MonaVie Is It Really The Money Or Something Deeper

This is part four of a four part series on MonaVie and why top MLM Leaders are flocking to MonaVie in droves.

Pt. 1 Why Are MLM Giants Attracted To MonaVie And Is It Ethical

Pt. 2 Dallin Larsen’s Secrets To Attracting Top MLM Money Earners To MonaVie

Pt. 3 How Can Network Marketing Founders Attract And Keep Their Top MLM Income Earners From Going To MonaVie

In doing the research for these articles something I found very interesting is how many people drink MonaVie who are not PAID through the compensation plan.

I wrote about this back in 2007, when Fortune magazine wrote a whole article on Billionaire Sumner Redstone’s anti-aging secret.

And the interesting thing about MonaVie is this trend has not stopped. Here are a small list of folks who are drinking or talking about MonaVie.

Rachael Ray profiles MonaVie

Brian Deegan drinks MonaVie

Country Music Legend Goerge Jones Drinks Monavie

Boston Red Sox Drink MonaVie

New England Patriots Drink MonaVie

Here is what I want to get across from a Marketing standpoint. People of all demographic groups are drinking and talking about MonaVie.

When a founder of a company believes so strongly in his product that he is willing to get it in the hands of people like the former President of the USA, then you can bet, he is going to attract some other leaders who are looking for a crusade that will change peoples lives.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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2 thoughts on “MonaVie Is It Really The Money Or Something Deeper”

  1. Emmett,

    MonaVie is not my product. As a matter of fact I am not affiliated with MonaVie period.

    However, I do count several key leaders as friends and business associates who share a common love for Network Marketing.

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. Just for kicks, I looked to see how much Orange is in Orange Juice and it doesn’t list it either.

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