MonaVie Founder Dallin Larsen Shares About The Acai Berry Juice Company After Anonymous Rumors Start Flying

What started last month when MLM Watchdog Rod Cook shot an analytical review of MonaVie has now moved into a very complex series of events which has, in some peoples mind pitted MonaVie against the First Amendment right of Ted Nuyten, founder of Ted wrote an article last week titled – “MonaVie Revenue 2010 Under Heavy Pressure?”

The basis of this article was founded on anonymous information supplied to the MLM Bashing site of Terry Coenen “The Fraud Files” in an article she wrote back in May titled – “An anonymous source reveals numbers for MonaVie.

After writing the above article, Ted received a Cease and Desist notice from MonaVie’s attorney’s demanding he removed the unbiased information.

Ted and I are good friends and I stand by his right to publish the article. He did a great job of adding disclaimers to the article, letting folks know he did not know if the information was correct or not. However, what he failed to do, is link to the original article on Coenen’s site. This is what caused MonaVie to send their legal team his direction.

Ted followed up with a new post hitting MonaVie for attacking “Freedom of Speech” and linking to the original article in his follow-up article titled – “Monavie letter to Ted Nuyten regarding the Reported Revenue for 2010”

And, you guessed it, Terry Coenen wrote her own follow-up article slamming MonaVie in an article titled – “MonaVie lawyers are again threatening critics

Let me state, Terry Coenen is a forensic accountant and fraud examiner, who investigates white collar crimes. I have no doubt she is good at her career. As a matter of fact she has written a couple of books on the subject. However, we see Direct Selling, specifically legitimate MLM companies from complete diabolically opposed views.

I believe had Ted linked to the Coenen’s original article as the source of his information, he would never have received a letter from MonaVie. I also believe had he not used information from a known MLM bashing website, this issue would not have grown as large as it has.

All of us who are advocates and ambassadors of Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing should be very careful with our use of Free Speech! Although it is out Right, it also comes with huge responsibilities! Just because we have the right to write something, doesn’t mean it is right to write it!

Our #1 responsibility should not to focus on “Our Rights” as much as it should be to focus on the lives of the distributors we effect, by posting partial truths. Millions of distributors are looking at MLM as a way to earn a solid part-time income, or replace their current full-time income.

After all this happened I reached out to Dallin Larsen and asked him a couple of questions.

“Dallin based on current rumors surrounding the fact MonaVie’s attitude and even culture seems to have changed lately, can you shed some light on what is going on?”

Dallin: “Troy, I’m unaware of any company in the history of Direct Selling that’s achieved the success that MonaVie has achieved in its first 5 years. I believe it’s unprecedented. However, I also understand the need to constantly reinvent yourself as a company because we live in an ever changing world.

Just as an infant grows up to a teenager and then an adult, companies, including MonaVie, must do the same. What got us to our first couple billion in sales won’t get us to where we need to go so we have various initiatives underway of which I’m very excited, including product expansion and other initiatives.

MonaVie will not always be first to market relative to product expansion but we will always be “Best in Class.” Products that are on the leading edge of science. Our commitment to science is evidenced by the millions we’ve spent to date, validating the efficacy of our products.”

Troy: “Dallin, I have one other question I would like to ask, for the article I am writing. Based on the current anonymous article and recent analysis on MonaVie’s decline in revenues, and possible death dive, can you share anything on the financial side of the MonaVie house?”

Dallin: “Troy, with our webcast in October, we will unveil the next phase for MonaVie. Let me simply say that in the words of Mark Twain,” the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

We are a private company and don’t release our numbers bus let me simply say that I just returned from 10 countries over the last 90 days and we are growing. Up in some markets and down in others. There’s a cycle in business and there’s a cycle in this industry.

We’ve had a very difficult economy to deal with but there are 6 plus billion people in the world and many of them are looking for a way to earn an extra source of income and MonaVie intends on continuing to offer a solid opportunity for years to come.

Since MonaVie began operations in January of 2005, we’ve paid commissions accurately and on time, each and every week, and we will continue doing so.”

I went and took a look at the numbers based on some of the same websites others have used to promote the decline in MonaVie’s traffic and possible revenues. I also want to make it clear that Direct Selling News, the industry leader in up to date information on direct selling companies just listed MonaVie as #17 out of the top 100 global Direct Selling Companies. with $785 million in wholesale revenues as of 2009.

The images below from as of August 18th, 2010, shows that MonaVie has had a decline in traffic hitting their main corporate site. However, in reviewing the images below it is easy to see the only company gaining huge amounts of Traffic is Amway. Which in March of 2010 launched one of the largest ad campaigns i the history of Direct Selling. Investing millions monthly to re-brand itself to Amway Global. This campaign is worldwide.

MonaVie’s decline brought it in line with other companies inside the functional health beverage category. Companies like Vemma, Noni and XanGo. This is an indication, that the company has plateaued with its current marketing efforts, and is ready to move into it’s second stage of growth. (As Dallin mentioned above.)

MonaVie Alexa Ranking August 18 2010

MonaVie Compete Ranking August 18, 2010

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