Why Former NFL Denver Bronco Rod Smith Loves MLM Especially Organo Gold

Rod Smith is a unique success story. He was raised in Arkansas, went to college at Missouri Southern State in Podunk Joplin Missouri, signed with the Broncos as an undrafted free agent, then went on to play all 14 of his professional football seasons with the Denver Bronco’s breaking and setting both club and NFL records year after year. What more he is one of the few top NFL stars that went his whole career controversy free! Rod’s Wikipedia page gives a great overview on his career, ad does the NFL page. 

Rod Smith
So why does a multi-million dollar future NFL Hall of Fame athlete love Network marketing, especially Organo Coffee? Well before I get into that, I want you to watch a video of Rod which was create as a tribute to his career at the Broncos. Listen towards the end as Rod shares in his own words.

As I watched the videos below, I realized two very special attributes about this servant leader.



1. When he signs on to play on your team, he is loyal to the end. He is not one of these guys who uses his fame to jump from company to company looking for the next recognition deal.

2. He loves his team, and will fight to make sure every player gets the credit for the WIN. It is not the Rod Smith show.

Rod Smith

When Rod left football, he went full-time into creating one of the most fascinating multidimensional companies I have seen lately. From an outsiders perspective, it looks as if Rod Smith, created a division of his company around the things he enjoys or uses the most; Communication, Travel, Real Estate, Coffee, Speaking, and most of all Charities.

When Rod enter into MLM he chose a unique company Organo Gold.

Let me leave you with this… Rod Smith is a unique success story, and if you qualify to be part of his team, then you have truly earned a spot with a Servant Leader… A giving COACH! Here is one of the most current News Conferences with Rod Smith. Because it is over 30 minutes long, you get one of the best looks at the real Rod Smith!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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