Nerium International A Life Long Dream For The Slight Edge Author Jeff Olson

When I heard Jeff Olson had come out of self-proclaimed retirement I was not real surprised. As with so many other great network marketing leaders who have gone into self-proscribed retirement, I figured someone had paid him enough to get back in the game. I always look at MLM leaders retiring like I do, professional athletes, sooner or later they come back around. Sadly most never succeed at living up their former reputations. Well… Since Jeff Olson does have a Slight Edge (yes pun intended), I soon found not only had he come out of retirement, he and his family had finally seen their dream come true in the launch of Nerium International!

Jeff Olson & Family Founders Of Nerium International

The Olsons believe their greatest achievements are in the success of others. Through the years, Jeff and Renee have earned a reputation for caring deeply about those with whom they work. Their daughter, Amber grew up immersed in this unique industry and all it offers. Being able to blend the power of family with their vast and successful experience is a dream come true.

Nerium International Teams Up With Pinnacle Five To Support Our Troops!

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The Nerium International Vision

For Nerium International, making people better means establishing a business that can bring real change to your life, your skin, and your personal and professional development. That’s why we built Nerium International: to offer quality products backed by real science, a lucrative business opportunity, and endless resources to aid and encourage personal development. We aim to help people grow and improve—inside and out.

Implementing our core values will help this process by sharpening multiple areas in your life, strengthening relationships, and setting a high bar for the way you conduct business.

The Nerium International Core Values

Be Real

At Nerium International, our mantra is real: getting real, being real, and creating real change. But we also want to attract genuine people who can be themselves and have fun.

Pursue Constant Development Of Self

No matter how successful or accomplished one might be, there are always more improvements to be made.

Encourage An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Believe in your dreams enough to get outside your comfort zone. Remember to live life on your own terms.

Create A Positive Team Spirit & Family Atmosphere

A positive spirit is a valuable asset, and we aspire to use it every day. For Nerium, the cliché “the family who plays together, stays together” is way of life. We take our work seriously, but we are also a fun-loving family

Be Determined

In our business, it’s important to stay the course. Our outlook is such that obstacles are only opportunities in disguise.

Practice Servant Leadership

We believe that the best leaders are givers, not takers. We help each other and provide selfless service, because that’s what a family does.

Slow Down To Go Fast

Haste makes waste. Slow and steady wins the race. Get the job done right the first time. Quality over quantity.You get the idea.

Embrace And Drive Change

We know it’s important to stay one step ahead and continually evolve. Change is necessary for growth, as a business and as a person. So we will always seek new ways to grow and improve.

Dream Big And Act On It Daily

Dreams consist of many smaller goals that can be acted upon daily. That’s how Nerium International grows as a brand, and that’s how we want our people to grow, too.

Have Fun And Help Others To Have fun

Nerium consists of real people with a can-do attitude who want to create real change. Having fun helps work not feel like work, which makes us more productive.



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