My MLM Company CEO Has The Top Position In The Compensation Plan

I had a great question presented to me over at the Distributor’s Rights Association forum this last weekend. A leader in network marketing asked if it was ethical for corporate officers to hold top positions in the compensation plan?

So let’s address this question.

Of the handful of MLM Billionaires that I know or have studied all of them held the top field positions.

Art Williams – Primerica

Kenny Trout – Excel

Rich DeVos – Amway

Jay Van Andel – Amway

And are a few Millionaire CEO’s also hold the top field position.

Hubert Humphrey – World Leadership Group

Kevin Lehmann – ProSTEP

Mary Kay Ask – Mary Kay

There are two thoughts that come to mind when I learn a CEO has the top spot.

First, it shows me they are willing to bet part of their future on the success of the field. When a CEO is willing to tie their income to the activity of their field force they are walking their talk.

Think about it for a second. How many times do you hear the word “Duplication” in network marketing?  Or “You must do it first!”

When a CEO is working in the field they are showing, not telling their team how it should be done.

The second thought that goes through my mind when I see a MLM CEO with the top field position, is the fact they are putting their family’s future at the forefront of their business plan.

See a company can be sold (Like A.L. Williams to Primerica) and a founder can get lost in the big picture of a publically traded company. But…

When that founder also holds the top field postion, he can still rally the team, and keep the crusade alive.

So if you are with a company where the Network Marketing CEO has skin in the game… Know you are with a great company and a Catalyst Leader.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

The Navigator.

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