MonaVie: The Real Successful Leaders Behind The MonaVie Success Story

there is no doubt MonaVie has a great family of products.

MonaVie Products

However, the question we need to ask and answer is the following… Is the MonaVie family of products the driving force behind geometric progression MonaVie has enjoyed over the last few years? Personally I say NO!

Now don’t get me wrong the products are great. But… It doesn’t matter how great the product is, if you don’t have a field force to sell it! Just look at the predecessor of MonaVie, Monarch Health Sciences.

The engine behind the massive success of MonaVie is the field culture which has develop based on the people who have joined the company. I’m not talking about the great successful leaders we have all heard abut over the years… Brig Hart, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Rodney Howard-Browne just to name a few.

Nope, it is this new breed of leaders… Leaders who are where the above leaders were twenty years ago…

Steve & Gina Merritt – Built their MonaVie business part-time while working two full-time jobs and raising a family.

Corbin & Holly Roush – Holly was a closet drinker, hiding in the closet making calls so her husband would not get upset. Today, Holly is out of the closet and Corbin is a true MonaVie raving fan.

Matthew & Kimberly Curtis
– High school sweethearts, Matthew thought functional health beverages were a six pack of bud light. From the ground up, they have built a successful MonaVie business.

Todd & Angelique Hartog – I call this couple the Biker and the babe… I tagged Todd as the president of the new 1% bikers club “The Son’s of MonaVie.” Todd put his head down for six straight months 24/7 and today they are living their dreams.

Mick & Vick Karshner – Strapped for cash, they knew they had to do something, so they sacrificed to pay for autoship; and today Vickie is working from home, and Mick is living his dream of fishing when he wants, where he wants.

Grayson Maule – Unlike most lifestyle success stories, Grayson is not into all the toys. He is living is calling investing time in Honduras helping street kids to change their lives.

Todd & Stephanie Smith – The absentee dad and the married-single mom. All they wanted was to be a family, doing things family do, not having to work from sun up to sun down, to tired even to invest quality time with each other. Today, they are a family 24/7!

These are the leaders who have made MonaVie the historic company it is today.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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7 thoughts on “MonaVie: The Real Successful Leaders Behind The MonaVie Success Story”

  1. Very interesting video. Very straightforward and positive. That's nice for a change. Very sincere. Thanks for the information. I like this guy!

  2. Just found your website today. Great video about MonaVie culture. I run a blog too that focuses on the science-side of MonaVie. It may help you with your research into the products.
    My recent post If I can get Antioxidants from Foods, Why Should I Supplement?

  3. Its all about relational marketing. The more character a person has the better the business is. You have portrayed folks with these great characteristics. But there are certain areas that Monavie should address to make it the best MLM company ever. Cheers to your health.

  4. Joni,

    I promise not to break your heart 🙂 MonaVie is a solid company with a huge future ahead of them. In the up coming videos we will review the family of products.

  5. That was awesome! I read the comments from the first video, and was sitting on the edge of my seat thinking you might say something to break my heart! I LOVE the MonaVie product, it has truly changed my life and my families, but you are so right about the culture of MonaVie. I have grown stronger in my Failth, closer to my husband and formed relationships that will no doubt last a lifetime. I am certain there are other products on the market that can ease my arthritus pain, rid me of ezcema and allergies, but is there another "culture" quite like MonaVie? I think not……

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