Ocean Avenue News: Millo Aldea Motivational Powerhouse & Marketing Professional Joins Ocean Avenue

Another well respected and top leader has joined the Ocean Avenue first mover wave of Ambassadors. The underlying “WHY” of this company is the driving force for most, if not all of the leaders I have seen joining Ocean Avenue.


Professional member of the National Speakers Association, Millo Aldea (pronounced mee-yo) has been known to be a fun, engaging, persuading and powerful speaker. Many say that when Millo speaks on stage, “He Rocks!” and really gets the crowd going. Hiding much of his professional sales training and Neurolinguistic Programming knowledge, people recognize him for being able to build contagious cultures and simplify messages using his 13 years of marketing and design experience from working for companies such as MSN, SONY, Leo Burnett and Disney-IDEAS. For those who have been in the Network Marketing industry and know Millo, they have been fascinated by his unique short and powerful videos where he either motivates, teaches selling strategies and or uses his creativity to shock the community enough for people to use Millo’s viral videos to bring others to their business.

Today Millo Aldea joins Ocean Avenue as part of their fleet of Ambassadors. When asked what made him choose Ocean Avenue, he only had one response: “I just loved what I saw!” Trying to get a bit more out of him was somewhat of a challenge itself, so we had to ask him to please expand on the reasons (whether few, or many) he decided to represent the rapid growing start-up company that opened four countries in their first month.

Our children are our future
His first reason was Ocean Avenue’s passion towards building entrepreneurial minds in our children. Millo has a one-year-old son who he promotes heavily on Facebook. And even when he knows the entrepreneurial spirit of a child can start early by parents teaching them about it at home, Millo believes the more we expose our children to entrepreneurship outside of our homes, the faster the principles will be embedded in their minds. Most company events, if not all company events, make it hard for parents to bring their kids to the functions. Parents must either hire a babysitter, have one of the parents stay at home with the kids, or bring their kids (which can be a pain) to the event as their last resort.

Ocean Avenue events will have a separate section for children where they will be hosted by professional entertainers, learn the fundamentals of positive attitude, self-belief, confidence, speaking in public and acting classes. This way parents can bring their kids and be sure that they are getting better education at these events than in their High School and in many cases, even College.

Family oriented experience
Most companies pride themselves on the importance of family and the treasures of quality time with their loved ones. But when a professional networker runs to achieve higher pin levels, there is very little time spent with their families. Millo is well aware of the sacrifices one must take to be one of the true leaders in the industry. At the same time, during his experience in the field, he has seen many professional take vacations to relax and escape from work to then come back recharged to build it stronger, but there is always the pressure and the guilt from either their up-line or their corporate training telling them to avoid enjoying time outside their business.

With Ocean Avenue’s Vacation Club, both customers and promoters will be able to accumulate points to earn world-class vacations paid by the company to enjoy time with families and friends. Ocean Avenue is committed to encourage all who earn a vacation to live the moment, turn off their phones and have a memorable experience. Ocean Avenue’s goal is to put more people in company paid vacations than any other Direct Selling company in the world.

Franco Cavaleri
On top of having all natural, sweetened with Stevia and industry superior products, Ocean Avenue’s Scientific Board lead by Franco Cavaleri reflects what health enthusiasts promote and should be all about. Millo passionately expresses how Franco Cavaleri walks the talk when it comes to being healthy and being in shape. One of the most persuading strategies any person can implement is becoming their own testimonial of their product and continuously take action to achieve optimal health. As the leader, creator and face of the WAV products line, Franco Cavaleri has earned the respect, not only from professional networkers, but also from professional athletes, nationwide known nutritionists and scientists due to his knowledge of science, execution of superior supplements and his own physical transformation.

Did you say timing?
Four countries open in their first month. Over a million dollars in revenue during their first week. Dozens of successful leaders from other companies jumping on board. Less than two-thousand promoters enrolled. Millo smiled and said: “If it looks like a big deal, and the numbers and the facts show it to be a big deal, then it might just be a real big freakin’ deal.” Every company that starts and ends up being a billion-dollar company has a story of how it began. Ocean Avenue’s story of how it started is leaving clues of a promising and colossal future.

Time to have fun!
Millo believes that because the company is in it’s Pre-Launching stages, his abilities and knowledge of marketing can be appreciated and can be of great help to the development and strategies of Ocean Avenue’s marketing campaigns. Ocean Avenue’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kauri Thompson has already been talking about flying Millo over to corporate so that Millo can assist the company in creating infectious concepts to engage their “ocean finding” culture.

No need to say more. Sign me up!
The last reason of why Millo chose to represent Ocean Avenue was OA’s strategy to build and develop true speakers and persuasive leaders within the company. As people move up the ranks, Ocean Avenue will provide it’s leaders with professional speaking training, reward them with iPads and audio editing courses for leaders to record their teachings, strategies and seminars. Recordings of Ocean Avenue’s leaders will then be reviewed by a board of directors that will choose which audio seminars will be sent out inside of the company’s monthly audio training given to the field. On top of that, Ocean Avenue has committed to help write the books of it’s top leaders, publish them, sell them and reward it’s leaders will royalties on top of the 10 ways of earning income with Ocean Avenue. Millo is confident that he will also excel in this area due to his professional speaking and linguistic training outside of the world of Network Marketing.

There are additional benefits of the company such as the compensation plan that Millo Aldea is ecstatic to be taking advantage of as well, but all-in-all the reasons above are the main reasons of why such an explosive and contagious personality decided to be part of Ocean Avenue. When asked what kind of ideas he has to start engaging the company’s community, Millo responds with: “You have seen nothing yet!”

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