Numis Network Review: How Strong Is The Numis Network Compensation Plan

This fourth part of our Numis Network review focused on the Numis compensation plan. The Numis Network compensation plan is a unique MLM hybrid compensation structure which includes, Fast Start Bonuses, Retail Sales, a Binary component, Coding Bonuses, and Matching Enroller Bonuses. Each playing a roll in the overall success of the Numis Network Collector Representative.

My summery of the Numis Network Compensation plan is that it has been created to reward the following type of Numis Collector Representatives:

1. The personal producer who loves to use the internet to earn residual income through the retail website.

2. The coin collecting hobbyist, who is ready to turn their hobby into a coin collecting business. With the Numis Network compensation plan, they can continue to talk with friends, family, business associates and social groups where they are know for their love of coin collecting. Only now they have some great tax deductions, and can sell the coins to those they talk with.

3. The part-time entrepreneur, who is looking for a unique business opportunity. With the Numis compensation structure, a home-based business owner can start part-time, eliminating debt, putting money into the bank, and gradually replace their current income and go full-time somewhere in the future.

4. The MLM Professional, who has been looking for a new category creating company outside of health & nutrition, telecommunication, energy, insurance or those “get rich quick” rise and fall schemes which seem to permeate the social networks on a daily basis.

WARNING: Numis Network is not for the program jumpers. To earn a solid full or part-time income with Numis, you must be willing to become a student of Numismatic coin collecting and of the mission and vision of the Numis founders.

To review the Numis Network Compensation Plan Videos click this link…

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6 thoughts on “Numis Network Review: How Strong Is The Numis Network Compensation Plan”

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  2. Troy, i think distributors involved in MLM Precious Metals should be made aware of allegations being made by the organisation below.

    Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


    They claim that 2 New York banks (JPM and Golman Sachs) and some others are manipulating the price of gold and silver by running MASSIVE concentrated COMEX short (futures contracts) positions, naked short positions, FRAUD.

    The DOJ are onto J.P Morgan.

    Here is a VERY interesting case involving a coin company…

    Blanchard & Co.'s Gold Price-Fixing Lawsuit Against Barrick and J.P Morgan Chase Can…

    Troy, in a way i hope the Wall St and London gang keep fruading the silver price down so we can all

    buy silver at cheaper than dirt prices, before their cartel hits the wall and Silver and Gold go nuts, FREE MARKET, big time. Silver was $50 at the peak of the 1970's US bull market. This time, the whole worlds involved. The Chinese government runs tv ads encouraging people to save precious metals. There seems to be a lot of people starting MLM in precious metals in Eastern Europe, places like Hungary. These folks recognise the relationship between Gold, Silver and economic freedom. They have seen communism. Very sobering and exciting.

  3. John,

    Thank you for the kind words, and excellent post. You have truly added great value to this community.

  4. Fantastic Troy,

    You put out great content on this blog. I fell in love with Numis for a lot of the reasons you mention. This is a whole new category for MLM and very exciting to be a part of. Thanks for your video and your series on the Numis Network.

    Stephanie Deneke
    .-= Stephanie Deneke´s last blog .. Big Bad Binary Compensation Plans Explained =-.

  5. Troy, nice video. I am bit like you i feel. I naturally take a fundamental view when trying to make decisions, i like to view peoples heart and their extended associates, the people. MLM comp plans put me 2 sleep, they mean nothing if the fundamentals dont stack up..

    I'm not looking for owners who are saints, although it would be nice, just a sincere desire to deliver whatever is proposed. Best to propose something good and deliver, than promise EVERYTHING and deliver nothing. In fact, worse than nothing, faith is put to the test when faith, wealth and mo could have been raised, by simply delivering something good instead of what we have seen lately, especially in the wireless niche, what a mess that is!

    In my view (looking at opportunities in mlm ) the best route for mlm success is Silver, Gold and growing something tangible ie Using the leverage built up in mlm to put farmers to work around the world. Grow food crops with your mlm tribe (Anyone doing that?) and collect silver, gold and comics (love your idea Troy) and more.

    If people would take 30% of what they would save (bankman) and COLLECT instead, they would have a nice inflation hedge (maintain purchasing power, stop bankman) and insulate like minded others who see inflation threats, and who see the value in owning rare and precious things, private wealth. This is not financial advice, we must all see experts LOL.

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