NLC International aka NLC Wireless Terminate Brandon Ivey Exposing Their Member Agreement As A Possible Employee Contract

Lat night and today I received a public notice and a thread of emails from the CEO of NLC International Hao D Nguyen. I have to say it has been a while since I have seen a company or CEO who is so unfriendly to distributors.

Warning To NLC Members aka Distributors: 

NLC International Accepts PayPal as payment for Members To Join! This Action Is 100% Out Of Compliance With PayPal’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy.  Updated April 16, 2012) 

Now, with that said, Brandon had already decided to leave NLC International aka NLC Wireless to move to a new company do in part to compensation changes and a break down in open communication with NLC founder Mr. Nguyen. However, in talking with Brandon, he had decided to wait on making any kind of move until he had received his March commissions earned while still focused on NLC.

However, Mr. Nguyen, decided on payday to terminate Brandon Ivey and hold his rightful commissions. This is not ethical, and I have already send Brandon to the V.P. of Distributor Rights Brian McMullen at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals so we can start a full investigation and get Brandon his commissions.

Sadly, all Mr. Nguyen would need to do is pay him what he has earned and this issue could be put to rest. However, in reviewing the string of emails today it seems Mr. Nguyen is already slamming other companies in the network marketing community driving a wedge even further between himself and this community.

All network marketing founders, executives and distributors should be collaborating together to make this community and the companies the best in the world for people to earn a solid residual income. However, in NLC International’s case, they do not seem to believe there is a need to work within the best practices that have been established. Here are a few case in points.

1. The NLC Member (distributor) agreement reads as an employment contract, stating that the member is “employed” by NLC.
2. The Member Agreement, states the company at its convenience “at will” terminate the member.
3. The Member Agreement states the member can’t do any other business which NLC International feels is in direct competition.
4. When Member dies they Agreement is terminated upon the death or disability of the member.

Did I mention the spelling errors… Something you do not usually see in an agreement prepared and reviewed by an attorney!

This is down right scary and we will be following up to make sure Brandon Ivey receives the commissions he is owed.

As for other NLC Members… You need to make sure you fully understand that under IRS Rules, if they start to investigate, they may classify you as employees of NLC International based on this agreement, and not independent contractors as the Agreement states you are paid as!

Brandon Ivey Public Statement On His Termination From Nlc International aka NLC Wireless

NLC International Membership Agreement

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