Numis Network Review part 3: Is Coin Collecting a Legitimate MLM Business

Does Numis Network offer a solid long term legitimate? This is a question I have been asked over and over that last few weeks since we posted part 1 & 2 of the Numis Network review. (Part one – The Numis Network Leaders) (Part Two – Are Numis Coins & Success System Overpriced)

A couple of the questions we have received after the first two articles have been:

1. Are coins a real product to be bought and sold, or property of the US Government?

2. Is coin collecting a real business opportunity or just an overpriced hobby for rich people?

The answer to the first question is easy. In the April 2010 addition of COINage magazine an article titled “Diminishing returns” written by Dom Yanchunas – states that the U.S. Treasury has made the following profits over the last 5 years from the selling of commemorative collector coins.

2005 – $699.4 million dollar profit
2006 – $669.5 million dollar profit
2007 – $1 billion dollar profit
2008 – 706.2 million dollar profit
2009 – $427.8 million dollar profit.

I believe it is fair to say… Buying and Selling of legal U.S. tender (gold and silver commemorative currency) by the distributors of Numis network, at retail or through the building of a personal sales organization is a legitimate long term MLM business opportunity.

The second question is some what tricky to answer. First let’s look at a few items every potential distributor should think about before joining Numis Network.

1. Do I enjoy and have a passion to collect coins?

2. Do I want to turn my coin collecting hobby into a viable long term business venture?

3. If I join Numis Network am I willing to invest $100 per month to be a product of the product? A strange question to some, but if you truly believe Numis Network is a great business opportunity with a great product (coin Collecting) then you will have no issue adding to your personal coin collection on a monthly basis.

4. This question may seem controversial to some, but I think it is very important when joining any company. If the compensation plan was to go away at Numis Network or any other company, you may be marketing for, do you love the product/service enough to continue purchasing it on a monthly basis?

These questions are simple, but the answers are what keeps reps going when team building slows down. And yes, team building does have ups and downs. But when a direct selling distributor truly loves the leadership of the company, loves the product or service they are marketing, then at the end of the day, the compensation will catch up the effort put into building their business.

Plus, in the case of Numis Network, if you are a coin collector already, but have only been doing it as a hobby, now you may just have an opportunity to turn your coin collecting hobby, into a nice business.

Talk about tax advantages!!!!

Here is a great eBook on Coin collecting I found very informative. Coin Grading By Third Party Graders

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4 thoughts on “Numis Network Review part 3: Is Coin Collecting a Legitimate MLM Business”

  1. Tricia, thank you. These words coming from such a great reporter as yourself, mean the world to me. We are still digging and asking questions to make sure everything is covered. But, it does seem these guys didn't just launch a company, they did their homework to make sure they are covering all the bases.

  2. Hello Troy,

    This really is a well balanced review of the Numis program.
    I have to thank you for all that you do for this wonderful industry that we are all part of.

    I have looked at both sides of this coin and I believe both sides have their valid points and respect all of the opinions presented here. The best thing that has come out of this debate is that Numis reps have been educated on the dangers of promoting our program as an investment strategy.

    After all is said and done and after listening to your unbiased view as a non-Numis member, I believe that my decision to join Numis was solid. You see I took a 7 year long break from my last MLM program and have been shopping very actively for the last 2 years for the right program to build for the long term.

    There were 2 main reasons why I chose to come out of MLM retirement and pull the trigger on Numis over the 100s of programs I took a look at. The first one was the Corporate Leadership behind Numis. I like to think of myself as a calculated risk taker and although Numis is a startup company the founders of the company have many years of experience in the industry as both distributors and corporate leaders. In my humble opinion, Numis is a startup that has the higher potential to be the next big one. The fact that Numis is getting so much attention in our industry lends credence to this prediction.
    The second reason is that Numis offers a unique product whereby the autoship being accumulated by members is a real and tangible asset as opposed to a consumable product or service. When I sign someone up in Numis I can look them in the eye and tell that no matter what they do with this business, even if they don't sponsor a single rep or sell a single coin, by simply participating in the autoship they will accumulate an asset that will have some monetary value in the future. As we all know that failure rate in our industry is about 95%. In light of the nature of our autoship, I feel comfortable sharing this program with people as the $500 entry fee (which you have demonstrated is much lower) is a small price to pay for a failure rate that is significantly closer to zero than the industry average.
    I saw Numis Network as My New Hobby With The Potential To Pay Me Back as my golf game is definitely not where it needs to be yet in order to start getting paid.

    The one question that I have for you is whether or not Len Clements has posted a similar review of Younique Wealth when this program first came out a few years ago ? Younique is one the programs I took a look last fall and is a combination of Educational Training and Gold & SIlver Accumulation Program. My research has shown that Len Clements is an Active Founder of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals and Younique Wealth is a Corporate Member of this same organization. So it would be interesting to see his opinion on a program that doesn't involve Numismatic coins but Bullion Coins instead.

    Here is what I know about Younique from my research last fall.
    Please keep in mind this info was based on material I found on various website and I never actually contacted any of the distributors of this company for direct information. When I looked at it last fall I just felt it was too pricy and not a program I could market to the masses and hence the reason I chose to pass.

    Not sure how what the initial entry fee was but here are the autoship details:
    $179 / month Educational Training Only
    $299 / month Educational Training and $100 Savings in Silver & Gold grams Purchase
    $399 / month Combination of First Two Monthly Programs
    So it doesn't appear that any of these included that cost to purchase SIlver & Gold just a $100 coupon.

    In my opinion, there were many other educational MLM programs available at a much lower cost so one would be better off joining one of those and using their savings to buy silver and gold outside of MLM.

    Interestingly enough, I understand they have recently introduced a new program called The Plan for Every Man that is priced at $149 / mo ($1800 annual) but it still does not include the cost to purchase gold or silver.

    Once again Troy thanks for all that you do !!!

    Liv, Luv, Laf & Lurn,

    Alvin aka DiceMan

  3. Thanks for another informative and educational post Troy.

    This is great information for anyone interested in numismatic coin collecting and a related business opportunity.

    Well done!

    Will there be a part 4?

  4. Troy, excellent posts! Thanks for all you do.

    As you know, I have had some questions about the long-term viability of Numis, particularly in regards to if they are acquiring customers in the numbers that the FTC would consider acceptable. Your due diligence is certainly encouraging in that regard.

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