Ocean Avenue News: GenY Millenials Thomas Then & Chelsea Nile Go Diamond With Over 200K In Monthly Volume

Over the last few years I have been trending the success of the Millenial Generation aka GenY in the Direct Selling industry. Ocean Avenue has now become the newest company to see it’s top field leadership being filled with young people under the age of 30. It reminds me of the late 70s early 80s when, then then Babyboomers took Network Marketing by storm. Meet Thomas Then & Chelsea Nile, two of the most successful Network Marketing Professionals and Ocean Avenue Diamonds!







Thomas Then, did not grow up in MLM, but he has been an entrepreneur for many years. Before jumping into network marketing he previously owned a towing and automotive transport business. Thomas Then, joined his first direct sales company a little over two years ago.

He resigned from his last MLM Health & Nutrition company in December, 2012, where he attracted and grew a team of around 2,900 team members with no sponsor placement.

He started really focusing on Ocean Avenue around January 2013. It took about three months to get the team rolling towards the six figure earn rate, and 4 month to hit Diamond Ambassador! Thomas Then is now among top three earners in the company (think #2), I believe!

With Ocean Avenue being just his second network marketing company, I am truly amazed that this kid is now leading one of the fastest growing organizations in the company. What is even ore exciting is the fact, his leaders are rank advancing, earning vacations and for the first time on pace to replace their current incomes.

Thomas Then, really got excited about Network Marketing after watching his younger sister become very successful in the profession after her first five months. Now that the bug has caught these kids, no telling what legacy they will leave for their family.

Thomas Then’s passion is helping people dream again and creating systems that are very easy to duplicate (anyone can do it regardless of  your background mentality). Unlike so many with no direction, Thomas Then allong with Chelsea Nile have created true duplication!

Thomas Then, is on a mission to change the world by helping the masses make a extra 500-1k a month!





Chelsea Nile has a very unique background! She was raised in the Caribbean all through her childhood. In her teens the family moved to Florida where she grew up. She now hangs out in Jacksonville, FL, where she studies Nutrition and fitness.

She has always had a huge passion for helping people in health and wellness, so now that she has an opportunity and revenue to do what she truly loves!

Chelsea Nile was introduced to network marketing two years ago at the age of 20 (Yest you read that right!) In just one year she built a team of over 1,000 people ORGANICALLY, and became the youngest female six figure earner in her company.

Six months later, a year in a half into the business, she and Thomas Then were talking about finding something deeper, a company with a culture that really did support their passions and mission of helping the masses earn $500 to $1000 monthly, while getting or staying healthy!

She resigned from her practice company, and walked away from her six figure income and started on the quest to find a new home.  She soon coming across a new up, and coming company – Ocean Avenue.

Chelsea Nile believes Ocean Avenue is a place where her team can really succeed and where she can flourish even more by being 100% connected to the company’s message.

She put her head down and heart into building her Ocean Avenue team, and in four short months, Chelsea is now a Diamond Ambassador (the second one ever to qualify in the US) and is once again making a high six figure income at the young age of 22!

Here is the really cool part of this story… Chelsea Nile is a year away from finishing school, and is now a successful young entrepreneur. She didn’t just quick on finishing her education, instead she is using her income to finish paying for school and will use it to further her passion to help others.

In two short years, Chelsea has gone from the typical college student, struggling financially and racking up student loans…

… to set herself up for an incredible future where she is writing her own story!

She has a passion for helping others rewrite their own stories too, and help them chase their dreams! She can help you too! Contact her at jacsenint.llc@gmail.com or on Facebook at Chelsea Nile



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