Panther Mobile Fixes Concerns Brought To Their Attention By MLM Help Desk

I am glad to see Panther has taken care of the original concerns. This does show Harry Aston, Kevin Sipes and Chris Greco are serious about creating something long term. Which is why we have moved them out of the Scam Alert category.

I’ll tell you something else which was exciting to see. As a matter of fact I am not sure I have ever seen it before. After our first post, the Panther field force contacted us before the corporate boys, to see what they could do to help Panther get things handled.

This is a great signed for Panther.

However, the BIG question everyone is asking, and we have not gotten a straight answer on yet is…

Chris Greco part of the ownership of Panther Mobile, or will he be leaving? This is a concern, because we do not know if Panther has another carrier to handle their growth.

As soon as we have an answer, we will pass it on. If any of you have official news please pass it our way.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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11 thoughts on “Panther Mobile Fixes Concerns Brought To Their Attention By MLM Help Desk”

  1. Armando,

    Since I am not part of the company, I am not qualified to answer this question. However, I am sure before the weekend is up, Chris or someone from DNA will answer it. If not I will inquire and find the answer.

  2. Hello Troy, thank you for your information, I have a question, I was on a conf/call with Panther and DNA, I heard they are going to partner, and the question is the ' UNLIMITED Talk & Text $10.00 monthly service" is that VOIP? that is my question. Thank you Troy, because if this is true, we are going to be able to help many people and finely have the right to wake up naturally, I pray that hope this is true..

  3. Chris just sent me an e-mail that just impressed me. Lately, Panther and Chris have done alot. I am proud to be working with Panther and Chris.

  4. Yes Patti, we should talk. Post a comment on my blog, I will then send you and email from there.
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  5. Hi Paul:

    Another Canadian tester with the same question……….would love to talk to you on another forum in order to find out how you are marketing Panther in Canada? On the Panther website there is no place to purchase Canadian coverage…….can you help me at all?

  6. As most people in this community know by now, Chris Greco and I have waged a bloody war on this blog. So why did I agree to Beta test his Canadian product?

    Well truth be told, it was my initial hope to be able to discredit, humiliate and embarrass Chris publicly. And of course, why on earth would I want to turn down free phone service?

    Now I am not yet ready to reveal my test results. So please, don't ask.

    However, as far as my initial goal, of discrediting, embarassing, and humiliating Chris publicly. I failed. Miserably. Aside from his dropping way too much profanity on his calls that will offend many would be prospects (Christian and otherwise), and focusing too much energy trying to discredit another mobile mlm competitor (they have down a great job of discrediting themselves already), Chris has so far been a man of his word, and delivered on his promises to me.

    Now as far as the concern about Chris leaving Panther. I can only offer information that I have available. On the calls that Chris offers, he has stated publicly that there is no issues, that it is nothing more than propaganda put out by competitors because they are scared at what they will be doing.

    Of course for those of us burned before, we want more than assurances. We want proof.

    So go to At the very bottom of the page you will see that AKW is a registered trademark of Unlimited Wireless and Panther Mobile. Not exactly proof, but definitely reassuring.

    So yes I would like to know that this partnership is indeed intact, that this issue has been put to rest. But with that said, in my opinion, Panther is something that you should look at.

    My recent post So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough?

  7. I am glad to see panther off of the scam list, IT IS TO BAD THAT CHRIS GRECCO WILL NOT BE THERE. I have heard from people at his company that They are having shipping issues and that Money isnt right, Troy I find it alarming that you cant get ahold of them, I heard they had a meeting in Macon, Georgia Last night and that Mr.Greco was in attendance as well as Kevin Sipes, Please find out for us what the scoop is Troy. I want to leave Global Verge So Bad, But I dont want to leave one for another that could or will fail. I have watched Panther go from an UNKNOWN COMPANY to thousands according to Kevin and Chris, This is why we need to know if Chris is staying, He hasnt been having calls, The panther site doesnt even post his calls, nor does their blog!, It looks as if panther is Distancing themselfs from chris. OK look only reason I want to know is I am going wherever the real service is and that is with chris, I will admit it, I am a Global Mobile 1 agent, but he has made me believe, I signed up on the website and didnt have to pay a dime, so the 30 day promise is real, I sold 11 phones so far, not one has taken longer than 3 days to get, I can activate my own phones and my customers. I want to know the truth I feel Panther is buying time here. Troy I see so much promise from this company, I actually believe again, I heard chris commanded the room at the meeting had people in tears laughing.

    I just want to know that I am coming in for the right reasons, I wont lie I get a check from GV every month and I depend on it, I need to know that Panther and the Partnership is secure, I have heard some WOW mobile reps say he was bringing his services over there, any truth to that? Thanks again troy.

  8. Dave,

    I did give Panther some room. I just believe there is a huge difference between a bumbling start-up and a MLM Scam. The field really came to bat for these guys, so we will see what happens.

  9. Thanks Troy for watching the backs of those in the trenches that are putting time, passion, and energy into marketing telecom. At a time that many were let down, these hardworking men have put product into customers hands when some others have not been able to do so. As you know I have paid close attention and must say that HYPE has never come into play with the Panther Team. Its either available or don't talk about it. Its how one deals with an issue that identifies character and the true strenght of a leader. These guys have stepped up in a very busy time and have welcomed accountability. I have to bring this to attention. I sure have read alot on your blog and this is truly the first time I have seen other bloggers join together in a way to build up the cautious position you have been taking with Panther. All in All, Panther has come out on TOP and became stronger because of it.

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