Austrian Public Prosecutor launches OneCoin criminal investigation

Early last year Austria’s Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection issued a warning against OneCoin. Some point after it appears the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) opened their own investigation, the conclusion of which has now prompted a criminal investigation. The FMA is Austria’s top financial regulator and has the power to impose administrative [Continue reading…]

Source: Austrian Public Prosecutor launches OneCoin criminal investigation

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Zeek’s Paul Burks Now In Federal Custody

Paul Burks, the 70-year-old operator of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme, now is listed as prisoner No. 29723-058 at FMC Lexington. The facility is an administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp in Lexington, Ky. After being sentenced in February to more than 14 years, Burks was ordered to report to […]

Paycation News: TraVerus Global Inc Announses New President

Larry Cantrell Takes Helm Of TraVerus Global Parent Company Of Xstream Travel


Paycation Announces TraVerus Global Brand and New President

Larry Cantrell

Allen, Texas – Paycation officially announced at the 2017 National Leadership Conference in Las Vegas their global expansion strategy and the much-anticipated person that will be leading the charge.

TraVerus Global, Inc., was introduced as the new parent company of Paycation Travel, Xstream Travel and Xstream Holidays. These entities will continue to operate under the TraVerus Global brand as the travel and leisure division. Bachar Nutrition will be added as a health-and-wellness division, along with Success Training Institute (STI) operating in conjunction with the other businesses in a personal development division. These three areas combine to give customers and representatives more options to improve their lives in a more complete way.

Larry Cantrell was announced to spearhead the expansion strategy and is welcomed as the new President of TraVerus Global. Cantrell is a 30-year veteran of the direct-selling industry who is known as a passionate corporate leader with a distributor’s heart. His experience includes the founding and successful launch of two direct selling companies as President & CEO. He has been active with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) for more than 25 years, and has served on various committees such as Governmental Affairs Committee, Ethics Committee and International Committee. In the early ’90s, Mr. Cantrell was influential in lobbying various Senators and Congressmen for the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

In 1987, Cantrell was introduced to the direct-selling distribution model where he became a successful associate and a passionate student of the industry. That foundation led to three decades of industry success, both domestically and internationally, that he now brings to TraVerus Global as President. His extensive knowledge of the development, branding, distribution and international expansion of more than 50 nutritional strategies is one of the many reasons TraVerus Global has entrusted him with the Presidency.

David Manning, Founder and CEO of TraVerus Global and its subsidiary companies says, “We have been courting Mr. Cantrell for months and we are humbled and honored to have him serve as our President. Few individuals have attained his level of accomplishment and we are delighted that he has chosen to call TraVerus Global home.”

“After spending time with David Manning, who I consider a legend in our industry, it becomes clear as to why his companies have been so successful,” Cantrell stated. “His vision to expand the company, not only into other global markets, but also adding world-class products and services, is something I look forward to helping our team execute.”

Press Release
Karen Hirsch, Chief Marketing Officer, TraVerus Global, Inc.


What Is Deductr And Do You Really Need It?

MLM.Com Shares On The Benefit Of Using The Tax App Deductr

At the birth of this nation Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying, “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” There are many who would suggest death to be the less painful of the two. Taxes affect everyone in one form or another but if you’re just starting your first MLM business, you might be surprised to learn about the tax benefits of your new position. If you start tracking your tax-deductible events today, you can start saving money—potentially much more money than you’ll earn on commissions in your first year.

For the small business owner, sole proprietor, independent contractor, or home-based business owner the tax code and its associated IRS regulations can be a daunting and expensive obstacle. Starting a home-based business is one way to increase tax deductions. You can shift many personal expenses to business expenses and thereby lower your taxable income. The result is a net increase in what you can legally and ethically “take home” when it comes to income. Taking advantage of the tax laws in this way isn’t simple, but using Deductr can make it simple.

What is Deductr?

Could ‘Facebook Live’ Change The Game?

This week’s guest author is Roseann “Ro” Shales, Vice President of Sales, JIC Nation

This week’s guest author is Roseann “Ro” Shales, Vice President of Sales, JIC Nation, a 3-year old e-commerce party plan company. Ro built a $12M organization with Tupperware then moved into corporate management with Weekenders USA, PartyLite, and JAFRA Cosmetics. She was an Executive Consultant, Party Plan Expert, with The Sheffield Group and is the author of “RECRUIT! Connecting with People to Change Your Business and Your Life.”

Guest Post by Roseann “Ro” Shales

Could ‘Facebook Live’ Change The Game?

The FTC’s Perspective and the Key Takeaways

speech was given by the Federal Trade Commission’s Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

The participants at the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s Business & Policy Conference a few weeks ago listened to an important speech.

The speech was given by the Federal Trade Commission’s Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. It was dedicated to the FTC vs Herbalife Settlement and more importantly, how the Commission would take it from there.

Highlights From What Edith Ramirez Said

Getting to Know About Natura

Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics direct seller that was established in 1969.

Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics direct seller that was established in 1969. It is definitely not a newcomer. However, mostly because its operations were focused only in Brazil for many years, it is not as known as the world’s other larger direct selling companies.

However, it is the 8th largest player in the global industry as of 2015 year-end. Last year, Natura’s total sales was more than USD 2.4 billion. To compare, Natura’s sales volume is higher than companies’ like Tupperware, Nu Skin, Oriflame, Jeunesse or USANA that are familiar names to many.