Panther Mobile Founders Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes Talk To MLM Help Desk

Today, I was able to catch up with Panther Mobile Founders, Harry Aston, CEO and Kevin Sipes, President. The call was heated at times, and humorous at others. However, we did get some pretty interesting facts from these two Panther Founders.

Here are some of the information Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes provided to us today.

1. Make America Shine Products LLC, aka Panther Mobile, has never done business with eVerge or Global Verge or any of the founders of Global Verge.

2. Kevin Sipes during his association with eVerge was not an owner, member, silent partner, officer or employee of Make America Shine Products, LLC dba Panther Mobile.

3. Chris Greco has never been an owner, member, partner, employee or consultant of Make America Shine Products, LLC dba Panther Mobile.

4. Make America Shine Products, LLC aka Panther Mobile has never seen, used or solicited the Global Verge Line of Sponsorship (Rep Database)

There will be more in the upcoming days as this saga continues.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Two things, 1. Chris is a 10% owner. 2. The recorded call has a context to it that has not been properly brought out.

  2. Here is a copy and paste from a Susan Bateman email dated April 22nd, I can forward it to you if you like, she states Chris Greco is the owner of Global Pros, yet in audio on this website Chris Greco states he is not with nor promotes Global Pros, these people are professionals !!!






  3. Aussiecellular,

    You are indeeed correct.

    Rogers does offer 2 prepaid unlimited plans: I totally forgot they had these, because they are not condusive to our needs & I simply overlooked them

    One is called My5 – Local talk & text to ONLY 5 friends on any network –

    It would be important to highlight that:

    Any call made outside of the 5 numbers you program into the phone costs 30cents/minute.

    Once you program the 5 numbers you call the most, you CANNOT make any changes until the following month.

    Outgoing LD, text to landline & landline calls along with additional roaming charges would also cost extra

    ANY incoming calls from anything other than either of Rogers pre-paid plans will cost the customer 30 cents per minute, including landline & other wireless providers.

    There is also an additional 30 cents / minute fee for using Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting & Group Calling

    The 2nd pre-paid plan is also $25/mth, it is an unlimited outgoing & incoming domestic text messages + unlimited on-device mobile browsing (which is an extra $10/mth) with unlimited LOCAL calling from 3PM to 6PM

    Anything outside of the 3 hrs of FREE LOCAL calling, is subjected to a 30 cents/minute charge, plus additional roaming charges if applicable, plus access to voicemail, call waiting or even group calling

    Again, if someone is running a business the 3 hrs of FREE Local calling doesn't quite meet the needs of the people I know

    While they may bait you with a $25/mth plan, it is up to the consumer to know EXACTLY what other costs would be incurred.

    It is hidden gotcha's like these that keep the shareholders happy & upset the consumer.

    I would keenly be interested in understanding how, any of the extra charges could be avoided through your service

    Kevin in Canada

  4. Troy F.

    I have to wonder if your Unlimited Sprint Plan has the same coverage as Boost Mobile because if it does then it don't do much good to have a plan/service that you can only use in less then half the USA.

    Where can i look at the coverage map for this service ?


  5. I am checking on this issue. Phil has reached out to me and Chris has sent emails. I am wrapped up on a family issue the next 24 hours, then I will address this question.

    If these two are working out their differences privately, this is good news for distributors in both companies.

  6. MoneyByDay1,

    Your comment is kind of funny to me. There are also people who think the republicans are Rotten Fakes, and then there are others who think the Democrats are Rotten Fakes. How about you give us the proof to show more than opinion and we'll take it form there.

  7. MoneyByDay1,

    Respect is Earned, Never Given. There is no doubt Greco has helped specific people. However it still remains to see how many distributors have been hurt by is previous actions.

  8. I am saying here and now, I didn't Believe it, The Unlimited Sprint Plan is real, I paid 59.95 Flat, I have a Backberry 8330 with unlimited everything and Tethering, It is real Troy, I am here in South Carolina, I am a former Global Verge rep, I left because they never could produce. I have to say this product is Big, We have been getting told by our Group Team One, that we will make a 9% commission off this product residually every month!! I am stoked, Troy why don't you beta test the product to validate that its real.

    I am so Stoked, T-Mobile Unlimited, Sprint Unlimited, Verizon Unlimited all under 55.00 a month This is insane.

    I think Chris said he was taking over the industry Troy, Cause he is by Default.

    Thanks for the post keep up the info, No matter what is said here Troy, Global Pros is exploding rapidly in Growth.

  9. Steve I too was a Global Verge rep and called Chris everything under the sun, But me paul and others have been "you can say hushed" because Mr.Greco said here it is Try this out, I have been using the service here in the UK for over 3 months now, So he produces what he says. As for Global Verge you need to Throw out your leadership, There are two companies PHPI and GLOBAL PROS, that have come out of the Mandess that is GV because of the Bad Practices of Mark and Ted.

    It took me awhile to recognize that fact. I was hooked. But I also said, wait a minute, we have only been given promises, etc. Chris gave us a product, I went with Chris.

    Global Verge has again LIED to the Reps about an Unlimited Product that does not exist (for them anyway)

    Get real, F-Bombs and All Chris has more integrity in his Pinky that both the Whole of Mark and Ted.

  10. Thomas thank you for your service. I too have been given everything I was promised, And its people like you that make this worth while. I am Proud to have someone like you in this Industry. I am happy to be working with Chris, when he does things like this for Honorable Men, To give people and opportunity and actually have the products in place first, The call today is suppose to be the Blast Off of Global Pros and Should be interesting to see.

  11. Troy all I can say is this, Mr.Greco has been working with me and my team over here since January and Has followed Through with everything he has told us, Including this announcement of the UK MVNO, Which being the Skeptic that I am because of Global Verge, I called and Verified. Troy I agree with you, the Moving between companies was not pretty, But I have to say you can't put this all on Mr.Greco here.

    Panther is well Documented that Both Harry and Kevin Basically LIED to Chris, He was to be brought in as an Owner, And in your own posts on this blog have said as much. Mr.Greco I think gave Panther More than enough time Troy. Mr.Greco Shut down his online retail site, and as of Today Unlimited Wizard is still the Same way. Why would he do that if he wanted to hurt panther. Troy infact, Panther had less than 200 reps correct? I bring this to light because I think you were rough on Chris about Panther. After 90 days and nothing signed you can't blame him. As for DNA, it came down to the comp plan and a deception by Phil Piccolo as to who he really was. What so now Chris Greco is Bad for not wanting to LIE TO THE FIELD and go along with the SHELL game that is DNA and Phil Piccolo. Warren Anthony, John Nocton, How many other people at DNA are really Phil?

    As for Global Verge that Speaks for itself, This new Partnership from Global Verge and Hop-On all speak for themselves. They were MADE for each other, Still waiting on that Post Troy, But I am Betting we wont see it.

    As for Chris Producing Phones, I got my Phone and Sim card while he was at Panther on time in a timely fashion. Now Chris and Phil call a Truce. I think that everything Chris has done has and will continue to help the industry, I will say I believe Mr.Greco is 100% wrong for what he said about WOW Mobile and Randy Jeffers, But I respect the hell out of Chris Greco for sticking by what he said, He didn't Back track make excuses, He owned it Troy and moved on, Who else would do that.

    I cant wait to see how GLOBAL PROS works out. And with the New MVNO here and the other Product from Orange it should be interesting, I can tell you, I am on the Team as a BARRISTER, here in the United Kingdom to get Mr.Greco set up Legal here and Set them up to take the VAT, So They will be legal and ready to go by June 1, 2010.

    Your a beacon Troy, Continue to do good work. As for Phil Piccolo, I hope you are being nice to the guy to get and and set him up for a hard fall.

  12. No one has given Chris G. Any Credit due to him! He deserves more Respect from more people here. You should show more respect for him because weather you know this or not, Chris is doing what no one here can for us small people! GV & DNA, WOW, Zoom are big rip offs! Marking up the prices so the people at the top make the killing, not there reps!

  13. The whole thing about DNA is that NO ONE HAS THE BALLS there to admit that PHIL PICCOLO is a Rotten FAKE Person, all of the DNA reps that stay in DNA are dumb, blind and stupid ! An other GV! Chris caught the Scam and no one gives him any credit! They only say bad things about him!

    They should be calling PHIL PICCOLO the dirty names! Now DNA is selling this stupid Magnetic band that helps your body, what kind of Crap are they going to try to sell there reps next??

    Good Luck DNA! You should be selling your products at the Flea market!

  14. Just so you know Aussiecellular, we are also launching an MVNO in the UK as well so add that to the list.

  15. Hey sam don't worry about Steve, His company just Merged with a company that is bankrupt in debt and is being shut down by the SEC, If anything I find it interesting Global Verge would Merge with a company thats Founder ALSO WAS CONVICTED of a Securities Fraud charge!

    Things to make you go Hmmmmmm.

    This Fiasco in my opinion is a bait and switch by GV to divert attention away from the Criminals they Just partnered with.

  16. Thanks for the kind words, I will continue to do all I can for you and your colleagues, Thomas, You are a true leader in this industry.

    If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know, And thank you for your Honorable Service.

  17. Troy I just read this on DNA and GLOBAL PROS Inc. CALL a truce and Phil Piccolo and Greco agree not to talk negatively this is BIG NEWS, is this true?

    DNA and Global Pros call a Truce. No more infighting or slander from either company.

    Posted by Eric Collins on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Breaking News, I was just contacted by Chris Greco of Global Pros Inc. That Data Network Affiliates and Global Pros Inc. Have called a truce from any further Bad Talk about either company from each other, This came about from a conversation between Chris Greco and Phil Piccolo DNA's Lead Consultant.

    Chris Greco has released this statement " Both Companies have realized how the continued course can do nothing but Damage both entities and to move forward and focus on our businesses respectfully is the best course of action. Global Pros Inc. will not partake in any negative information concerning DNA, and I have been given the same assurance from DNA about Global Pros, I feel this is not only best for our companies but for MLM Wireless as a whole. DNA has things in its company that are good for its Distributors, as Well as we have things good for ours. I will move forward as our CEO and focus more on building this business for our distributors." This statement was released by Chris Greco at 11:18 am EST.

    Well this makes the situation very interesting to say the least. We will continue to watch this, We have also put in an Email to DNA Support to Confirm this statement by Chris Greco.

  18. Hi Troy

    I believe you are addressing the question I have posted for you. However you have used the wrong name.

    My name is James M, Not John.

    I realize you are very busy man and I appreciate you looking into this for me.

    Again Thanks

    James M

  19. Wow what a bomb shell on the Webinar, Satellite Phones, WOW, Troy you may want to get with Chris on this, I was amazed, Chris said he is waiting on the phones but AT&T has backed this satellite company, and Global Pros is the company to sell it in MLM, Troy you have to ask him about it, This will change everything, WOW, Unlimited Talk text Web, 3g data on AT&T and Satellite if there is a weak or no signal, It all connects the dots, the US Representatives, The other countries and the push for the MVNO's and now this, This is Genius, Troy you have to see this. Please reach out to chris you have to see this!!

    all for 69.95, This phone unlike Zero1 actually may work on the moon lol.

  20. I think its becoming plain to see that Chris Greco is very clever. Here is someone who ownes an MVNO making some good money. He sees the MLM wireless industry begin to boil and decides that he will go tip over the pot and then clean up the mess!! Wow….very clever.

  21. team one, whats the announcement, Im in global pros. how do I sign up for team one, seems like you guys get more updates then we do

  22. John,

    Thank you sir, for the kind words. I may have launched the site, but the community members are the ones who should get the real credit. It is through their input, that people get to see exactly what the grass root distributors are feeling.

    John, this is great info, and I will take the next couple of days to review this link, and pass it on to one of my State Representatives to see if he can shed some light on it specifically on the Plates.

    I can say, that has provided several articles where he has talked to Amber Alert people, and they did not seem inclined to use 3rd party databases.

    We will get on this and take a deeper look.

    John, again thank you for providing this additional info.

  23. Troy

    First of all I would like to say that you are a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in the site.

    I must say that I have never been involved with any MLM adventures in my life until the Beginning of the year. I was Introduced to DNA from a really sweet women I know in St. Petersburg, Florida. She new I was looking to get a little boost to my income as I am disabled and not able to work a job any more.

    After I went to the web site I was impressed with the idea of helping Missing Children and being able to get into the program for Free. I did sign up and started doing my thing with entering my tags every month and have built a small down-line, All Free Affiliates.

    I listened to all the conference calls when Chris Greco can on with the Cell Phone stage of DNA. Also with the decline of Chris Greco not fulfilling the contracts. Fortunately I did not Go Pro and buy any of the contracts. I'm still working the tags and listening to the conference calls. They now have a new Cell phone that the are offering the Pro Affiliates to purchase. I don't think it's a good deal so I will not be getting one.

    I am waiting on the full web site and all plans that will be available to the public as well as Affiliates.

    Now for my Question and maybe some help from you and your staff about the collecting of tag numbers and entering then in the database at DNA.

    You mentioned in one of your video's about the privacy laws about this so I did some research and found the Federal Law you mentioned and several court cases about the Sharing or selling of automobile information. I do not see that the law is specific on car tags just automobile information in general.

    This link is to a site that has all the info on the law and links to the Court Cases.

    I believe you are in the state of Florida, However the law would apply to all states in the USA.

    TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 123 > S 2721

    "The latest amendment to the DPPA requires states to get permission from individuals before their personal motor vehicle record may be sold or released to third-party marketers"

    Web Site: also has some Florida Case Law on the subject.

    Have you looked at this and made any decisions as to the legality of people collecting the tag numbers and placing the information in a database the some one is going to use the information for Amber alerts as DNA Claims it will do.

    I see no information that will let me know for sure that the will be affiliated with the Amber Alerts. I do know they have stated in the conference calls that they will not be selling the information to anyone. They say that they will be giving the data away for free to help find missing children an missing people in general.

    After reading the Law and court cases i see that it would be a questionable thing if they sold the Data. It appears that they may be on sound ground giving it away. Maybe this is why they changed their mind about selling it.

    I'm still concerned that people may be breaking the law by collecting the tags and entering them in the database.

    Has your legal team looked at this issue and do you have any good information on the subject.

    I do know you stated that you had concerns about it.


    James M

  24. Team One Rocks,

    Jeff called me over the weekend and left me a message. If Babner is the attorney taking care of Global Pros, then I feel confident the distributors will have a solid company, as long as the founders follow Jeff's direction.

    John also reached out to me, but due to it being Mother's day weekend, I have not had a chance to get back in touch with him.

    This is truly a plus for the company.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  25. Thomas,

    First let me say thank you for your service to your country and the free world.

    I fully respect what you have written. If you say Chris has given you and other Veterans discounts, then I take you at your word, and I am glad to see Chris has seen fit to honor all troops active and retired in this fashion.

    Agian, thank you for speaking out on this issue.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  26. Troy I am a veteran of Iraq here in Canada, I can speak for Chris here and Say he is 100% real on taking care of the Veterans Troy, Not only do I get my Wireless service cheaper than Anyone else in CANADA, But I also get a Further Veteran Discount, He gives me my Rogers Service at COST. I don't see anyone else here helping us Troy, And I am signed up at Global Pros, He is allowing all Veterans to come in as a Pro Ptlus for Free, Of everyone else I have done business with in the industry Chris Greco has delivered on Everything Promised, I am Proud to be associated with him.

    I was in the Royal Canadian AirForce and was injured in an Accident non Combat Related.

    I have to commend Chris for his work for the Vets, I haven't seen a company Like this in a long time, I know they have legal in place and the comp plan, I think they are waiting until the 15th to release it.

    Troy for people like me, Chris is a God send. And he actually cares, I never got a call from Petschel or Robbins, EVER.

    I still haven't been paid for GTS I sold in the U.S. to my US team, and nothing has been reported on this Troy, Even with Robbins Admitting it, What Gives.

    I am a Believer in Chris Greco, And I believe things happen for a reason, I lost a hand for a reason, Chris came here for a reason. I Know he will do this right, and from what he has shown me so far, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

    Thomas O'Neill

    Royal Canadian AirForce


  27. Troy I have heard from in my Group at Team One International, that we will be using an attorney by the name of J.Babner, And they are attending the Conference in Vegas on the 20th, I am so excited about what we are going to be able to do, I know John would not lead us here if this was what you are saying Troy. I got my free Phone yesterday I love it!! It just validates everything for me. I have the phone with Real T-Mobile Service and I only pay 39.95 a month for it! Troy, when will you be doing a post on Global Pros, I know you have been hard on Chris lately but he really is putting something special together for us here, We are waiting for the Major announcement on the call today, something about the UK.

    Thanks for your objective Reporting, keep us all posted and Troy give Chris and John a chance to make this work, Thank you Troy God Bless.

  28. Hi Troy:

    Kevin took care of the situation……it was regarding the sign up process into Panther Mobile. Being in Canada, I wanted to get my position & wait until they were able to start business in Canada. Chris told me that I could sign up with AKW, but I had already been speaking with people in Panther…….so, he put me directly in touch with Kevin, who put me in the business. The reason Chris was involved was because I was a Beta tester for his international plan & Kevin new all about it. He did tell me that they were affiliated (but didn't tell exactly what that was) and that they were all waiting to sign documents to put the deal in place.

  29. Samuel,

    What Big MLM attorney? Have they given a name? We know it is not D Jack Smith or Kevin Thompson, do you know who it is? Who is creating and validating the compensation plan? Who is their software company?

    The reason I am asking is because all of these questions can determine the longevity of this company for distributors.

    By the way, correct me if I am wrong, but you mention the fact other MLM wireless companies are not shipping or offering Unlimited service, I think Lightyear, Zurvite, ACN and Escape all offer and are shipping.

    But, even if I am wrong, and Chris is the only one shipping. He is also the only one who does not have a real MLM yet. So it seems at best he is just shipping phones to people. Let's see a real compensation plan, policies and procedures, and secured sign-ups.

    Agian, talk is cheap. There are many organizations already helping the vets. Including the big 4 who offer service to the troops in the field. Why is it taking Chris so long. He has said this same thing for months.

  30. Patti,

    Kevin took care of your situation or Chris? And what was the situation? Can you give us a little more details to clarify your whole comment?

  31. Troy Found this on about the DNA new product, Wow is to say the least.

    Data Network Affiliates, Sends out to Pro Affiliates today, A launch of Supposed Unlimited Plan, The Plan is listed as 39.95, Then they say it has Ten Dollars in Taxes and Fees, Well thats 49.95, not 39.95, Further, if it is Prepaid It is ILLEGAL TO CHARGE TAXES AND FEES, See the Prepaid Act of 2004, Now PHIL PICCOLO AND DNA, Takes is one step further, They are taking in a 100.00 Deposit!!!, Again this makes it look more like a CONTRACT SERVICE THAN PREPAID. If this is the Case, DNA CELLULAR IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL, Unbelievable, Now if this is PREPAID, then George and Phil, have some SERIOUS Questions to answer. Because the Act of Taking a Deposit and Charging Taxes and Fees is totally Illegal! So there it is folks, Again Phil Piccolo, Promised I phones,and Delivers a 2yr old Samsung Flip phone, Further in this E-mail they say they are Selling """TEAM MOBILE"""" Who is that, T-Mobile, This shows the Experience the company has and frankly is just plain Embarrassing.

    Phil and Co. Then say they will sell AT&T, Well after contact with AT&T's Wholesale Division, It has been Verified, That Unless you Own and old Cingular Store, AT&T DOES NOT GIVE OUT ANY NEW CODES FOR ACTIVATIONS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. And to Buy an existing AT&T Authorized Retailer, the Process takes 120 Days, So here is Proof Yet again, Phil Piccolo, Scamming and Lying to the Field. Then the Icing on the Cake, It is Well Reported that Chris Greco cut off ties with DNA because of the Compensation Plan, But After the Defection of Jeff Long, and other BIG DNA DISTRIBUTORS to Greco's New Company they have now in this Email Said they will have a 2×10 and 3×10 system, This is a sad embarrassment, and a validation as to the Compensation Plan that Global Pros is reported to Launch, If you can't beat'em Join'em, Right? This is a Sad Day for DNA REPS, and I have talked to reps today who are taking this plan as a SLAP IN THE FACE. Now Also, What is the Service, Well we know the Real Cost is 49.95, Its Unlimited Talk, Text, and ONLY 100MB of DATA, Not Unlimited as they Reported, And its Through an MVNO called Xtreme Mobile, Looks as if Global Verge and DNA are sharing Providers. It should be interesting to see the Response of DNA as their Reps Data Shuts off at 100 MB. We have Purchased one from a Pro Affiliate just to Check the Service, Confirm Prepaid, or Postpaid, If Prepaid, It is a Direct Violation of FCC regulations, Should be interesting to see how the ATTORNEY GENERAL in Florida takes that. It is Actually Comical to see PHIL PICCOLO Flounder through the Industry and it's a strong bet it won't be boring to watch.

  32. All I know Troy, is that when asked to help me with my situation, Kevin gave me his phone number and promise that he would take care of the situation, which he did. There definitely was a business relationship between Kevin & Chris even if no contracts had been signed.

  33. Troy from what I know They have a Big MLM Attorney getting them off the Ground, How he is helping in my opinion is not Hyping the Products at all and Producing them, And as for Value MLM, No one in the Industry has Unlimited Everything for under 50.00 like he does, I am hoping Panther can still pull it out, We'll see. I am staying with Panther, And To be honest Troy, I do not think Chris has a thing to worry about if that case even gets to Jury, he will get discovery and no Jury in the US of A, is going to Side with GLOBAL VERGE.

    And with the talk about a percentage going to Help Veterans From the Gulf, This should be big, Do you know of Greco's Background Troy? I also heard he is having A U.S. Representative or two on the Calls, to Talk about Legislation to stop companies from making these Outlandish statements, Maybe Chris is Building his War Chest for Court, Who knows.

  34. Kevin i was saying the same as you in Australia, But he has done it, I pay a third of what I use to and its unlimited, As for canada, Rogersis selling a 25.00 Prepaid Talk and Text plan, That Chris is Pairing with his voip service, and Getting the Unlimited long distance and Texting, Maybe you should ask Chris Directly, As for Rogers and there Shareholders, They know about the 25.00 program its a rogers Product. If your paying so much, Why not have Chris put you on the Service, I was a Critic, Paul was a critic, Eric was a critic and then Chris made us believers with our Service. I look forward to Building Global Pros Here in Australia, And I hope to see you in Canada.

  35. Samuel,

    Thank you for posting. It is important to us that everyone get their voice heard, and I can see you have put a lot of thought into all your comments. I do have a couple of questions from reading over your comment.

    1. Where do you read I have changed my opinion of what Global Verge has done to the distributors?

    2. As for "how many chances do you get?" that is a decision only a court of law can make. As long as distributors are willing to place their trust in Global Verge, then they will get as many chances as they need.

    3. I know Chris has a few network marketers around him, and that is good. However, how many of these network marketers ever ran an MLM company? Have they hired the right consulting or legal help? These are questions reps and prospective reps need to know. One last thought on this issue. Manatech has great distributors and a solid leaderhsip team at corporate. However, their founder was forced out by the AGs because he hyped his company and products. I hope the same doesn't happen at Global Pros. Right now it looks like the Chris Greco show. If this civil case is, as Chris states only 20% accurate, then he could still be facing huge issues, where will that leave Global Pros?

    4. Well, you make an interesting point. (but please call me Troy, Mr. Dooly is my dad) Although, I don't get lobbied by folks, I can see what you mean. Except, I have yet to see any top players at Global Pros. Maybe if some top tier MLM Professionals join and put their power behind it, things can change. Let's just hope they don't have the same issues as Global Verge when they hit critical mass. And let's pray, there is not any real network marketing pro, doing to Chris and Global Pros, what he has done to these other companies.

    5. I really don't think people care about Greco and Piccolo. And it was not Chris Greco who exposed Piccolo. You might want to read our posts on that issue to see who really broke the story. Greco was not even a player at the time with DNA. By the way, can you tell me what is wrong with Piccolo? Do you have information of any illegal or unethical actions on Piccolo's part which are documented, you can send us? If not, then what is the big deal about Piccolo? Surely it is not just what you have read on the internet? If that is the case Greco lands in the same spot. Some folks like him, and some don't.

    6. Samuel, I have yet to see how Chris is helping MLM distributors. From the calls and what we see written here, he has provided an international LD carrier where EACH rep signed directly to the company, cutting out the upline. And we see where he has given out free phones and service, which he has done from day one. However, I have yet to see any policies and procedures or a viable compensation plan. Do they exist?

    7. As for WOW, that is public information and we have covered it. When new facts become available which contradict the public information then we will report that news. Unlike most of the other MLM Wireless companies and divisions, WOW records their calls and makes them available for their reps. And, to date we have not received by a handful of WOW reps who have quit and joined other companies. Those we have allowed to post they frustrations.

    8. Samuel, I have three different wireless cell phones from WOW, ALL working on the T-Mobile platform, plus the VOIP desk phone. No deflection on my part.

    9. As for value based Wireless, you left out Lightyear, and Zoom and ACN, Zurvita, and Escape International.

    10. Please tell me what Truth you are referring? What have I lied about, or what am I withholding? I have been very clear, I do not think ANY of the new wireless companies will make it. Sport, you really need to read what I write, not what you hear others saying or write. As a matter of fact I have been very clear, that if Lightyear continues to strengthen their financial and marketing strategy, they could very well be the next Billion dollar MLM and the second in history in the Telecommunication niche. Seriously, read what is written.

    You write great thought provoking comments, keep it up.

  36. Pissed WOW Rep,

    ROFLOL… Call me out of what? WOW Mobile? Sport we have addressed these issues more than once; both publicly and in private with concerned reps. As a matter of fact I even did a post on the whole MLM Wireless niche and the issues surrounding most of the companies, long before Greco "called me out.' Now that was funny.

    Everyone knows about the T-Mobile glitch. You want to point a finger at WOW, why not point the finger at reps who HYPED the whole ball of wax, just like they did at every other company? This is not JUST a WOW issue, it is happening all over the place.

    If you have read the WOW posts, then you know I have told reps, if they have any issues to send me a private email offline with all their WOW info, and the situation. To date we have helped ALL the reps who contacted us. Why haven't you reached out before now?

    As for being Screwed… You will only be screwed if you quit to soon. If you have listened to all the calls you should know what is happening. Have you reached out to your upline for support and answers?

    If you feel in your heart Global Pros is the company for you, then go build your business. I hope when it comes time to launch, maybe Global Pros will get off the ground. By the way, have you seen the Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan in writing? Are they fully licensed to do business? The reason I ask is because when I went though the process it asked for my information on a completely different site.

    Chris has always delivered phones and free service before the launch date. He just seems to come up short when the real launch date arrives. Maybe this will be different since he owns the company.

    What call from T-Mobile? We have not been provided any call. If you can give us a download link I'll post it.

    ROFLOL… You had me laughing. You are so right I do post on friends, just look at the category "Servant Leaders!"

    Tell, me what did I miss on DNA? What have we removed? Tell me what we haven't covered on this blog about WOW?

    When you have read all the posts, watched the videos, and read the comments then we can talk.

    If you are so pissed off, then why are you putting your vacation first, instead of calling your WOW reps and pulling them now? I guess I must have missed something. Why would you wait? Why would you allow them to get hit with another autoship charge, if you are not happy and don't trust Jeffers and WOW? Interesting…

    Well, it should be interesting to see the refer two and it is free. Tell me sport just how will that work in a matrix compensation plan, which is driven by the monthly autoship?

  37. I would be very surprised if Mr Greco could offer Rogers up here for $24.95 as posted ("unlimited talk & text") – I personally don't know of any Rogers users who are paying anything less than $70+ / mth, they ALL have varied plans & somewhere in their contracts their usage is capped (LD minutes, text or data,)

    At $24.95mth, they're taking a HUGE risk at losing profits; Rogers had better provide some real good answers to their shareholders when their profit & loss statements are released at the next shareholders meeting.

    They might be big, but it is all about keeping the shareholder happy first, then the customer

    I've heard Chris mention Telus in the past, what happened? I haven't heard anything this time around about Telus, he's also mentioned WindMobile on a DNA call – which I would question whether or not he could bring on board they already offer unlimited plans, varied costs, no contracts, no credit checks … I would like to see some kind of written aggreement with any company he says he does business with up here

    Again, if their service is offered at any lower of a rate, they too better have a good answer for their shareholders their pricing is structured significantly lower than ANY of the Big 3 up here

    If our federal governement did not make an unprecedented move & overturn a CRTC decision, Windmobile would have never been able to open the their doors, after successfully bidding $442 million to secure their wireless spectrum licensing back in 2008

    The governing regulatory bodies make it difficult for any "outsider" in the telecom industry to do business here.

    When I was in ACN back in 1999 – 2001, we were told we'd get cell service, and "it was just around the corner" it wasn't until about fall 2004 when they 1st appeared.

    Yes, they do offer energy, ONLY in limited provinces, but as a consumer be VERY cautious of ACN's (5 yr variable rate contract) wording & their rates versus your current rates, my gas rate is 6c per cubic meter lower than ACN's, my electricity rates are the same, and I don't have a contract hanging over my head.

    Kevin in Canada

  38. AussieCellular I have to agree, No one, has been able to do what Chris Greco has been able to do here, He has put up instead of shut up, He provided you service, He provided me service, I was a MASSIVE CRITIC of this guy, I know Paul in Canada has his service, The Girl in Russia, I mean I was on that call, I am still with panther, But I also have to say the Low Blow by Kevin and Crew towards John Gopal was just uncalled for, It was unethical and Wrong, Am I happy they left, NO! but they did lets move on, Kevin need to pull out his wedgey and move on, You knew they followed Chris before they came here, Don't cry cause they did that again. For what its worth, I am staying at Panther, Only if they pay commissions, I am a rep and still haven't been paid or got my debit card. Starting to look bad guys, clean it up.

  39. Aussie Cellular,

    I respectfully disagree with you on the nutritional product. As a matter of fact all of Liberty's products are included in the compensation plan. When you buy a product, get three others to buy the same product, then yours is free. All products which a person buys on autoship are residual based.

    I'll take your word on the ACN issue. I know they did get hit hard a few years ago in Australia.

  40. Hey Steve say what you want about Chris Greco, But really 119.99 for 750mb of DATA, Are you for real, Hey, F-Bombs, and all Chris is like the little guy on the Window, Pissing on anything Global Verge Brings to the table, Hey when Page cellular cuts you off again, What will be the excuse, My question to you is WHERE OH WHERE are those totally unlimited plans, I too was a Global Scam rep. But I got help got Detoxed off the koolaide, and got something real, I am using the Blackberry 8530 on Sprint, Oh REAL SPRINT, and I pay 59.95 a month Unlimited, Why can't Global Verge do that. Oh thats right no carrier in their right mind will touch you, Look I am defending Chris as a Panther Mobile rep, Yeah I said it I am using Global Pros service because like it or not, they have better packages, I am so mad at Harry and Kevin for not having Chris Stay. I am staying the Course I have not Followed and went to global pros, I am going to build this here. But Steve, Get a life man, Chris Greco, was a small issue at GV ask Ted robbins where the money is at huh? No commissions for GTS, huh? Money still overseas? Huh? exactly, Don't Throw stones in a Glass House.

  41. Mark aka AussieCelluar,

    Thank you so much. Writing Mark sure is faster 🙂

    Well I can't fault anyone for not wanting to fly because of 9/11. However, most terrorist issues lately have come from planes outside the USA, so I would be extra cautious on any plane.

    I am glad you have great service, and you have something to provide your team. However, I also think it is very important, that some type of business opportunity is launched soon. It's one thing to have service, it's another to make money marketing the service.

    I knew Mark was in Australia, but I am not sure that violated his probation. Although, we are still searching for a specific answer, I have heard that he had permission to travel to Australia, which is why he had his passport. But, I will be interested in getting to the bottom of things.

    Now the soliciting funds issue, that could be a whole different story, and I am not about to touch that one period. A court can speculate on that issue.

    But, if you can provide documentation (when you are ready) showing the investment agreements etc. I will surely get your story out.

    Now as for "associating with Global Verge, not sure what you are referring. As for publicly stating "I like Piccolo" I have to stand by my comments. I would not say that is "associating" but I am known to stand for the truth. And to date, NO ONE has provided me any documentation that Piccolo has ever done anything illegal, unethical or on purpose to hurt anyone else.

    Our radio show will be interesting since we already know fo some folks who will be asking Piccolo some hard questions. I have to admire anyone who is willing to go live and debate they past.

    Now as for "birds of a feather flock together… I am glad we are becoming better friends 🙂

  42. Here is my two cents, I have never posted here before, But I think I must, Troy I have followed you for awhile, but this I think your Wrong Global Verge is the SCUM of the earth, Country Club, E-Verge, Buzzirk, How many chances do you get? Yes Mr.Greco has played the round robbin to say the least, I think these other companies are lobbying you Mr.Dooly because when Chris was by himself he was not a Threat, But now that he has surrounded himself with Network Marketers, Everyone is making a big stink about Chris because he exposed Phil Piccolo as Warren Anthony, That was a public service, Now he is building something for the Distributors and you are acting like you are taking your ball and Going home, Troy your right, Keep things in perspective, I hope as Chris does good you will post on that.

    I hope that as Global verge continues to Screw the Distributors you post that as well, Oh and these people are right, When oh When are you going to address the WOW Mobile Situation, Hey the Voip phone is nice Troy but its not wireless stop deflecting the Question that was raised. Wow has NO WIRELESS SERVICE, If they do ill buy a phone right now, But I can't cuz they don't have it.

    Seems the only value based Wireless MLM's are Panther, PHP, and Global Pros.

    Wow mobile is Dying Troy you OWE IT TO YOUR READERS TO tell us the TRUTH!!

  43. Chris,

    I love your article because it shows that your world is crumbling and you are running scared! What goes around comes around and now you are getting yours. The beginning of the end for Mr. Chris Greco! Good riddens young man. And I tell like it is without using the F-bomb!!

  44. Troy Chris has stated he doesnt like to fly in the US, I know Chris is Flying to Spain for the MVNO conference, And the reason he said he doesnt like to fly, is September 11th, Thats why mate.

    Troy as to Question 4, Chris provides me service unlimited for Much less than i can get it here using the Vincall and Vodafone product, As for my name Troy I have nothing to hide, My name is Mark Roberts, Ask Mark Petschel where my money is from 11 months ago, He came here in violation of his probation to solicit funds. Then never paid us, No worries, I will be summoned I assume for Chris's Lawsuit, and I will make the Flight to really Bring things to light, I would love to tell you Troy, But hey mate, cant give all the Secrets right. My Friend you have the Distributors at heart I appreciate that, But when you associate with Global Verge, and Piccolo (DNA) people will say mate, Birds of a feather Flock together.

  45. Troy I didn't say Chris had a nutritional Product, I was saying the WOW nutritional product does not pay residuals, The Wireless product does, and as For ACN Please Troy no one wants a contract, And they cant compete with Chris prices. And for your info while he was here he put the licensing in motion.

  46. Troy I have to Agree with Aussie Cellular, This is BS, I am Glad Chris Brings these issues up, Someone at least has the nads to call you out, Troy I have not got a phone in 42 days since the order, What is that? Huh? Troy I have been a loyal WOW rep, Now I see Chris come out with this Unlimited T-Mobile Plan? What happens to Wow Mobile? I am sick of this, I was with Global Verge, and got screwed, I went to Wow Mobile, and for a time I got paid, now I am Screwed, I have to be realistic, What is Chris not doing? He is shipping Free phones, I got mine, I believe now, I have service at much lower than WOW rates, So whats that Troy, Look I hear all of this Crap on Chris But facts are facts, I have my phone, We cant be all lying Troy, What gives, We cant get any info from Randy.

    So where is the mysterious call with the T-Mobile Manager now Troy all I hear is Crickets, And they are right you never post on your friends Troy, DNA, now WOW, Protect the people you said you were protecting Troy, I mean otherwise don't come off as you care about Wow Reps, you don't, When I come home from vacation, I will be pulling my entire Downline from WOW and moving them to Global Pros, I heard that to, Refer 2 and your service is free, Good Job Chris, I have my hat off to you.

  47. Aussie Cellular,

    ROFLOL… You are in Australia, they do not do business in Australia, so why are you interested?

    Tell us about Chris's nutritional product? I did not know he also had a background in health and nutrition.

    Again, you have been with Chris for a while, but you never mention a team or the type of compensation plan which has been approved by the Australian government to be used by a US based MLM company providing wireless services. It still seems you are all personal producers and that is all. How are you going to get paid marketing the services? It takes a while to get legal in your country, when you're a foreign corporation, let alone an MLM.

    By the ACN is in Canada, and up there ACN also offers energy.

  48. Aussie Cellular,

    I truly enjoy your comments, you provide thought provoking questions which allow distributors to gain more info.

    I do have a question which is not clear to me. Exactly what type of MLM compensation plan do you use in Australia? You talk about Chris providing service, but it seems to me you are a reseller, not an MLMer. From the knowledge I have, there is not ONE Wireless MLM outside of ACN which is legal to do business in Australia, and I am not sure they offer wireless.

    Ok, on to your questions.

    1. First let's correct your statement. Greco is not the only one producing. As a matter of fact he is small compared to Lightyear and ACN which are both producing. You can also add Zurvita, Escape, 5Linx, and GiConnect just to name a few. Although GiConnect focuses more on VOIP, than regular wireless.

    2. As for WOW, go read every post, comment, responses and watch the videos. Then let's talk because I will know you are up to date, and not just following Chris's lead. By the way, I happen to have three WOW phones and they work. I also have their VOIP desk phone, which works great. Do you really know how many products WOW reps have to market right this second?

    3. ROFLOL… The Piccolo deal is so old. Get caught up on that also, then let's talk. What do you have against Phil Piccolo? Do you have any evidence he has ever done anything unethical or illegal you can provide? Exactly what is it about Piccolo you don't like? Besides I know you are using AussieCellular, and I am not shouting about that either.

    4. As for service in Australia, that is a great question. ACN is legal in Australia, but I am not sure they do wireless there. I think the bigger question is, why isn't a Australia based wireless company offering an MLM business opportunity? Since I am not a telecommunication expert I can't answer your question. Why aren't use selling an Australia based wireless service?

    5. Exactly, what have my friends at DNA or WOW done wrong? WOW has never talked about offering service to Australia, and I am pretty sure the only time DNA talked about wireless at all was when Greco entered into the picture. Please provide more info as to what they have done wrong?

    6. Have no problem agreeing to disagree, it is what makes great friendships. And you my friend do add value to this community.

    7. The reason I asked about Chris Greco being in Australia at all is because Chris doesn't like to fly. I figured you would be able to provide a date of your meeting. Are you saying you don't remember when the trip was made, yet you are this excited about having service in Australia? Why hasn't any pictures or videos surfaced where Chris was providing service in Australia if this was such a big deal?

    8. Saying you are going to do something and doing it is another. Last week my daughter raised money for victims of the tornado that struck the South. She didn't say she was going to do something she went and did it. Let's see him do something.

    9. Alluding is one thing, let's see it happen.

    Keep us posted!!!

  49. Troy what WIRELESS PRODUCT DO THEY HAVE, I dont know any nutritional product that pays me 14.00 a month residual a month per customer, Chris Does, I would post on the WOW post but it has so much dust on it its insane mate, Update, Troy tell the Facts, Facts are you can contact the Public information officer, they speak on every company that they have agreements with, And also Troy Please I wont say it, Just do your research the Distributors in the United States Know that, Thank you for mentioning my Loyalty to Chris, But the fact of the matter is, Chris Produces Plain and Simple, Look at Global Pros, 3 products, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile all under 50.00 all totally unlimited, Rogers in Canada Unlimited talk and text 24.95, Really who else is operating in Canada, And then there is my Group down here of 73, might not seem like alot, But We are the only Aussie group in an mlm wireless company, and I am proud to say my service is great, and it works, and Chris followed through plain and simple.

  50. AussieCellular,

    Chris can talk about WOW all he wants on a WOW post. Mentioning a company doesn't make it a WOW post. (check the category) Go read the WOW category, that is where WOW reps ask the most questions and respond.

    When anyone comes onto a different company post and starts trying to deflect from the subject at hand, it is unprofessional and a red-flag as to what other motive they might have.

    I admire your love for Chris, and coming to his defense. By the way, how do you know Chris has not stolen money and sent it overseas?

    By the way, exactly what do you know about WOW Mobile and their business model? How come you have not talked about the commissions being paid by WOW and the number of products available to the WOW Reps?

  51. Troy why cant Chris Post on WOW Mobile, You mentioned them in your post, Chris is not Deflecting he has come out Publicly and told you personally he intends to take over MLM wireless. At least he is honest and up front with it, He hasnt stolen any money and sent it over seas, He hasnt brought money in like WOW Mobile and not delivered a Product, Facts are facts Troy, this post or not and us your readers will continue to keep you honest even if we are on the other side of the World Mate.

  52. Troy Chris Gave us Vodaphone Prepaid packaged with the IVR call back service we get unlimited calls, Then my Wife has Telstra, Also as for Vincall it works here in Australia and Personally if you heard the call Chris gave that to the distributors to hold us over for the 15th when they launch. Also today Troy I stayed up to hear the call and Chris had Tony Ross on the line for the Retailers and Distributors, Talking about the T-Mobile Product, He is the Master National Distributor for T-Mobile and Simple Mobile. I thought this was great, Troy here is my question so what if Chris is ambitious to take over MLM Wireless, Its obvious he is the only one that can produce, For example, I have yet to hear you address the Wow Mobile Situation, No phones, No new Service for over a month now, When can we expect a Post on that Company? I mean fair is fair, As for Piccolo Troy you knew he was using the name Warren Anthony on calls and You didn't Shout it out mate.

    That is my only concern here, My other problem Troy, tell me another MLM Wireless company that can give me service here, Anyone? Anyone at all. I have not found one Except Chris Greco. So Troy thank you for Attempting to post the truth, But Post it all the time, Even if your friends at DNA, and WOW Mobile are in the Wrong. On this one Troy we have to Agree to Disagree. No hard feelings, I will continue to follow Chris Greco and Global Pros, Until someone else can show me they can do it. As for Proving Chris was here, Well Troy, Come on, Are we keeping Itinerary over CEO's now, You have to know how ridiculous you sound. Well keep on going Troy, I like the Fact that Greco Said he was doing something Special for Veterans of Iraq and Iran our Aussie troops, Canada, and US. Thats Strong. I also heard him allude to a Refer 2 and its Free program, WOW whats Next.

    Thanks for the time Mate.

  53. Chris,

    After reading through your post some questions come to mind. Hopefully you can provide some answers to help clear things up. You also bring up a few items, I'll address for clarity.

    1. Chris explain what you mean by "Squeaky Clean?" We have not taken down any post about Global Verge, nor have we removed ANYTHING you have posted in this community.

    2. Chris, it is clear you have not read through all of the posts, and seen the questions we have answered on WOW. However, the bigger question is 'What does WOW have to do with the issue at hand?" This is a Panther post, and it addresses issues of the pending lawsuit. Why is it you are always trying to deflect the issues away from your involvement in potential civil and criminal actions?

    3. By the way if you want to talk about WOW, then you really need to get your facts straight. Once you have it down, we can carry on an intelligence conversation.

    4. Chris enlighten the community members on the type of letter you are referring from the big carriers?

    5. ROFLOL… Chris my character is not the issue. The issue is did Chris Greco do any or all of the allegations listed in the Global Verge civil complaint? And if so, are any of them going to become criminal charges?

    6. By the way, the Piccolo spin is old and over used, there are several posts on the issue.

    7. Chris, Randy Jeffers has been very open with there issue, first to the Liberty International distributors, and then to the public at large. Again, the issue of this post is the allegations presented in the Global Verge lawsuit. However, if you have documented proof Randy Jeffers has lied to his distributors and the public at large, then provide it.

    8. Chris, sometimes you amaze even me. First you say "I won't say anything bad about Panther." Then you turn right around and state, "As for Panther Mobile, Lets be real, over 80% of the organization John included was at one time a GLOBAL VERGE REP, So if I was never an officer at panther or made the Decisions WHO BROUGHT IN ALL THE GV PEOPLE TROY. " Sport this is a direct contradiction to what Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes have stated.

    So help us to get this straight. Are you saying publicly you were part of the ownership, a corporate officer, member of the LLC, or in some way had control or authority in running Panther Mobile?

    As for Global Verge reps, there is not a MLM Wireless company in business which has not picked up hundreds if not thousands of Global Verge reps, what does that have to do with Chris Greco? Heck, if what you say is true, and John is part of the ownership of Global Pros, seems Global Verge will be naming the new company in the lawsuit pretty quick.

    9. As for the alleged document you sent. We have several emails from you. However, we do not have a single email with any documentation from Brian Hardy the attorney of record for Global Verge, that you have sent us. Chris this won't work. Folks know we post all sides. If you have such documentation, send to me and cc. to Kevin Thompson for verification.

    10. I look forward to seeing your counter suit against Global Verge. As a matter of fact why not provide us your legal counsel and I will have Kevin Thompson contact your attorney and let him know we will post?

    11. Chris why would you find it funny we are on the calls? That is pretty normal for us at the blog as folks know.

    12. Chris let me get this straight. VinCall has signed a boatload of reps? Based on the fact they are not an MLM, it seems the line of sponsorship has not been broken. Folks who sell VinCall services are making 22% in personal commissions, but they do not received any override from their downline organization. Can you provide VinCall documentation if we got this wrong?

    13. Chris here you go again, getting off topic. This is not about WOW, it is about Panther. I just don't get why you want folks to focus on all the other companies instead of focusing on the alleged Chris Greco civil complaints and possible criminal charges which might come from what has taken place, if they are found true.

    14. Chris, if you truly believe I have slandered you with anything we have written, then don't hesitate on filing a civil complaint. I would welcome the opportunity to defend a Slander allegation form you in a Court of Law.

    By the way Chris, in MLM, it is never about business. It is always personal, because it is someones life you are messing with.

  54. Patti,

    Why are you asking me this question? Direct your questions to Panther owners and let's see if they will respond. Since I am not a part of Panther, and was not on the call, I sure can't answer your question.

  55. Aussie Cellular,

    First let me say thank you for posting, it is great to hear from folks around the globe. OK, let's see if we can get to the bottom of things and answer some of the concerns you seem to have with our current actions.

    1. Please explain exactly what I did with Phil Piccolo? Every post about Piccolo is located under DNA, we linked to top Watchdogs around the globe, and I have requested valid documentation from anyone that Phil Piccolo had done anything criminal, been investigated for criminal or civil actions, or has or is running some form of organized scam ring. Especially since public documentation shows he is facing the same financial mess 1/2 of the world seems to be facing these days.

    2. Please give us details on exactly what Chris Greco has provided Australian Wireless MLM reps? Give us the name of the carrier, you are using, and how Greco is involved. We will then verify your info with our reporters in Australia. If you are a follower of this community, you know we do our best to get ALL sides out for the reps to review. It is not up to us to decide which company is right for you.

    3. If you and others from Australia invested in Global Verge, can you please provide (offline if you desire) the investment documentation, so we can review and validate? Don't just make the claim provide us the facts to share with other reps.

    4. I have also listened to the call with Tim from VinCall. From the sound of things, each rep of Global Pros, has the opportunity to sign-up directly with VinCall and market their LD services for a 22% commission. Sadly, this is not MLM. It is great you can make 22% of of International LD services, but you will not make any commission of what your downline does. What good is this in the long run? Exactly how big of a niche is International LD?

    5. Please tell me how I am destroying anything? I publish information as fast as we can get it. Funny how folks did not have any issues when it was only Greco providing facts. Now that the other players are involved and providing their side, people are frustrated.

    6. As for "treading lightly and pissing off people" I'm not concerned at all with treading lightly or pissing off people. What I am concerned on is making sure we provide as many facts from all parties as we can, so ALL reps, not just those who seem pissed off, can read them. If people get pissed so be it. The one thing I have never been accused of is "treading lightly." However, in the old days, I was known to sneak up on folks when they least expected it.

    7. As for moving Global Verge out of "Scam Alerts" until ALL the facts are in and a Court of Law decides, this is the only fair thing to do. Either that, or place ALL wireless companies except Lightyear in the Scam Alerts. Now talk about pissing off people!

    8. Tell us when Greco came to Australia personally? I would love to validate that information.

    9. Although you may feel I have lost touch with the distributors, I believe the comments on all these thread tell a different story. Distributors want the truth. They are not concerned with "who" is right, as much as they are concerned with "who they can trust." By the time this mess is cleared up in a Court of Law, I believe they will know which leader and company they can trust.

    10. We have not changed any of the posts about Global Verge, and based on the long track records of issues, people will be able to decide if they want to be a part of Global Verge or not. Being listed in the "Scam Alerts" does not make the company a scam, it just means there are huge red flags which based on FTC and AG websites mean people should be Alert to a possible scam. Only a court of law can decide if a company is a scam or not. If you and others feel Global Verge is a scam, then make sure you file complaints with the Nevada and Missouri Attorney General offices.

    11. Now you have me laughing. Go read the posts on Global Verge, you will see all about the money offshore. Again, we have not taken any information down about Global Verge.

    12. And if you have read ALL that has been written on this blog about Chris Greco, you will see where he, himself as personally validated what I have written by admitting to the fact I nailed him and his agenda of "doing all he could to dominate MLM Wireless."

    13. If the respect I had gained from your group in Australia was based on just providing one side of the issue when it comes to Global Verge, Greco or any other subject, then I am not sure how valuable that respect true was in the first place.

    14. ROFLOL… John McCain may flip, flop on some issues, but the one thing you can be assured of with John McCain, "He loves his country." John and I have that in common. Seriously, tell me exactly what I have flip, flopped on? Moving Global Verge from Scam Alerts to MLM Companies, to Scam Alert and back to MLM Companies? I'm cool with that decision, and would do it with any company if the facts warrant the move. Since I am not in this for respect, politics or pleasing everyone, I will continue to do what I see is right, as the facts become more clear. WHo knows I may move them back someday depending on a Court decision.

    Please provide the facts I have asked for, and we will post them also.

  56. Troy I cant believe you, this is no better mate than what you did with Phil Piccolo, Real Bad Troy, I know this In australia Chris Greco has been the only one to offer us a Cheap unlimited plan I have been using it for 3 months now, Global Verge took investments from us and never followed Through Troy, Also I stayed up and listed to that Call, Tim Eiseman was on the call from the International Carrier, It was Good, I saw the post for the call on Your Blog, Thank you, So Troy why are you trying to destroy What We have in Australia with Chris Greco, He is the only guy that has physically come down here to build our businesses and actually provided service, I would Tread lightly Troy you are pissing off alot of people who are happy with Chris and the service here that are your readers, And YOU POINTED US IN HIS DIRECTION. Troy you better disclose that, As for moving GLOBAL VERGE out of the Scam List, ROTFLOL,

    Mr.Dooly you really have lost your touch with the distributors and your sanity to do that, GLOBAL VERGE WAS A SCAM way before Mr.Greco went there.

    What happened to your posts about the money offshore? Oh right mate, Chris must have done that too.

    Troy you have lost a Big group in Australia that use to respect you.

    Maybe we should call you like the senator in your country John Kerry? yes, FLIP FLOP.

  57. I am so over this MLM "Two men enter One man leaves " This seems to be the 2012 to MLM. So happy that now every one has to put the cards on the table, Welcome to the THUNDER DOME!

  58. Hmmmm……..all this is very interesting, Troy. So, why, when I was attempting to join Panther Mobile, did Chris Greco (who I asked for assistance because he had made me a Beta Tester for his international product) set up a 3-way call with himself, myself and Kevin Sipes?

  59. Troy you get better everyday, Wow, I posted the recorded call on your last post, Oh wait, Let me guess you didnt see it, Look Troy, I find it interesting that you are 100% focused on me, Maybe you are as scared as every other MLM wireless company that I will take over, who knows, thats not either here nor there. The truth of the matter is Global Verge has been in the WRONG, long before chris greco came into the picture, Oh wait, Maybe you have looked over the money going over seas, That was reported by you LONG BEFORE CHRIS GRECO came into the picture. So now all of the sudden They are Sqeaky clean, I am sorry Troy but to me it looks like your a sell out, I mean Global Verge, Look Phil Piccolo is one thing but Mark Petschel, Wow you are building some good friends there, Here is what I find interesting from the person who is watching the industry, You havent mentioned one thing about WOW Mobile not delivering a Product to its field force, And AH TROY you cant put that one on me, I find it interesting that if you are really looking out for the Distributors, you would say something about these people paying 500 600 700 dollars to a company that is not producing a product, Interesting, Then We wont say anything about Panther, those guys havent bad mouthed me, so Its only fair I do the same. But facts are Facts, NO ONE knew who panther mobile was until I was a part of that company, Plain and simple Troy, And Global Pros, They should be brought into the suit why, Because they want to make sure their downline has a product to sell. Troy see whats being played here is a dangerous game, Because the minute these MVNO's Get letters from the carriers because of all the madness or Wireless Wars as you call it, It will all be shut down, And oh you cant blame Chris Greco for that. I find it funny Troy that your character is supposedly so high, Yet you never disclosed to your readers the true Identity of Phil Piccolo, No they had to get that from me, That was the first omission to your readers, Then you have the WOW Mobile Fiasco, Troy I know more than you think, Come Clean and tell these people the truth, Why dont they have phones, Why cant they order phones, Ill let you answer that one, and PHP has nothing to do with Chris Greco, Now or in the Future, As for Panther Mobile, Lets be real, over 80% of the organization John included was at one time a GLOBAL VERGE REP, So if I was never an officer at panther or made the Decisions WHO BROUGHT IN ALL THE GV PEOPLE TROY. Look I see that my trying to talk here or to you or even sending you documents is a waste of my time. Really, You have selective hearing in that you only hear what will get your blog attention, Maybe I am Wrong, But the Truth of the matter is I sent you a document FROM GV COUNSEL that disproves 80% of their Law Suit. Never heard a post from Troy Dooly, I bet as our lawsuit gets filed you wont post that either. Hmmmm. Your right though I am focusing way too much time on things like this at 1:10 am in the morning, I wont continue that mistake, Just so you Know Tim who is the Executive Director who was on the call today signed lots of distributors to the program at their communications company. if you actually listened to the call you would know that, cause you didnt see your older posts.

    Lastly, I find it funny that you spend the time to check my calls, but REMEMBER WHEN WOW MOBILE had that BILLING ISSUE?? I DO, They had a T-Mobile Manager on the phone? hmm How come T-Mobile Doesnt know who that is, Come on Troy Lets be 100% real here, Who did you call to check that? I hope Rod and Ted and Eric all do posts on the Info T-Mobile will release, NOT CHRIS GRECO, again You cant blame me for that. So lets see what happens, I do have to caution you though Troy, some of the things you have said about me could be considered Slander, I have been a good sport, and I do believe some what you are trying to do whats best for the Reps, No ill will here, Hey to me its all business, I just hope things are kept in perspective, But Troy thanks for the Press, the more you talk about me and my company Good or Bad, the bigger we get, I am watching the numbers come in daily for that I thank you.

    Chris Greco

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