Panther Mobile the necessary feedback to make it even a stronger player in the MLM/wireless industry by being compliant.

    Once Panther gets these straightened out, WATCH OUT WORLD!


  109. Thanks for your thoughts Concerned. I will not call you a hater. I have briefly spoken to Harry. He called me x2 at 7:40 this morning (I was still asleep), but he answered my call a few min ago. Gave me an explanation of what happened on the ACN web page, I just need to verify a couple of things before reporting to everyone. They did disable the link today, so now they have to change the content. I'll let know in a little bit.

  110. I have to say this is the best comment made thus far on this serious subject concerning Panther Mobile, WOW Mobile and Global Verge, etc. My hat is off to both ConcernedMLMer and Troy Dooly! I truly appreciate the honesty shown. Keep up the good work!!!

  111. Blake,

    You always provide solid value. In this case I agree 100% follow your heart. If you have lost trust in folks do to the connections from the past (I know I have been here before) then go where you can have a fresh start.

    I see it like a relationship. If you have been betrayed by someoen you trust, more than once and others knew what was going on, but stayed silent (at least for a little while) then it causes you to not trust them either.

    I do think these guys will get some traction under their feet and will correct these small issues. But, even then I would tell you personally, to not wait. Go find a home where you can get a fresh start. Even if there are frustrations, at least you will have a fresh start.

  112. Sam,

    This was a tough one to do, because I truly feel these guys these three guys could not pull off a scam to save their soul.

    Chris is to out spoken, Kevin has to many irons in the fire getting Panther launched, and Harry is to busy answering calls from people in the field.

    Professional scammers have all the ducks in order from the very first day so they look like a million bucks… TVI Express comes to mind… And maybe a company who sells gold and silver coins, or the DubLi Network. THese are companies who I classify true scams.

    With folks like you building your leadership from the field I truly beleive this will be corrected fast.

  113. Troy,

    I appreciate what you do for this industry.

    I'm an optimist. I like to think that people set out to do good and circumstances that can be out of their control cause problems to happen. When Global Verge first came out with Buzzirk/Zer01 I said, "I welcome the technology, bring it on." But I threw caution regarding the lack of infrastructure that Global Verge had to supply the MLM side (the side that paid the checks). Of course I was called a hater (because I was in a competing company) and I was told that soon "I would see that Global Verge would be the strongest company in MLM." That was told to me by some pretty serious "players" in the MLM world.

    Well, I guess we can all agree they were wrong.

    My hope is that Panther is able to provide what they say they will provide. But as I said before with Global Verge, just because someone says they are going to do something doesn't mean they have the actual ability to follow through with it in an MLM setting.

    Running a traditional wireless business and an MLM wireless business are two completely different things. Having a cell phone deal means nothing. You need rep support, proper legal counsel, a strong MLM commission reporting system, a solid accounting system to ensure commissions are run properly and paid promptly. This list (as you know Troy) goes on and on.

    I hope Panther is able to pull off what they are promising to people. But I will caution those that are being sucked in by the hype to open your eyes and look at the entire infrastructure you're going to be aligning your efforts with. In other words, don't make an emotional decision, make a business minded decision. Any idea for a company is not enough in these economic times!

    I know, all the Panther people will call me a hater. Well guys, I'm not here mentioning any other company names. I'm not linking to any websites or blogs here. Just someone that loves the MLM profession (particularly the telecom side) and doing my part to help protect it.

    I wish the Panther Mobile opportunity the best of luck trying to make a go at this. I'm pulling for you. I truly am – for the good of the MLM profession!

  114. I found the link. At this point, Panther has a simple comp plan. Why would they have an ACN plan attached that has no resemblence to Panthers. I wonder if kevin made the link and did not check it? I am a detailed person (except spelling) so this bothers me to no end.

  115. I am not to sure about this one…think I will go join Team USA , they sound a lot better. I am still in a mental clean up mode after global verge and just don't want to deal with anyone who was connected with them…they all go back to shady goings on, seems like they are up to it again…
    Wow seems to be legit and forth coming on all communications i have had.
    Any way I am taking my time, and being careful, thanks for this post as it confirms my suspicions.

  116. Well, as a rep and a leader, I'll have to light a fire under the three of them and get these taken care of. Getting new and great phone services is important, but the main priority is to be complaint. Lets see what we can do! I'm all over it! By the way, thanks for being fair!

  117. David,

    It was tough. But as I said at the beginning of the year, my main focus is making sure potential distributors and current distributors fully understand where their companies stand.

    These can be fixed pretty fast, and as soon as I verify the info is fixed, then we will do an updated post.

    As I stated in the post, I DO NOT think these guys are out to run a scam. I think they are getting started, and just have not covered some of the small but important issues.

  118. Wow Troy,

    This amazed me when I seen this. However they are small infractions, you are right. Thank you for the heads up

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