Breaking MLM News: The Verdict Is In – In 2016 Trust Instead Of Just New Cars

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal this week and ran across a story titled – Teen Sports Faces a Nutritional-Supplement Debate.  I am a huge advocate of a healthy lifestyle and making sure teen athletes have all the nutrients they need, without the dangers of banned or almost banned ingredients. In this article a company out of Florida, P2Life is on a mission to help teens, specifically Michael Andrews, who is setting new records in swimming as he prepares for compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

I wrote an article not to long ago (Investigative Perspective The Supplement Danger Zone) on this very subject as I followed a USAToday investigative series.

I also read today where Echinacea is as effective as the prescription Tamiflu at getting rid of colds and flu symptoms…

Breaking MLM News: Significant Lawsuits Settled

We saw 2015 come to a close with Matt Nestler and Jeunesse settling their differences. We also saw the courts issues their opinion on the issues surrounding Pruvit, Forevergreen, and Axcess Global allowing the reps to move forward.

Startling Facts Discovered About Tom & Denice Chenault

Let me disclose that Tom and Denice Chenault are very dear and close friends. This commentary is as biased as it comes because I love these two like a brother and sister.

Now before I share about how Tom Chenault became the man he is today, I need to introduce you to the woman who brought him into this world, and to whom he owes his life.