Ocean Avenue News: First Months Numbers, And a Little About Kids Zone

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue founders Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow held a leadership call this week thanking the Ambassadors for their hard work in the placement month, prior to the November 1st launch. The company did a little over $1 million dollars in product sales, and has almost broken the 2K in active Ambassadors.

But to me what is the most exciting is how they arrived at those numbers. Although the products are solid, and the compensation plan rewards MLM Pros and the average networker, it is the cause or crusade behind the company that seems to be the common denominator when I interview the Ambassadors in the field.

Attention: (The following interview is about an hour long.)

Ocean Avenue is so focused on bring back Hope and Opportunity to Middle America families and have truly figured out a way to do it. And they are not limiting this crusade to just Ambassadors, they are also focusing on customer retention right out of the gate.

Ocean Avenue

Their three and free program focuses 100% on customers, and even the customers are allowed to get free product and accumulate points towards their own free vacation. But more on the Free Vacations coming soon.

Right now I want to focus on one of the reasons I fell in love with this company and the passion of the founders and their families. Although all the details are not worked out, I feel this is so powerful that it has to be shared. This interview with Paige Anderson the founder of Shine Brite Kids and the president of Shine Brite Kids, Chris John goes to show just a little bit about an upcoming strategic partnership. Shine Brite Kids is the strategic partner working with Ocean Avenue to create the Kids Zone Program.

Now I know some of you reading this editorial and watching the video will not have the same faith as me, or even hold the same principles or values, and I want you to realize I take that to heart.

What, I want you to do is hold passing judgement until you get a real deep understanding as to the passion. Although we all do not hold the same values and principles, one thing we all hold dear is our desire to change our lives and our families lives for the better.

Ocean Avenue may never be the right company for some of you. But what I want you to realize is there is a company that is right for you. So go find it!

Disclosure: Troy Dooly is a 3rd party consultant & Paige Dooly are Ambassadors in Ocean Avenue

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